Tucker Out; ECC Reschedules to October 25th with Kent vs Loiseau


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I hate to be the to be the barrier of bad news for MMA fans in Nova Scotia but you are going to have to wait a little longer for some live action.  ECC promoter Peter Martell contacted Top MMA News today to announce that their Road to Glory event scheduled for next Saturday at the Halifax Forum has been pushed back to October 25. The reason for the change happened after headliner and top ranked Featherweight Gavin Tucker had to withdraw from the show after separating his shoulder during training camp this week.  Tucker was supposed to face Jesse Gross for the vacant Featherweight title but as of right now there is no timetable as to when he will be able to return to action.

With the main event off the card, it did give Martell the opportunity to get another fight that will get fans excited in the Bluenose province.  Mike Kent will be flying home from Alberta as he will get the chance to fight former UFC title challenger David “The Crow” Loiseau.  Both men will move up to 205 and fight for the Light-Heavyweight title.   While the fight could have been scheduled for the 28th,  Martell said that with a fight this big, he wanted more than one week to be able to promote it.

Both fighters were supposed to fight in Calgary in July at AFC 20 but Kent withdrew due to injury.  Loiseau is coming off a decision win against Caleb Grummet at Challenge MMA 2 in Montreal last month while Kent suffered a submission loss last weekend against Joe Doerkson at CFC 8 in Winnipeg.

The co-main event originally scheduled  between Tristan Johnson  and Adam Lorenz will still be a go as both men agreed to push the fight back.  No other fights can be confirmed at this time but Top MMA News will keep you updated on any changes.

11 Responses to “ Tucker Out; ECC Reschedules to October 25th with Kent vs Loiseau ”

  1. Jeff Harrison says:

    Would be cool to see Elias vs The Crow for 185 title defence..

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  2. Team bullshit says:

    Would be nice to have a full list of the card with more then a week before the event. But that’s how Martel rolls!!! Ecc is so sloppy put together. Props to the fighters but we need better promoters. Way better!

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  3. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Sure lucky of Kent to get another shot at Loiseau but at LHW and for the LHW Title? Not really hating just think the promotion and sport itself loses legitimacy when a guy who has lost 2 in a row gets a title shot. Reminds me of who else but Chael Sonnen!

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  4. mike kent says:

    Im very fortunate to get the fight that I lost this summer and thankful to peter and the ECC for the opportunity to fight at home against another pioneer and Canadian legend. I spent my entire summer dedicated to these fights and even though my record is showing it lately I really am full of confidence and improving and still believe I can fight these guys and win. If Oct 25th goes the same way as these last 2 then ill have to reassess where im at and take fights accordingly.

    The weight and the title are what was offered. It is what it is. Im just happy to have the fight no matter what weight or amount of rounds

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  5. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Mike Kent

    Thanks for the reply, nicely stated and refreshing to hear you speak honestly while being so grounded. Have a great camp, can’t wait to see this card!

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  6. Jb lane says:

    Mike I’m sorry but you don’t belong in the cage with the crow you proved that in your last 2 fights . It will be great to see the crow fight live but I truly don’t think it will be a very competitive fight.

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  7. Mike kent says:

    Everyone loses and has set backs, I respect your opinion and hopefully I can prove you wrong ! If your right then I won’t be challenging anyone from the top 5 or 10 in 2014. So ill put everything into this and hope for the best because if I lose its my last hurrah against the upper echelon for a while. Can’t blame me for trying , people shit on me for being 8-0 against “cans” now I’m taking too hard fights I guess lol . And hey if your right maybe you’ll get to see a crow highlight !live

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  8. Mike kent says:

    And one last thing before I sign off is I never lost Friday then demanded a fight with the crow ! It was offered to me and I was happy for the chance

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  9. Thunderkat says:

    If kent goes into this fight with the right game plan and stick to it, anything can happen. Loiseau’s biggest weakest is his ground game, by far. Most of his losses are from this. If kent try’s to stand and bang, he will lose. Not because loiseau is that great of a striker, but because he is much better than kent standing.

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Does Loiseau know it’s a 5 round fight not a 3 rounder? Haha… I kid, I kid!

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  11. Jb lane says:

    Kent would have a better chance on his feet then taking the crow down . from what I hear kent is no wizard on the ground .

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