Canadian Rumour Mill – September 23, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

BIG TIME CONGRATS to Sheila Bird who gave birth to handsome little Kaden Bird on September 17th!

  • Rough night for the Canadian boys at UFC 165 in general, but it sure wasn’t rough for Mitch Gagnon! The Sudbury boy pocketed a cool $50,000 for his super tight guillotine choke victory over Dustin Kimura, way to go Mitch!!!
  • Also TUF Nations tryouts were this weekend with roughly 70 fighters showing up (about 2/3 WW) and representing all provinces (no Territories though), I’ll have a list of some of the fellas that tried out to add to the ones mentioned in previous columns.
  • Today was the day to register if you’re running for civic council in Edmonton, AFC partner Harvey Panesar did that and here’s the video he’s launched to let you know a bit about him and the issues he cares about. (Some of you might recognize a couple people in there).  
  • WSOF Canada show in December looks like it’s off with WSOF going to Chicago instead that month! 
  • If you want to fight amateur MMA in Saskatchewan then you’ll have to work with Honor Fights (Dave Mah), Alpha Fights (Troy Scheer), and Saturday Night Fights (AJ Scales), as they are the only legal amateur events in the province at this time.  Every other show is illegal!  Fight for any other Saskatchewan promotions, no matter what they tell you, and be prepared to be suspended indefinitely!  Under Section 83, fighters and corners could also face legal charges, although it is highly unlikely that police will arrest individuals.
  • Layne McTaggart is out of his MFC bout with Garret Nybakken and has been replaced by Adam Wayne. Also Curtis Demarce vs Alex Garcia has been cancelled due to Garcia having visa difficulties. 
  • Chris Prickett, who was the Canadian Senior National Champ in wrestling in 2008 & 2012 at 74kg, 2007 Pan Am Games Bronze Medalist, 2010 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist, as well as a 2012 Olympic Alternate, will be transitioning to MMA and competing at 145lbs. 
  • Matt Spisak will be fighting on the KOTC Canada show on October 25th in Edmonton. 

  • Vaughn Anderson was choked unconscious by War Machine in his Bellator debut last weekend. 
  • Teddy Ash could put his undefeated record back on the line this month at ECC on October 25th.
  • Agostino DeNatale suffered a broken right foot, bone chips and ligament damage (both feet) in his defeat to Jimmy Zidek at CFC 8. This all happened near the end of the first round and he toughed it out until about 30 seconds left in the 3rd round. That’s one tough guy! 
  • So both Jesse Ronson and Roland Delorme lost their UFC 165 bouts via Split Decision. Curious who sided on their side of the decision? Brian Beauchamp was the minority judge on both occasions. (I have to say I unfortunately sided with the two other judges both times on my unofficial home scorecard).  Chris Lee was the judge who came up with a 49-46 decision for Jon Jones in the main event.
  • Matt Veal lost a 5 round war to Nick Compton at Driller Promotions “Caged Chaos III” in Minnesota. 
  • Marcus Soares promoted Denis Kang to a 3rd Degree BJJ black belt at  MMAFA / ATT Canada this past weekend.
  • One of Canada’s top Heavyweights, Light-Heavyweights, and Middleweights, Kalib Starnes is looking for fights!  The guy is on a tear and is willing to take on anyone!

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  1. With AFC fighters jumping ship, and no fight date announced, rumour has it AFC is done, due to silent partner Daddy Warbucks aka Troy tighting up the purse strings. anybody hear different? If so it is a sad day in the world of mma.

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  2. PUCK says:

    Ya know I hate to say it but it don’t suprise me AFC is done. They had MASSIVE pay rolls (look at all the big names they had on the cads)for local shows. There was no way in hell they were making money.

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    Awesome job by Sask to grab the bull by the horns and park the shows that are just pure dangerous to fighters and the sport as a whole. Dave, Troy and AJ are all long time (almost pioneers) in MMA and BJJ in Sask and always look after fighter safety.

    Huge congrats to Kang!


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  4. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    I hear Troy was NEVER the money, but you’re right… It really is no surprise they are done. Did they honestly believe they could overtake the MFC as the #1 promotion in Canada? They did 13 shows in 15 months it was only a matter of time until they stopped for good. How do you sustain that type of workload with JUST Troy footing the bill. It was a good run, wonder what the other guys will do now.

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  5. Regarding unsanctioned MMA, I wouldn’t be so quick to conclude that “it is highly unlikely that police will arrest individuals.”

    I am advised by a Senior Policy Analyst for Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport that “conversations have taken place with the local police, city council (and) justice officials”.

    If an unsanctioned event takes place a section 83 charge is the government’s only ammunition absent provincial legislation dealing with unregulated MMA. Since Saskatchewan doesn’t have the latter option there is a good chance they are looking at the Criminal Code.

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  6. Gossip Queen says:

    @Erik Magraken… I think there is a chance that promoters could be arrested. I don’t this is a lower chance that fighters and corners will be arrested.

    100% guaranteed that all involved will face lengthy MMA suspensions though!

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  7. @Gossip Queen – Agreed that the promoter would likely be the biggest target but the risk is equal to all. Seems like an unnecessary one.


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  8. AFC FAN says:

    I hope you are kidding me! IF the AFC is really done that is MASSIVE blow to the Canada MMA scene. The run they were on and the fights they had they were/are the number 1 show in the country. No one else was doing what they were. That’s like 12 or something events per year gone. 120 fights affecting hundreds of fighters. Say it ain’t so AFC! Maybe we should have been a little more greatful. I hope there’s some truth to the world series talk.

