Fivestar Fight League 10 – Grande Prairie – November 8


Fivestar THUMBDate: November 8, 2013
Venue: Jackpot Grill in Grande Prairie, Alberta
Tickets: Jackpot Grill and Champions Gym

Fight Card:
265lbs- Craig Hudson (3-3) vs. Gary Peck (2-1)
***Heavyweight Title Fight

155lbs- Chad Freeman (7-5) vs. Zach Gait (4-3)
***Lightweight Title Fight

185lbs- Cody Krahn (12-8) vs. Duncan Wilson (5-3)
205lbs- Raphael Bergmann (4-4) vs. Marcus Hicks (15-23)
135lbs- Rick Pfeifer (2-1) vs. Mark Delgado (1-6)
155lbs- TJ Klassen (1-4) vs. Mike Beaudoin (0-4)
135lbs- Tang Thongpheng (2-3) vs. Morgan Littlechild (1-1)
150lbs- Jeremy Kennedy (1-0) vs. Blake Shearing (0-1)
170lbs- Cameron Loutitt (2-4) vs. Tyler O’Brien (2-7)

97 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 10 – Grande Prairie – November 8 ”

  1. Cody Krahn says:

    Dudes 2-4 taking on a 2-7 opponent. Not really a can crushing fight on paper in my opinion.

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  2. Blackout says:

    ^^ Was just gonna say that ^^ lol

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  3. O'Brien says:

    These trolls are never satisfied that’s why they’re trolls rather than critics if you have a losing record and take a tough fight your a joke if take an easier fight your a pussy lol take a hike

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  4. Doing it right says:

    Probably the worst thread I’ve seen on this site yet . These guys sound like schoolyard kids talking about who’s dad is tougher. Will be a great night of fights and a first class show as usual by fivestar

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  5. Doing it right says:

    Krahn vs wilson will be a barn burner !!!!

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  6. Lethal Weapon says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. Doing it right says:

    Well “lethal weapon” with all your vast knowledge of the local fight scene why don’t you put a card together with all future world scene superstars. I’m sure with all your contacts and resources you could easily buy a cage and make super fight cards like the world has never experienced .

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  8. PUCK says:

    I do find it strange that LW can cut on the Five star show then say “go Wardog’??….Ya your right he’s not UFC bound anytime soon? But who can read Joe Silva’s mind…you?(LW) Not to metion the guy you are cheering for is the main event? Plus calling a guy a ‘bad’ fighter (troll) but giving him props for promoting/knowing the game? And who are you addressing that ‘the troll knows more than you’? 5 Star?….lol by far one of the most contradicting/confusing post’s I have ever read on here……Thanks for the weirdness LW…lol lol too funny!

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  9. Blackout says:

    I really dont like to talk shit on here, cause I like to leave that crap to about 85% of you on here… but Lethal Weapon, you’re a goof. Pure and simple. The nerve you have, its sickening. smh.

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  10. Lethal Weapon says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  11. O'Brien says:

    LW the only point you are proving is that your an outsider looking in, I bet the negativity and aggressive insults in your post have a direct correlation with what I would guess is your realization that you know you will never posses the testicular fortitude it takes to compete so to protect your ego you lash out on others you feel are unworthy out of spite

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  12. Some dude who hasn't the balls to use his real name says:

    Yea what he said!!!! ^^^

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  13. Blackout says:

    I call it how I see it “Lethal Weapon”. Calling down a fighter for their record is BS, sure if the guy goes in there and taps after a single punch then sure, that guy shouldnt be in there. But if a guy is training and puts blood sweat and tears into this sport and still has a losing record, well then all that guy can do is continue training and keep on keeping on. Nobody deserves to be called down and ridiculed by some keyboard warrior who thinks their opinion is flawless. Your statement is blasphemus and couldnt be any further from the truth.

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  14. OMMA says:

    You and Tyler train? Where??

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  15. I heard O’Brien bailed from this fight.

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  16. LostforWords says:

    Does not surprise me he did…..

