Canadian Rumour Mill – September 16, 2013


gossip queen 4So with Louis Fisette back in The Ultimate Fighter 18 house, that makes four out of five Canadians making the cast.  For me, that makes this the first must-watch TUF in a long time!  Odds are that one of the four can make a finale! Cross your fingers.

  • Always love seeing 2 ranked fighters going at it! Victor Valimaki vs Tim Chemelli rematch on December 14th at XFFC in Grande Prairie! Valimaki has had some well documented issues with weight cutting and the likes, I wonder if this fight be contested at a catchweight?
  • The winner of KO of the Night at Unified 17 will be awarded a trip to Las Vegas from sponsor Travel Gurus!
  • TJ Grant is out of his title fight with Anthony Pettis in December.
  • A couple of recent second place finishers of main event Middleweight bouts could meet at ECC later this month.  Mike Kent may being added to the ECC card against Chris Currie.  Jon Williams and Josh Walker are also expected to meet on the September 28th card.
  • I’ve heard several rumours that TUF Nations may be Welterweights only and the Middleweights’ participation will get cut out of the plans. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Also it seems like whomever makes the cut may just go directly into the house and not have to fight his  way in!
  • Ricky Goodall was yanked from the quickly filling-in ECC card as he is suspended still from his knockout loss to Richard Arsenault. Not sure how this will affect his TUF Nations aspirations… 
  • Unfortunately, James Kouame’s ONE FC debut was not a positive one as he was submitted by Jake Butler at 2:11 of the 1st round of One FC 11. 

  • James Mancini‘s Ontario, Canada-based opponent couldn’t get licensed, so their Philly bout is off. 
  • Also Sabah Fadai lost via 3rd Round TKO against Justin Larsson at Cage Warrior Combat 7 this weekend in Kingston, Washington. 
  • It’s been nearly a year since Tyson Steele signed a three fight contract with WSOF.  He’s fought on two shows but did not appear on the last show and is not rumoured to be on WSOF 6. Is he going to stay with them?
  • And… look for a Canadian boy not named Tyson Steele to appear on WSOF 6! 
  • Latest on the Prestige Fight Club MMA amateur card is that it is not sanctioned by anyone and that now that Bill S-209 has been signed, fighters who appear on the card could be suspended for up to a year!  Contact the Saskatchewan
  • Boy, did Shane “Shaolin” Campbell put on an impressive performance in Mallorca, Spain at K-1 World Max Final 16! Shane’s opponent, Wallace Lopes, came in overweight for the bout, but that didn’t matter as Shaolin made short work of him and finished him off in the 1st round with a kick to the liver. Way to go Shane! Let’s hope he gets a somewhat favourable draw and fights 3 times in 1 night! 
  • Nick Penner’s return to boxing was cancelled due to medical reasons.

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  1. Mike kent says:

    I will be fighting on this card but its not against currie. We have a opponent it’s going to be announced soon. I guess one good thing about last Fridays fight is I’m completely uninjured and in great shape. Tag another week of training onto this camp and can compete right away :)

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  2. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    Worlds fighting series 5? Not rumored to have Tyson Steele on it? Uh…. That was last weekend right?

    Plus PFC in Saskatchewan is run by the most reputable promoter in the whole province!? How can it not be sanctioned? Prestige fight club show MUST go on.. Otherwise That only leaves HK shows and KOTC.

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  3. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    Oh… And didn’t Vic valimaki retire AGAIN last week. This is a crap fight, all moot anyhow because he likely won’t show up.

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  4. Chris Currie says:

    I couldn’t fight anyways, I was handed a 60 suspension by NB Commission after the Keith fight. Good luck Mike!

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  5. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    Didn’t Valamaki “retire” last week? And now he is announced in a rematch? The guy is a complete joke – cant make weight and then just drops off the radar before his fights because he is out partying too much. He has the nerve to “call out” other fighters on his facebook for being unwilling to fight him? Maybe those fighters actually want to fight someone who is going to SHOW UP to a fight. Biggest loser mma fighter ever! Any promoter willing to offer him a fight after his track record is a complete idiot.

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  6. Thanks for catching that Black Prince2. Corrected

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  7. Mike Russell says:

    Valimaki retired from nightclub work to put more focus on training. He didn’t retire from MMA.

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  8. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    Just to be clear – you retire from a career. You don’t retire from working in a bar. Valamaki never shows up and the bar industry is the only employment he can get where they are forgiving if he doesn’t show up. It’s his M.O. If Valamaki deserved respect and didn’t just TALK a big game – I would certainly give it. You have to walk the walk to be able to talk the talk. Having said that, IF he shows up I can’t wait to see him LOSE.

