The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 3 – Don’t Eat Biscuits for Breakfast!


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBWell, now the drama is starting to begin in and out of the house between coaches and contestants Before the match up between Beal and Holdsworth was announced, Team Tate discussed it and it came down to either me or Holdsworth fighting first. I had popped my knee the first actual day of training down there and it was bugging me quite a bit, so we decided since we have control, we should take advantage of the situation and give it a rest and have Holdsworth fight.

Many people thought it was just the classic striker vs grappler match up, but I had trained with Holdsworth now for a little bit and knew that his striking is slick as well. He is a very tall Bantamweight with a long reach and knows how to use it. In the fight, it was obvious Beal was very frustrated with Holdsworth’s reach and long straight punches. Beal could not get anything off. Holdsworth did get the take down for a moment but Beal is explosive and athletic and was able to pop back up to his feet. Holdsworth landed a nice straight right that dropped him and he jumped on the guillotine as Beal was getting up and tapped him out.

Our strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist on our team Eric, who is very close with Holdsworth outside of the show, jumped around and screamed “that’s what you get for eating biscuits for breakfast”. The morning of the fight, Beal cooked a big breakfast with some biscuits and, I guess, Eric was ripping on him for his choice of food on fight day. Beal was pretty pissed after losing his fight hearing some guy in the stands screaming that out, as would I if I was in his situation. Later on, I know Eric apologized to Beal for acting like that.

We have been in the house now for a little bit without any contact with the outside world and everyone was already itching for some entertainment and we got some. They took us to the Red Rock Resort and Casino to watch The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Finale. We got a nice suite with private pool and bar with a couple big screen TV’s to watch the fights. During the fights, some commotion started at the bar between Rhonda and Miesha. I guess Rhonda was standing too close to Caraway and Miesha pushed herself in between them, then the two began bitching at one another. I got up and walked over to get a closer look and hear what was being said and then Rhonda called Edmond over and he started chirping Caraway. I found the whole ordeal rather humorous and entertaining. I felt like I was back in high school watching two girls bicker over getting too close to one’s boyfriend. Regardless, it was good to get out of the house and watch some television and socialize with people other than just the same one’s in the house that we see everyday and night.

So with Holdsworth winning, Team Tate keeps control and I was not even 100% sure on who we were picking to fight next. I found out seconds before we walked out for the fight announcement that it was Roxanne and Jessica. This fight is legitimately a striker vs grappler matchup.

As the show starts to unfold more, everyone can see just how annoying Julianna was in the house and how she wasn’t very well liked. The van rides to and from the training centre were always interesting. Cody disliked Julianna the most out of anyone and did not shy away from showing his feelings towards her. The two of them would bicker back and forth to each other almost everyday. Julianna would never shut her mouth!  She asked a million questions to absolutely everyone including the cameramen and production. She just always had to be the center of attention. This shows more as the season carries out.


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9 Responses to “ The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 3 – Don’t Eat Biscuits for Breakfast! ”

  1. GNP says:

    Was good to see you got some camera time josh , well the reality tv aspect of the show has started with all the bickering and the drama…wow ….Meisha tate was really workin those white shorts….was there a bit of a love connection between Louis and Roxanne….????….Lol

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  2. smash says:

    I love meisha taint

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  3. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I thought it was funny or maybe insulting to Josh how they displayed him as a former model, instead of his previous athletic abilities.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  4. GNP says:

    well its reality Tv , where else does the president of a multi million dollar company go on national tv, in the presence of 2 women and say he’ wrestle fucked him ‘
    , so its no surprise when that goof posts things like , lives with parents , or former model next to someones name ; instead of there stats or atheletic acheivements; that have brought them to this stage of the game

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  5. wuzjustsayin says:


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  6. I am curious how much more annoying Pena gets to her teammates.

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  7. harry balls says:

    I was wondering about all the hate she was getting. It seemed undeserved.
    Why do all Armenians act exactly the same on every TUF season?

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  8. Chin like a Spruce Stump says:

    I think Rhonda rouses a bully she don’t even act like a champ Meisha taint all the way love that girl . Rhonda is such a poor loser get over your self

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  9. Hopkins says:

    Rousey is jealous Miesha Tate is so much hotter than she is. There isn’t enough makeup to cover up rouseys personality too. Can’t wait til she fights a girl with real bjj and that weak armbar won’t work

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