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  17. Lethal Weapon says:

    I do enjoy when this fighter proves me right and made all these ‘knowledgeable’ posters look so stupid. How does you foot taste?

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  18. Blackout says:

    @OMMA- Savage HQ, its nothing fancy but work is put in. And due to certain happenings as of late, we must find a new home to train :( That is our (or atleast my) present goal/mission. And if Tyler did pull out, this is the first Im hearing of it. He hasn’t said anything to us.

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  19. O'Brien says:

    I love how quick the trolls come out from under the bridge at the first sign of doubt you guys are pathetic……MAD your goof do you know the situation?..didnt think so I work on the road I had my bloodwork done in Manitoba they collected the sample but didnt run the tests because my doctor apparently doesn’t have privileges in Manitoba and through communication I wasnt aware of this until it was too late I had my blood retaken but it hasnt come back in time for this card so if that is “bailling” on a fight in your books I’ll make this very clear my bloodwork will be back in time for Nov 15! so if Cam is still interested he still has a fight…..Now LW you just further proved my point as you had nothing to say at all in response to my rebuttal and probably should have kept it that way but the second you though you had a chance to get the last word in you couldnt resist it eh..the odor of vagina coming from your direction is so strong I am begining to question your manhood so in conclusion I would dare to say that a foot tastes much better than having to bear the smell of your stankin pussy!!!

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  20. O'Brien says:

    a communication error**

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  21. OMMA says:

    I’ve never heard of “Savage HQ”. Who teaches there?

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  22. Lethal Weapon says:

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  23. Medicals are a fighters reaponsability.

    Sorry bail wasn’t the right term. But you didn’t satisfy the requirements of the commission to be able to compete.

    Call it what you want. Your doctor in Alberta has nothing to do with it. Manitoba doctors are also qualified to get blood results.

    It is what it is.

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  24. O'Brien says:

    Medicals are a fighters responsibility but when something happens outside of my control how is it any fault of mine?….You don’t know the situation so don’t sit there on your high horse with condescending words trying to make it sound like it was incompetence on my part….This is last post I will make on this thread ya’ll can carry on with your bullshit and stroke your egos like you won the debate but a guy can only argue with children for so long before he feels childish himself

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  25. Cameron Loutitt says:

    You’re a professional fighter O’Brien, I repeat, professional and a grown effing man. You say MAD is on his high horse, but it seems like you’re still a child and need a rocking horse. Even if you had a miscommunication problem, that isn’t any reason to to not keep in contact with the promoters. I understand shit happens, but with the time you’ve been spending responding to people on here, I can only think that time would be better spent making sure you’re blood-work is taken care of. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions and inaction.

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  26. Chadwick says:

    O’Brians an idiot, no doubt..

    But seriously MAD, what are you doing ripping on anyone, seems you should focus on trying to put a decent card together instead of running your mouth all day on a forum.

    Does anyone take this guy seriously?

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    I’m sorry to hear that O’Brien’s first attempt at fighting was so overly wrought with errors. This often happens with first time fighters as they learn the process. While it might appear easy on the outside the intricacies of process of securing blood work, eye exams and ‘fit to fight’ confirmations are complex.

    I hope this incident doesn’t turn young O’Brien off of trying again for his first fight as it is well worth the effort.


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  28. Graham Weenk says:

    when a job has you on the road to the point of not being able to communicate with docs about meds, how would you be able to train? just wondering, this is a pro fight. i know at our gym guys need to train, fight train that is not including running/lifting, 5 days a week to be prepared properly for a pro fight. and then running and lifting in addition to that.

    I get that a guy has to make a living, fully understand that, but this is pro fighting. If a job keeps you on the road that much, as a coach i’d have to tell a guy its not the right time to fight.

    just having the balls to fight should not be all it takes to compete at the pro level. a professional contest should be between highly skilled and trained professional athletes, not 2 guys with the balls to fight just hoping its their lucky day.

    especially because i know our gym has this problem as well i’m sure several other gyms, that we can’t seem to get our guys with good winning records any fights. seeing spots on cards filled by guys who seemingly barely train and may or may not get their meds in is extremely frustrating when i have (and i know others do too) gym full of guys training their asses off week in week out keeping meds up to date just in case they get a call, and they end up sitting for 12months plus between fights.

