AFC Closes Doors; Execs Join WSOF Canada


WSOF Canada THUMBToday, big news broke on Bleacher Report that the World Series of Fighting has purchased the Aggression Fighting Championship organization to  enter the Canadian market.  Top MMA News has learned from sources close to the deal that there was no purchase but Canada’s AFC is closing its doors and their executives are joining a new organization called WSOF Canada.

Joining up with the WSOF provides the AFC executives with something they have always sought after: National TV exposure. The World Series of Fighting debuted in November 2012 and has held five events to date with WSOF 6 scheduled for October 26th.  WSOF events are aired live on NBC Sports Network with athletes like Anthony Johnson, Steve Carl, Andrei Arlovski, and Jon Fitch fighting for the promotion.  It is expected that WSOF Canada will contribute four live shows in 2014 for broadcast on NBC Sports Network with an additional eight events shown on tape delay.  This national television exposure will be great for Canadian MMA fighters.

The new World Series of Fighting Canada promotion is looking to hold its first event this December.  The event could be scheduled for the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in Vancouver, British Columbia.  However, Edmonton and Montreal are also being considered for the Canadian premiere.

The main event is currently set to be Anthony Johnson versus Mike Kyle.  Other fighters who could appear include Nick Newell and Chris Horodecki.

It is a bittersweet time for Canadian MMA as Aggression Fighting Championship was one of Canada’s premiere MMA organizations.  Born out of a merger between Edmonton’s Aggression MMA, Calgary’s Axe Combat, and Victoria’s Armageddon Fighting Championship, the AFC put on an incredible 13 events since April 2012.   Fighters such as Ryan Ford, the UFC’s Jesse Ronson, The Ultimate Fighter’s Louis Fisette, Curtis Brigham, and many more made a name for themselves in the AFC.  The promotion also provided a launch pad for Canadian newcomers to MMA like Derek Medler, Trent House, and Alexi Argyriou.


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  1. Magnum says:

    I have very high doubts that WSOF will do 12 fights in Canada alone next year considering they only did 6 this year total.

    Doing 12 shows a year in Canada will devalue their current product that is currently using top level guys and looking to compete with the likes of Bellator.
    Would be great for Canadian athletes if they can do it and maintain the high production value, but I just can’t see it. In order to do that many shows they’ll be using lessor valued guys to fill cards (such as Kalmakoff, Hicks, Dubois etc) and I can’t see WSOF doing that.

    Time will tell.

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  2. MMA Cana says:

    @ Darren hopefully NBC shows live shows in Canada previously they have only been streamed.

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  3. Billy coat says:

    Leave Kalmakoff out of this he’s 1- 0 has a trainer .

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  4. PUCK says:

    Too me its all talk till they do a few shows up here and then we (the fans) can see what they may do going forward. I’m going to say they do 2-3 shows next year (2014) and I’ll be suprised if they return in 2015. After all, they didn’t buy anything at all (to my understanding) except fighters contracts? (and took on more overhead with more yes men) If they are not making money up here they won’t come back. Forget the fact that lots of fights will be waiting too fight as the roster just doubled? Last time I checked thats great for the promoter (lots of options) but hard if you don’t have a big name (or record)and wanta fight? I really do hope WSOF works out well for Canadian fighters though….not to be negitive but I have my doubts? Now, lets see what WSOF new PR guy has to say about my open thoughts….Darren? lol

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  5. Boxer says:

    Let’s just face it.The MMA fad is on it’s way out.
    Time to pack it in girls, let’s get back to boxing.

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  6. cray says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. jamon says:

    another headstone for mark pav

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  8. MAX says:

    Now who buys Pat Reid his UFC tickets???

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  9. BigPoppaPump says:

    Did anyone check out or read the below article, have to wonder if this whole AFC/WSOF Canada deal is legit.

    And if you want another good read go to Facebook and look at a post from Mike “Knock Em” Downey from 09:26 on Wednesday.

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  10. Hopkins says:

    Interesting read. Are there any mma promoters or owners with ethics and morals? Seems like they will stab anyone in the back, even their partners

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