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  9. I hope the AFC rumour is not true and have no idea if it is but they just posted the following ominous tweet

    “AFC CANADA ‏@AFC_Canada 3h
    It was a good run. Time for a change..”

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  10. Chris Desautels says:

    The Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association has entered into an agreement with the Provincial Gov’t in being the ONLY recognized sanctioning body in Saskatchewan for ALL amateur MMA. Currently there are 3 amateur MMA events recognized and sanctioned by the SMAA: Alpha Fights, Honour Fights and Saturday Night Fights. If the event is NOT one of those 3, it is not just an unsanctioned event, it is an ILLEGAL event under Sec 83 of the Criminal Code.

    Promoters hosting unsanctioned events will face criminal investigation and likely charges. Fighters will likely face lengthly suspensions from Commissions across the country and beyond.

    Pro Commission ran by the Provincial Gov’t is expected spring/summer of 2014!


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  11. Alex Caporicci says:

    It would be very unfortunate if AFC isn’t around anymore. After losing SFS, losing AFC as well would be a big blow to the sport in Canada.

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  12. MMA Cana says:

    AFC merging, they transform more than Optimus Prime; with the other promotions really didn’t benefit the AFC brand any. But I’m sure we will see AFC fold , the money T leave the team and the 3 amigos run 1 promotion with 4 cards a year similar to MFC structure perhaps with traveling a bit. Regardless that’s now taking cutting the amount of MMA shows in Canada by 2/3 so AFC helping Canada MMA was short term yes but longer term no.

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  13. Unfortunatly it is very difficult for smaller mma promotion companies to keep afloat without some sort of t.v deal sponsoring part or the entire production costs, and with so many other mma events going on at around the same time, mfc, kotc, afc, unified, the average hard working consumer has only so much disposable income to go around, and now not to mention all the free events on t.v along with the ppv events which are aired on a more frequent basis. Also with afc paying their main star more money than he would make fighting for ufc or bellator, the writeing was pretty much on the wall.

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  14. PUCK says:

    Ah, I tend to disagree, AFC tried to go from #10 to #1 asap and didn’t take into account what it takes to keep a show going (making money??)KOTC aint on TV (barley ever) unified, Five star XFFC,RITC,Havoc ??? TV deals are great but you need a lot more planing than that to make money. The WSOF deal was purely tring to save an allready sunk ship, and for sure after the WSOF poeple saw how much money was being dumped on fighter pay as a pose to there bottem line was…….Why would they want to be sunk too. AFC brought nothing to the table? Let them fold, and all their fighters are now free anyway? I do feel for the fighters though.

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  15. @Puck, kotc is run by ken k who owns and runs a successful million dollar business on the side and for him to take a 20 or 30000 loss on a event will not put him in the poor house like it would me or possibly you, he can deduct it as a tax write off, Sunny Singh promoter for Unified has the unfair advantage in that he owns the banquet hall were the fights take place, his dinner table cost are a quarter of what they would cost any other promoter because the kitchen and wait staff work for him, five star and xffc are all relatively new promotions and wel have to see how they fare in a year or two, Ritc and Havoc I don’t have much history on them but hopefully they can garner a sense of longevity in the sport. I will agree with you that you need careful planning, and not spread yourself out too thinly. Rome was not built in a day.

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  16. I don’t think we have heard the end of the AFC.

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  17. LBoutin says:

    RITC is Canada’s longest running show if I’m not mistaken. Their first show was November of 2000 in Lethbridge (Started as Roadhouse Rumble when they used to take place at a Bar named the Roadhouse). Lee’s shows have always been solid.

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    I think the MFC technically gets to say they are the longest as their first show predates the first RITC however MFC has gone on numerous long breaks whereas RITC has continued to have shows every year.


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  19. AFC attempt at a deal with WSOF was a last ditch effort to right a sinking ship.

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  20. MMA CANADA says:

    Kind of exciting the fight network signed 3 year deal with MFC.

    Thats good for Canada.

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  21. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    What the hell does that mean? Lol, 3 year deal ?? On tape delay like every other content provider for the FN? They need to work on being LIVE IN CANADA. Hard knocks and every other show shown on FN technically has a. ‘DEAL’ as well. This means nothing until its LIVE.

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  22. eeesh says:

    mma Canada = pav

    black prince2 = pav

    But I agree in every way!

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  23. LBoutin says:

    Did MFC put on a show under a different name ?

    Because the first MFC I’m aware of was on March 3 2001

    The first Rumble was on November 17 2000

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  24. LBoutin says:

    Fight network has live events from time to time. Hopefully the MFC deal is for live ones too.

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  25. The says:

    Awesome, aggression was always a great show! Too bad the Pav can’t check his ego, they could have been a force in mma. Will never be any bigger than it is now. Too bad…

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  26. To really rival the Pavster WSOF needs to secure a t.v deal, but I am sure that’s in the works later on down the road.

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  27. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    Is the NBC SPORTS deal not good ? Lol. Big poppa? Last I checked that’s bigger than AXS

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  28. Robin Black says:

    Congrats on getting the deal done guys. Couldn’t be happier for you.

    Good stuff, excited to see the next few years of growth.

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  29. Thanks for the info. black prince2 I was not aware they were to air the Canadian shows too. great news for the growth and progression of Canadian mma!

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  30. meanstreak says:


    I am guessing those shows were illegal? Wasn’t Mark the one who actually went out and legalized the sport in Alberta.

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