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  29. Ryan D says:

    2 wins over Lauzon does not make O’Brien a professional fighter lets get that clear for starters!!!!

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  30. Blackout says:

    Its nothing fancy, like I said… but yeah, Dorthea Swiftwolfe teaches us. Thats about all we got as far as an instructor goes. We are all (or atleast some of us) looking for a new place to train and call home, sort of speak.

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  31. LBoutin says:

    Blackout when you’re looking for a new “home” please consider a legitimate MMA gym and start training with people who know what they are doing.

    Scheer’s and Alliance are 2 fantastic clubs in Saskatoon. Way of the dragon is another. Outlaws MMA has some talented guys, even Diekema (brings in BJJ black belt Jeff Wiley on a regular basis) and Momentum Martial Arts (has a Renzo Gracie blue or purple belt) have started included BJJ into their training.

    Any of these would be a better place to start then continuing down the path of training on your own with limited to no instruction. If you are indeed serious about the sport it’s time to start taking it more seriously if you guys want to improve.

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  32. Blackout says:

    I agree with you whole heartedly.

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  33. O'Brien says:

    Yea Graham your Right If a guy had his Meds updated before the current Meds expire this situation would never have happen so from now on that’s how I will do it……Now Cam If you had anything to say your time to interject was after my first response to MAD where I had said my bloodwork would be back in time for Nov 15 and I was still willing to fight you, but you didn’t even address it, you waited til I said I was done posting to come out and be a forum hero and catch some thumbs up on the Bash O’Brien bandwagon(Bitch Move) well Guess what Buddy Bloodwork came in this afternoon So I’m Calling you and your Vagina out Fight me Nov 15th in Cold Lake!

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  34. AMLEHTC says:

    You’re the one at fault, you don’t get to chastise Cam, he did what was required of him, you didn’t

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  35. O'Brien says:

    Oh I most certainly can I wouldn’t have said shit if he didn’t respond like a little bitch. Yes fault falls on me I won’t argue that..I had 2 opponents for this card before Cam did you see me blast them on the forum??? No..why?…because it was a dead issue so for Cam to blast me after I post that I was done arguing gives me grounds to call him out

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  36. Cameron Loutitt says:

    If your blood work is good and MAD wants to set it up, I’m down. You screwed me out of a fight, and a road trip. I was kind of hoping I could put on a show for a great Grande Praire crowd, get paid and keep on keepin on, so I think you shouldn’t whine so much if I “blast you on a forum”. You may have had 2 different opponents, but you didn’t see them responding to trolls on the forum during the lead up to the fight. I say I’ll fight you, because I’ve already agreed to, why wouldn’t I again? I have a question though, is Blackout real there? You and him train and this woman coaches you? You have one guy and a woman teaching you jiu jitsu, rolling with you, holding pads for you, sparring with you? I’m not trying to be an ass, but if that’s your set up, I’d rather fight someone who takes fighting seriously and who could kick my ass. Do you think a crowd wants to see a RNC in 60 seconds of the 1st round? I’d be happy to oblige, but is it fair for them to see an MMA fighter who doesn’t train BJJ in the cage? What shenanigans is that? I’m honestly already looking ahead to fight at 155lbs in December. If MAD wants to make the fight happen, I’ll do it, but you may have missed you opportunity to fight me in the foreseeable future, and I’m just going to keep moving forward. Maybe Fivestar will do it next year. Just know that if we never fight, I didn’t duck you, you fucked up.

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  37. I’d love to have you on a card again Cameron, but wouldn’t want to risk getting you an opponent we can’t rely on.

    I’ve already learnt that lesson the hard way lately.

