The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 4 – Don’t Be the Guy to Knock a Girl Out of TUF


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBThis week kicks off right away with some drama and again it is the coaches not the competitors that are the ones involved.

Team Rousey’s coach Edmond and our newest coach Dennis Hallman somehow got into it right off the get go. I don’t know how exactly it started between them, but Edmond said something to Hallman and Hallman definitely invited the opportunity for them to “handle” it right then and there. I was pretty stoked when I heard Hallman was joining our coaching staff. He is a seasoned vet and had competed and beat some of the best in the world for many years. He even beat Matt Hughes, who was one of my favorite fighters growing up, not once, but twice!

Sparring with the Ladies
Training at this point was going pretty good. I was still nursing a bit of a knee injury but it was continuously getting better. It was at this point where the coaching staff let the girls spar with the guys. When we were sparring down there, we only ever used small gloves (I think they were 6 or 8 oz). Obviously, we can’t go 100% with strikes to the head or people would be getting knocking out or cut all the time. I started with Sarah and right away she throws a full on front kick to my face haha. So right away, I knew she was not going to be holding anything back, so from there on out, I kept my guard up but still did not want to throw very hard. I did not want to be the guy that hurt a girl on The Ultimate Fighter and prevented them from fighting (ask Sarah Moras and no man in the world could ever hurt her! haha) so I took them down the majority of the time and worked some jits and ground and pound.

Sparring with the Guys
Sparring with the guys was fun! Cody had very different style of striking – very Diaz-like and a very good wrestling base. Holdsworth used his reach very well with long punches and very good jiu jitsu, and Louie is pretty well rounded and has good athleticism.

Roxanne Modafferi
I know some of the girls were getting frustrated training with Roxanne because she always asked to lower the intensity even when we were not going that hard. Roxanne was very, very descriptive and asked a lot of questions about the techniques and even had a pen and note pad writing them all down as the coaches were going over them. I felt a little bad for her because you could tell she was out of her normal element down there with the intensity of the training, but I think it will help her in the future and open her eyes to new ways of training at the highest level.

Watching the fight, I was very quiet because I obviously want our team to win so we can keep control and the momentum, but I also got to know Jessica pretty well in the house. We had something in common being from the same home town and at one point living only a few miles apart. The first round was good. I gave it to Roxanne. She got a few takedowns and controlled on top the majority of the time, but Jessica did a good job of scrambling and getting back to her feet.

The second round you could tell Roxy was gassed and did not have much left in the tank and Jessica took advantage. She dropped her with a left hook but Roxy did not quit. She tried to keep coming but had nothing left and Jess jumped on her with a hard hammer fist and the ref called it. Roxanne was obviously bummed after the fight and we all tried to cheer her up on the van ride back to the house. She has been through the up and downs in this sport. She has had the most fights out of anyone in the house, so this is not the first time she has had to deal with a heart breaking loss.

Fight Announcement
After the fight we had a feeling that they were going to call out Louie because they thought he was the weakest match up because he lost in the fights to get into the house. Also, Davey is a pretty big Bantamweight and will have the size advantage on Louie.

I was actually excited at the fight announcement. I was hoping that they were going to pick me. I didn’t want to wait any longer and I just wanted to get in there. I figured the longer I went not fighting, the more it weighs on your mind, the longer I have to control my diet, and the more chance to get injured in training so I wanted to just get in there.


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9 Responses to “ The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 4 – Don’t Be the Guy to Knock a Girl Out of TUF ”

  1. hawkes says:

    I didn’t get to watch the episode but Louis did say that Sarah was throwing heat!

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  2. GNP says:

    Rousey and her Armenian pals really don’t come across well , was really hoping hallman was gonna give Edmond a tune up… Lol .. And what’s with rousey gettin in his face …. Really hope Tate beats her up this time….funny thing is I’ve been a rousey fan since she came onto the scene….

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  3. GNP says:

    Team Tate should bring in the iron sheik… He would pull up rousey,s Armenians …make them humble

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  4. PUCK says:

    Ronda’s coach (and her to some degree) have mental problems no doubt about it. If they get set off that bad about what Brain C. said over twiter they really need to grow up and get there heads in the game. And to start shit with Hallman without even meeting him? This guy is a pionner of the sport? Edmond sucks and needs an “ajustment” asap! I hope Tate turns Rondas lights off.

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  5. Can you imagine the heat a male fighter would get if he injured a female in training during the show? Imagine if he hit her in the face and cut her open! Insta-heel.

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  6. GNP says:

    The funny thing is , didn’t Ronda start the whole thing saying she would beat both Meisha and carraway …. ????

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  7. PUCK says:

    I was kinda shocked they are letting them go at it with no head gear using small gloves training? (thats great if you are a month or 2 out from a fight but…) All it takes is one cut and you could be done? @GNP ya Ronda seems like a pure shit disturber and even said she feels it gives her an advantage running her mouth at Tate, and it may? But, I don’t think she is gaining and fans or respect from it? But, will she even care? She’ll end up being hated more than loved like JBJ and Anderson I’m thinking? Thoughts?

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  8. Joe Lewis says:

    I agree rousey really not coming off well , and her team , karo Parisian all over again…seems like the only boys getting camera time are josh and Louis …but that’s ok….maybe GNP had a point , let’s get the iron sheik in there … Lmao … Beautiful….:)))

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  9. Chin like a Spruce Stump says:

    I used to like Rhonda But she’s is getting on so stupid Can’t wait to see her lose Hope Miesha Tate ok her Rhonda thinks because she’s UFC champion She could even take on the guys said she could beat down Carraway come on

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