KOTC: A New Dawn – Quick Results


KOTC CanadaKing of the Cage Canada traveled to Medicine Hat Alberta for the first time last night. Here are the results as provided by the Medicine Hat Combative Sports Commission:

Pro Fights:
Justin Schmit defeats Mike Goehr by TKO in Round 2, 1:44
Dia Grant submits Terry Nichol by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:36

Chris Mattock submits Elmer Waterhen by Armbar in Round 1, 4:04
***Mattock Wins KOTC Welterweight Title

Anton Tokarchuk submits Jordan Murray by Tap out due to Strikes in Round 1, 2:22
Matthew Swimmer submits Kris Dyck by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:17
Zach Manywounds defeats Cyril Glover by TKO in Round 1, 0:37
Tyler O’Brien submits Chris Lauzon by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:47

Amateur Fights:
John Nguyen defeats Kyle Marleau by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 30-28)
Josh Fried submits Phil Grimshaw by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:37

23 Responses to “ KOTC: A New Dawn – Quick Results ”

  1. Blackout says:

    Right on, Tyler.

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  2. G.O says:

    And Chris Lauzan remains an unblemished 0- and who knows now. Time to join a gym buy instructional videos lift a dumbell jump on a treadmill for a few hours a day and fight Glover or Veltri do somthing or take up curling and stop fighting it aint for you!

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  3. Gspot says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Luzon will be here defending itself soon enough hahaha grab your popcorn :)

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  4. The various commissions need to take some of the responsibility and blame too, when and if they continue to sanction this grappling dummy

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  5. G.O says:

    i dont think we can even give him enough credibility to call him a grappling anything lol
    and what happend to the arnett fight against chad? did arnett weigh in 10 pounds over again?

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  6. terry says:

    chad got injured had to pull out

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  7. Kotc fan says:

    Kris dyck is the new bobby k haha

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  8. Updated the entire card with official results from the Medicine Hat Commission.

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  9. Karl says:

    lol so this Chris Lauzon has had 8 fights and lost each of them and a total fight time of approx. 16min 45 seconds…. that’s not bad 8 fights and has just over one full fight time of experience. Nothing like getting in there and getting out as fast as you can as to not waste peoples time

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  10. cray says:

    I like Karl analysis
    thumbs up!

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  11. lol says:

    why was the Waterhen fight controversial? any info on that?

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  12. War Gi says:

    Because he tapped then said he didn’t

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  13. E.Waterhen says:

    My two cents I was going to tap until my arm poped out thn the ref stoped it no hard feeling grt fghtr he is respectful bt I did not tap bt the matr of is he is the new champion & tht is tht, God bless u all u well see me soon enough I promise u tht.

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  14. It was misleading and irresponsible by those who reported the fight as controversial. By Waterhens account, it was a proper and correct ref stoppage. It has happened before and will continue to occur in this sport. Examples: Renzo Gracie/ Sakuraba, Frank Mir/ Tim Silvia

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  15. War Gi says:

    Yeah allowing a arm to break ain’t cool! Apparently the arm was a gonner so the ref chose the best interest of the fighter

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  16. Donald Duck says:

    Yeah but who was the ref?

    Sadly there are only a few guys who regularily ref in Alberta who could tell an Arm Bar from a Macaroni Salad (seriously the list is really freaking short) and of that list even fewer could tell you how deep the arm bar was.

    A few of the regular refs are probably still glancing over their shoulders waiting for a folder chair to come flying in…


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  17. chris says:

    hands down tyler was the better fighter that night he tagged me hard i have no excuse for my preformance that night as to the neggative comments from all of you thats fine i am a big boy best of luck to the people that actually fight in the cage and most have you have never have you guys cant even use your real name and as for elmer they dont call him a warrior for nothing he is a true mma fighter

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  18. O'Brien says:

    I was in Elmer’s corner for that fight so I a had front row seat Elmer did not tap now I understand no one wants to see an arm break but keep in mind this wasn’t a stubborn rookie in a bad position who didn’t want to tap it was the champ and true vet so for example Bones vs Belford had the ref stopped that fight when vitor locked the arm with out Bones tapping I’m sure all of you would feel as if he was robbed with that being said I take nothing away from Mattock who put on a great performance but the bottom line is that the fight was stopped prematurely

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  19. Karl says:

    Chris serious question you say Obrien was the better fighter that night ???? Well you hav ebeen in there 8 times and every on eof them the other guy was the better fighter even if they were not much of a fighter at all. Please do not call yourself a fighter as you have never sacrificed or put a single day of “being a real fighter in” ever!!

    Elmer is a serious warrior and yes probably would have let his arm break but if that is truly the case then I applaud the ref as it was obviously deep “admitted to by both parts” and elmer does have a job and life to keep living so glad he is okay , glad he put on a great fight and glad he is okay to continue being the great roll model he is for the people of his community and the kids up there that need it

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  20. ken kupsch says:

    I wasn’t able to make it to this fight but the guys have reviewed video and say Elmer clearly tapped and that’s why the referee stopped the fight. I hate seeing a referee taking heat when he did nothing wrong.

    I think Elmer doesn’t remember exactly because things happen so fast and your mind will play tricks on you. Your memory can remember things that didn’t happen, I’ve seen it many times.

    And I think his team couldn’t see it either, so that adds to his doubt.

    Congrats to Chris Mattock, our new Welterweight Champion. He will be back in the cage soon.

    Elmer will be on the Cold Lake show Nov 15th. Win or lose, he is always awesome!

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Huge Elmer Waterhen fan right here.

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  22. PUCK says:

    Ya, there is no doubt that Elmer will fight with a broken arm and won’t say shit…..That being said…..we need our refs to protect him (and other fighters like him) so we can keep seeing them fight. Good stopage, Elmer losses no face here as he’s a F#cking beast and a good person.

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  23. BURKHOLDER says:

    So how was the show and Ken Kupsch when ya heading back theree.

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