The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Episode 4 – Rakoczy vs Modafferi


ultimate-fighter THUMBJessica Rakoczy separated the AC joint in her shoulder in her fight to get into the house, so Ronda Rousey says it was predictable that Miesha Tate would choose her to fight Roxanne Modafferi.

Louis Fisette comes on saying Team Tate is relaxing while Team Rousey has their mean mugs on and he predicts they will implode.

Dennis Hallman is a guest coach for Team Tate. Rousey’s coach Edmond Traverdyan keeps giving Hallman the eyeball and Hallman offers to fight him. Hallman says, “We can go right now if you want to go now.” Traverdyan says he will go but that Hallman is only calling him out to get him kicked off the show. Rousey holds him back and then gets into Hallman’s face. Rousey says to challenge him at the “right time” not when it is just for Hallman’s “professional advantage.” Hallman says he can wait until the camera’s leave.

Miesha Tate says that she never thought doing the show would be this bad, but since Julianna beat Shayna, “Ronda has been throwing a pissfit.”

Traverdyan is asking Tate to get Hallman to apologize to him. Tate says that Traverdyan should apologize for threatening Caraway off camera the other day. Traverdyan says he never threatened him.

White explains that this whole thing comes down to Bryan Caraway, Tate’s boyfriend, saying things about Rousey on Twitter and Rousey’s team has been waiting for the day that they would meet up with Caraway.

Caraway apologized “hundreds of times” for the tweet but they just won’t let it go says Tate. Rousey just says that they did not start it, but they will finish it. Dana White will not leave until the teams leave.

Team Tate has a training session. Modafferi keeps telling Raquel Pennington to go lighter when they train. Pennington wants to train with the guys.

Josh Hill gets some camera time and explains that he has sparred with girls before but did not like it. “I don’t want to hit a girl hard like I can a guy, but at the same time, they are professional fighters and they will take it and give it right back to you too.”

Sarah Moras and Louis Fisette spar. Fisette says she “wants to be one of the guys” and “wants to go 100% all the time throwing hard punches, throwing front snap kicks to my face and stuff so I took her down once and laid a good beating on her.” Moras is just used to this from training at Toshido MMA back in British Columbia. She says “it brings us closer together as a team.”

Back at the house, Jessamyn Duke tells the camera that Jessica Rakoczy is the mother of the house. She cooks. She cleans. She takes care of injures. Rakoczy agrees that she is “the motherly one.” She is shown cleaning the tub, cleaning dishes. She says she is OCD with the mess. Rakoczy says she needs to get the first win for Ronda Rousey.

Rakoczy says she can’t train properly due to her shoulder injury.

Roxanne Modafferi and Shayna Baszler fought about eight years ago in Japan. Baszler won and Modafferi showed her all around Japan. Modafferi is teaching her Japanese in the TUF House.

Josh Hill calls Roxanne “the sweetest person in the world. She wouldn’t hurt a fly…she’d be the last person you’d think would be a cage fighter.” Many fighters talk about how positive she is. Modafferi is “The Happy Warrior” who always looks on the bright side of things.

Modafferi got into martial arts to have fun. She loved the Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z. In college, she decided to fight in MMA. She went to Japan to teach but hopes to support herself with MMA now.

Tate says that Roxy’s strength is on the ground. She knows Rakoczy is a boxer. Modafferi is looking to finish the fight in the first.

Rakoczy admits that she had an abusive step-father. She says it made her the person she is today. The guy was horrible to her mom, her brother, and her. She moved out when she was 15. Her mom always had black eyes. In 1993, her mom died. She cared about nothing after that. She turned to boxing and it gave her a new focus. She has eight world boxing titles. She calls this her last shot.

Rakoczy is worried about Modafferi’s sub game.

Weigh-In: Roxanne Modafferi (133) vs Jessica Rakoczy (132)

Everyone makes their predictions: Rakoczy is the best striker in the house so she will win. Modafferi has 25 fights and will sub her.

Rakoczy says it is awkward being in the same house as her opponent. Modafferi calls Rakoczy her “big sister.” She also finds it weird.