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  38. vlad says:

    I’ll be honest I didn’t read most of the posts here, but have to say O’Brien did the same thing to my fighter Elvis Vukaj. First he came late to weight inns, and he has an excuse for that,second he was overweight, and he had an excuse for that as well,and third his medicals were bad and it wasn’t his fault. So he screwed my guy over, who was training and cutting weight and he did it again on this card. Somehow I knew it was going to happen. MAD please never consider this guy near any shows you working with as a personal favor to me. And I will tell every promoter i know the same thing,and know all promoters in Alberta in person and some in BC. And Tyler , if you have problem with me, please come and visit me any time you feel like it , I am not one of those nameless trolls, every one knows where to find me. I will make sure you will never fight any one from my gym and from my friends gyms as well, that is a promise. I don’t believe you are a fighter, you irresponsible, uneducated and lazy person. Being a fighter is a privilege, you didn’t earn it.

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  39. BOOM!

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  40. O'Brien says:

    Cam I will start off with an apology I myself fell victim forum trollitis my intention were good I was in touch with justin over the few weeks he even instructed me to call my office to confirm my blood work was in the receptionist assured me it was there it wasn’t til I had my ECG done on Monday that I found out my Bloodwork wasn’t done I deal with that office on a regular basis and she got complacent and didn’t open the file just saw it was revived I know this because my doctor open the file in front of me as he went to print it off this isn’t an excuse because all of you are right if I had meds done before the current one expire it wouldn’t have happened it is a lesson I learned Murphy’s law right I shouldn’t have come at you the way I did I’ll admit I want this fight so I took a page outta cheal’s book to hype the fight enough to make it happen…now obviously your not a bitch you took the fight on what 10 days notice maybe and I have nothin but respect for that… regards to my training and weather or not I’m worth your time, I come in shape for every fight I come ready to put on a show ask any one of my past opponents if im worth your time my fight may be short but that’s how I fight if they didn’t finish I finish them I’ve been in a lot of miss match but I don’t regret one of them so let’s put this ego stroking aside and meet in the cage as opponents rather than enemies…as far as MAD goes you can choose not to set up this fight and justify it however you want but unless your vagina is cramped from this thread…..LETS HAVE IT THEN!!!!!

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  41. Blackout says:

    Well that escalated quickly :P

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  42. LostForWords says:

    “that’s how I fight if they didn’t finish I finish them”
    Them is 1 person, twice.

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  43. Here’s how the game works kid.

    Promoters/Matchmakers are in charge of setting up fights.

    Fighters should worry about fighter related things.

    Hype only works when somebody gives a shit about who is talking. If they don’t know who you are, or don’t care, you just come off looking silly.

    Does calling me a goof, and claiming my vagina is cramped, some weird way of getting me to use you on the Cold Lake card next week?

    This card was full for the past few weeks with 12 fights signed. I’m not looking to add anymore fights at this point. I sure as hell don’t need to justify to you why I’m not wanting to set up this matchup. What do I care what another promotion was going to do with you? I’ve already lost a last minute fight for Cameron and the last thing I’d ever do is put him in a similar situation again. If I was looking to add any fights it would be Cameron, but certainly not against you.

    Sorry, don’t take it personal, it just wouldn’t make any sense for us.

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  44. If this is how you are supposed to speak to promoters/matchmakers to get fights, mma has drastically changed. “Hey Joe Silva, you’re a bitch pussy. Now put me on a UFC main card, now!”

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  45. Donald Duck says:

    LOL at people thinking fighters should be out getting fights at all. Coaches, Managers, Match Makers and Promoters “make fights” a fighter’s job is three things:

    1. Have you medicals ready.

    2. Make weight.

    3. Fight.

    That’s it that’s all. People forget that Chael is genius good at these three and uses the ‘bad boy’ image to up his profile.

    Learn your role.


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  46. O'Brien says:

    Fair enough…I will apologize MAD that is no way to talk to anyone I got caught up behind the keyboard again this has turned into a mess and I played a big part of it, I acted rash and definitely didn’t do myself any justice.. So I guess if I don’t want to be bashed on this site I need to work harder to give you guys reasons not to

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  47. harry balls says:

    Man Louttit has had some misfortune. It’ll happen , broseph. Keep training…

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