XFFC 3 – Grande Prairie – December 14


Date: December 14, 2013
Venue: Tec Centre in Grande Prairie, AB
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Fight Card:
170lbs- Jarod Milko (7-2) vs. Jordan Beecroft (5-1)
***Welterweight Title Fight

170lbs- Layne McTaggart (3-2) vs. Jemark Brady (2-1)
170lbs- Spencer Jebb (5-3) vs. Corey Atkinson (2-1)
135lbs- Matt Knysh (2-8) vs. TBA
170lbs- Cassian Alexy (3-3) vs. Tyler O’Brien (2-7)
155lbs- Conrad Krzysztan (1-2) vs. Connor Derry (0-1)
135lbs- Rick Pfeifer (3-1) vs. Zamir Safi (0-0)
160lbs- Wally Husk (2-1) vs. Martin Dreidger (1-2)
145lbs- Tony Touch (0-1) vs. Robert Nelson (0-2)
135lbs- Austin Ryan (1-0) vs. Mike Glover (0-8)
205lbs- Tanner Boser (3-0) vs. William Carriere (1-0)

155lbs- Chris Chapman (0-0) vs. TBA

162 Responses to “ XFFC 3 – Grande Prairie – December 14 ”

  1. your brother fights at 125 now

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  2. Jonathan says:

    LOL at anyone calling Chad “the Meat Hammer” Hamzeh a Ducker.

    Chad is so tough that he once took a fight on ten minutes notice. He didn’t even have his own mouthguard for that fight he just borrowed someone else’s.

    Chad is so tough that he once ordered Fallafel with extra hot sauce.

    Chad is so tough he once head butted someone so hard in their stomach that they will never have male children.

    Chad is so tough that once when rolling I said, “hey man, nice eyes” and he just looked at me and let me pass his guard.

    The fighters of today could learn alot about toughness from Chad.


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  3. C.Ham says:

    Jono lets not get out of hand… It was 30 minutes and i borrowed a cup and mouthguard. Just a mouthguard would be dangerous. As for the rest… Uh thanks? Ha

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  4. AMLECF says:

    I heard valimaki is out, is this true

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  5. Mike Russell says:

    @AMLECF where did you hear this from? Vic is 100% still fighting Tim.

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  6. AMLECF says:

    Just what I heard through the grapevine, I hope it’s not true and they have a good light heavyweight fight

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  7. I hate to say this but it would not surprise me if Vic pulls out from fighting Tim Chemelli. Though i am a fan of Tim, Tim has himself to blame for even being gullible enough to think Vic was gonna seiously train and fight him.

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  8. Brady Oliveira says:

    I know, but he is hungry and would still go up in weight and accept either opponents he said. Dude is focused! But to bad there wasn’t a 25er for him though.

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  9. Brady, I think Kyle should stick to 125 and be patient.

    He’s never looked better at this weight, and in my opinion is best staying there.

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  10. Timber says:

    Speaking of weight. I heard Valimaki is walking around at 230 lbs right now 12 days out from his fight at 205. Good luck making the weight Vic.

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  11. Hmmm says:

    I heard it’s more like 245.

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  12. Cody Saftic says:

    Soooo many Valimaki haters….god I hope he shows up and proves at least a couple people wrong…

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  13. Balrog says:

    Whats with Jemark Brady taking fights at 170? His last fight again Drummond he weighed in at 162. The guys could easily make 155. He comes for a legit camp to. The Davis Brothers, Omic and the Machan Brothers can all show him how to easily and safely cut 7 lbs to make the 155 weight class. Odd.

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  14. Tyler Davis says:

    Jemark no longer trains at Arashi do. He has not trained there in a while.

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  15. @cody saftic, I dont think there are a lot of valimaki haters, I think what people hate is a hard working guy like Tim training 8 weeks or more for a fight that might or might not happen all because his opponent cant make weight or pulls out a week before fight time when its hard or impossible to find a suitable replacement. Personally I hope Vic trains hard ,shows up, makes weight and both combatants put on a great show.

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  16. Gaymelli Hater says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. Tyler "the fight dodger" Davis says:

    If Tyler is sooooo good why doesn’t he fight Noah Ali? I think both guys are way way way over rated

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  18. Cobras says:

    Regardless of opinions about Noah Ali skill-level, I don’t think he’s a fight any top, smart fighter would take on less than 2 weeks notice

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  19. Noah "the record defender" Ali says:

    Ali has only beaten guys with 50-50 records or worse! 5 wins over guys with records 50/50 records or worse! Knysh 2-8 Veltri 1-7 Lapierre 0-1 O’Neill 3-3 Anhelliger 2-3

    Total record of opponents is 8-22

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  20. Brady Oliveira says:

    I agree Marc, 125 is his division but he just came off a great win 3 weeks ago still in fight shape and would fight Ali. I hear you, patients is an athletes enemy though!

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  21. Tyler Davis says:

    I must have wrote that in one of my drunken stupor’s. And started taking about myself in third person..

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  22. Hawkes says:

    Brady, your brother will fight anyone at anytime… However Curtis decides when and where. So shhh.

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  23. Thesubzero says:

    Seriously this site has become a joke. At least Ali and Davis have records and get in the cage. This blatant fighter bashing just discourages all the fighters from posting. A little moderation would be nice, the UG has more respect for god sakes.