Rakoczy misses her son, but says it is her first time training without him and that is nice. Julianna also wrote Modafferi a note of encouragement. She appreciated the note.

Jessica Rakoczy vs Roxanne Modafferi
R1. Two 30+ year olds fighting here. Touch gloves and Rakoczy lands a leg kick. They two exchange. Hard right by Rakoczy but Modafferi takes her down. Upkicks by Rakoczy. Modafferi works to pass and gets to side. Modafferi lands light lefts from side. Rakoczy is warned for grabbing fence. Rakoczy tries to explode up but Modafferi stays heavy. Modafferi throws her leg over the back and Rakoczy is able to turn her to be on top. Modafferi tries for an arm bar. She gets out and lands some strikes to Modafferi’s face. Rakoczy escapes to her feet. Leg kick by Rakoczy but and Modafferi dives for her legs. Modafferi eventually gets the takedown.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Modafferi

R2. Nice punches by Rakoczy and she drops Modafferi who pops back up. Modafferi drops to her back again and Rakoczy jumps into her guard to land punches much to her coaches’ chagrin. Rakoczy escapes and they are both standing now. Jab Jab by Rakoczy. Sad spinning back kick by a tiring Modafferi who then clinches up. Modafferi dives for the TD and Rakoczy is punishing her with strikes to Modafferi who is at her knees. Ref calls TIME. Ref warns Rakoczy not to grab the fence. If she does it again, she will take a point away. Restart. He puts them back into position. Knees by Rakoczy and Modafferi desperate for a takedown. She finally gets one but Rakoczy sweeps her and lands some punches. Rakoczy does not get up even though Rousey is screaming at her to stand back up. She slams Modafferi who is tiring then jumps into her guard again. Modafferi exhausted and Rakoczy dives from her feet with a hammer fist to her face and the ref has seen enough.
Jessica Rakoczy defeats Roxanne Modafferi by TKO in Round 2

Modafferi is very upset and Rakoczy consoles her and says that “this hard stuff makes you a champion.”

Baszler, Modafferi, Larosa are some of the old women’s pioneers who have fallen in this season of TUF so far.

Next fight: Rousey picks David Grant to face Louis Fisette.

Next episode: Ronda Rousey’s world Judo champion mother joins the show.

7 Responses to “ The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Episode 4 – Rakoczy vs Modafferi ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    I’m liking this series of TUF more so than many others in the past. Mostly cause it is showing fighters acting like fighters not like members of some f’d up reality show.

    Was tough to watch Roxy lose last night but she went out on her shield.


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  2. What is tough is to watch the old guard getting passed by. Baszler, Modafferi, Larosa all got beat after putting years into the sport with little in the way back for compensation. They were so close to the UFC yet they may never get a shot again.

    Does anyone know if this season everyone in the house gets a Finale fight or just the quarterfinalists? Or is this like the Ricci season where no one other than the finalists made it.

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  3. brooksie says:

    Yeah, that is a bit of a heartbreaker. You think about all the crap they had to put up with just to fight and now they’re exiting the sport without a taste money that’s there in great part due to their effort and determination.

    I was watching some old Jen Howe fights last night. She was another true pioneer who is rarely mentioned.

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  4. hawkes says:

    I bet a lot of these girls will get a chance even though they lost. its not like there is a huge womens roster in the ufc now.

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  5. Marv says:

    Man, rakoczy is unreal! Kinda shitty seein roxy gettin finished like that but the Canadian girl brought it. @keith- I think the reason that nobody fought on the ricci series is because the fights were all so boring. The mayhem vs bisping series Dana white was so impressed with all of the fighters that he put them all on the finale. The way things have been so far this season I bet everyone will be on the finale

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  6. harry balls says:

    This show is good again. And Hallman is my new hero. Rousey’s douchey coach isn’t so goddamn tough when someone actually doesn’t give a shit.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  7. Jen Howe is a true Female MMA pioneer!

    We fought on the same card back in 2001 and that was always a highlight for me. Was a big fan of hers when she came on the scene and ripped it up!

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