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  24. Team Oliveira says:

    Oliveira vs. Ali

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  25. Team Ali says:

    Ali would crush Oliveira. Talk about a glass jaw

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  26. Cookie Monster says:

    Tyler “fight dodger” Davis saying Davis would fight Quinn and Wilson but not Ali ? And regardless you must just not know anything about either fighter as they are friends. I doubt you will see any Arashi-Do fighters fight Champions Creed guys cause the amount of cross training the two gyms do.

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  27. Balrog says:

    Yeah saying Tyler Davis doesnt take hard fights is retarded at this point. He proved he wants to fight top level Canadian fighters when he stepped up and fought Quinn and Wilson. Give the guy a break.

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  28. Cobras says:

    I bet, if the winner of a Davis/Ali fight were to get a UFC contract, this so-called friendship would be put on hold.
    Typically, fighters who use the “we’re friends” excuse, don’t want to fight that opponent for other reasons.
    It doesn’t really matter anyway if these 2 gym don’t wish to compete against one another. There are more than enough garbage, pretender, semi-pros throughout Alberta for them to fight…judging by records and past opponents

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  29. Forum Fighter says:

    Ali and Davis are friends AND training partners, so how bout that Cobras? And they probably would fight to get into the UFC, pointless otherwise.

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  30. Cobras says:

    Point made otherwise. You agreed with me. 0-1 in forum fights

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  31. Forum Fighter says:

    So unless the UFC makes that offer, shut your mouth. Don’t be jealous of your mediocre teammates and losing record. Stop chugging the haterade, you might choke.

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  32. Blackout says:

    Lol oh you guys :p such politics. Can’t we all just… Get along? Lol

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  33. Victor Valimaki is saying he is in the hospital, so it is looking like he may pull out of his fight with Tim Chemelli.

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  34. Cody Saftic says:


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  35. Tim chemelli says:

    I’m not the type of person to bash someone when they are down but to me this all sounds like bullshit! I was told that when victor signed his contract with the MFC they watnted him to drop my fight and if he didn’t and so happened to lose then the contract is over. And now he’s “sick”.
    Victor if you pull out of our fight your a discrase to the mma community and should retire!! If your weight cut is an issue I’ll fight you at heavy weight!
    I really hope you man up and prove everybody wrong victor!!!

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  36. mike kent says:

    Tim Chemilli is a great person and fighter. Id like to see what all the facts are before people rip victor but I had a feeling from the minute this fight was announced it wouldn’t go through. Hope they find you an opponent so you didn’t waste all that time training Tim !Saying you’ll fight at HW if weights an issue after dieting for weeks lets everyone know what type of fighter you are.

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  37. Tempo says:

    Maybe I’m crazy but come on Tim why would u consider fighting Victor as he always does this and it’s no surprise he’s not fighting you on the weekend we all knew that MFC contract or not.

    #victor needs an intervention not a fight.

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  38. I am guessing that Tim was doing it because Victor fought him last year with no issues and I am sure Tim wanted to avenge that loss.

    Update: Removed Valimaki from the card. XFFC is looking for a 210-235 lb Heavyweight to fight Tim now.

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  39. Aaron Robinson says:

    Victor is a straight up Loser. Enough said.

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  40. Aaron Robinson says:

    At the end of the day, Tim was informed time and time and over and over again by Victor and his people that Victor was healthy and would be ready to fight. It wasn’t until this MFC buisiness started coming around that the problems began to arise. From what i understand, Victor was told his contract with MFC would be null and void if he lost this fight, hence the bull shit pull out 4 days from weigh ins. Tim has wanted this fight for a long time so you cannot blame the guy for taking it even though he knew there was a chance it may not happen, he was assured that there would be no bullshit and Victor would be ready to fight, Tim wanted nothing more to get his hands on Victor so decided to run the risk of a full training camp on the possibility that a healthy and hungry Valimaki would show up to fight.

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  41. John says:

    According to Victors facebook he was healthy and being generous handing out tables and VIP entrances to the night club 2 days ago.

    Maybe he got food poisoning that night from a drunken labia and it rubbed off on him

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  42. Ryan D says:

    Bitch move Victor!!!!

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  43. Quetzalcoatl says:

    Word is Bobby K is willing to fight Tim C.

    For the love of god Tim. Dont do it. Lol.

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  44. Tim chemelli says:

    ^^not happening^^

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  45. MikeRussell says:

    Starnes will step in as Vic’s replacement if Chemelli’s camp accepts.

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  46. Ryan Machan says:

    Isn’t Starnes suspended ?
    It’s a min 15 day in Canada
    Win or lose
    Tough break for Tim
    Nothing worse then putting in a full training camp and your opponent pulls out the week of the fight.

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  47. AMLECF says:

    Told you Mike Russell

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  48. MikeRussell says:

    In the process of getting the suspension reduced by the commission.

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  49. Cobras says:

    Sounds like valimaki made a smart business decision. Fighting Chemelli again does nothing to further his career. Competing in the MFC against legit international opponents will give him much more exposure and get him back to the UFC. It made zero sense to fight a mediocre, one dimensional fighter he already ktfo with ease and no training camp. If Chemelli is that heartbroken, there seems to be lots of shoulders to cry on in this forum

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  50. Tim chemelli says:

    The smart business choice might have been not to sign the contract in the first place then!! But like I said if he has a real medical issue I hope he resolves it. Just weird how it all came down less then a week away.

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