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  9. Valimaki has a lot of fight left in him. I hope he comes out there, makes weight, puts on a great fight and shuts everyone up. As for Chemelli, I hope he comes out there a little more aggressive. I think he can show a little too much respect for his opponents at times. Good fight!

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  10. Lol #4 says:

    Kent back to the ecc to pile up some more wins

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  11. Mike kent says:

    Yup headed back to fight cans

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  12. Mike kent says:

    You’ll feel silly for saying that when you see who it is. I’m healthy and in amazing shape. Why take a easy fight. I will continue to challenge myself win or lose. I’m very eager to get back to win column.

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  13. Mikey mike says:

    Tim is a great guy and I agree with Keith he shows to much respect to his opponents . As much as Vic is a disgrace to the sport he still is a much better fighter then Tim and won’t have any problems beating him .

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  14. MKB says:

    When and where is the Prestige card? Also, what happened to Wreck show scheduled for Nov?

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  15. Chris Cross says:

    It understandable Chemelli would want to avenge the loss to valimaki, but there must be other fighters he could face and have a much more competitive fight with. Seriously, valimaki had pulled out of at least three of his last fights, though you never know since he was completely lit up out of his mind when he beat up Chemelli the first time

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  16. john says:

    retire from nightclub work??? …. that just sounds funny to me

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  17. Gossip Queen says:

    Just added that TJ Grant is out of his title fight with Pettis. Still not recovered from his injury.

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  18. Joe Doe says:

    TJ Grant out again? NOOOOO!!!


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  19. Regarding Bill S-209 and AMMA in Saskatchewan, the sport does have a legal regulatory framework now that Saskatchewan has passed Order in Council 479/2013 which gives the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association regulatory control over AMMA.

    You can visit here for more details –

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  20. Donald "Officer Naughty" Duck says:

    LOL at people claiming to be in the know not knowing what Vic really retired from….

    Nudge nudge wink wink…


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  21. As a professional fighter how can tim put in the hard work, sacrifice time away from his family not to mention training expenses incurred in a 8 week training camp, knowing come fight time valimaki will be a no show. I agree him and the promoter are pretty naïve. TO say he lol retired from nightclub work to dedicate more time to training has to be ranked as the joke of the day! What checking i.ds and tossing out the odd drunk was too physically taxing and demanding on you ? There are mma fighters out there that work long hours at labour intensive jobs and still find time to truly dedicate themselves to the sport. these individual are are the true testament and credit to the sport, and for that we salute you!!

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  22. I guess Tim believes that Vic will show up because Vic showed up at the first Chemelli vs Valimaki fight last year with no issues.

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  23. Personally I hope valimaki doesn’t show up, because if he does show up he will show up fat and outa shape just to collect his 500 dollars in show money, which he desperatly needs now that he retired from his career as a nightclub doorman. we have enough clowns like bobby k making a mockery of the sport, we don’t need another!!

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  24. Jerobe says:

    Dont compare Victor Valimaki to the Bodwells and Kalmakoff’s of the sport. Thats totally out of line. Victor was a pioneer of MMA in Alberta and has beat solid opponents such as Dan Severn, Jared Kilkenny, Jason Day, Vernon White, Tim Chemilli and Lew Polly to name a few. Dont act like the guy is some bum who has never trained in his life. At one point in his career he was good enough to make it into the UFC twice and in one of those outings he lost a razor thin decision to David Heath. So dont be quick to talk so much shit on Victor. He can retire from MMA today and hold his head higher than most of the MMA fighters in Alberta.

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  25. Robin Black says:

    I was at Victor’s fight with Lew Polly, and it was an absolutely fantastic fight. Phenomenal.

    All the best to Victor hope you get back on track man. Do your thing and enjoy it.

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  26. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    Officer naughty is in ‘the know’ I guess.. Likely one of the MATRIX’s cronies.

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  27. RickRoll says:

    Valimaki is turning into a joke. If the fight is not contested at a catchweight then whoever is putting on the show is incompetent. Chemelli should just ask to make it 215 lbs because Valimaki cant make 205 and will come in at 215 anyway.

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  28. BigDaddyKane says:

    Someone needs to help Valimaki for real

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  29. Cody Rempel says:

    One of the knocks I’ve heard on Valimaki is that he’s never trained as hard as he should or as much as he should… hopefully this is a sign that he’s putting his all into his MMA career again and he can regain his 08/09 form!

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  30. victor v says:

    Some of you are awesomee, some of you need to get your facts straight. I never pulled out of any fights. I had the doctor pull me from a fight because I had kidney issues and was in the hospital after cutting weight. Another fight is a long story bt I never had anything signed. It was verbally agreed to but I had no contract a week out. Other than that I had other people pull out on me. I’m aware I need to build up some faith in people again and that’s what I plan on doing. I will be coming into all fights in great shape so there is no doubt. Ill prove a lot of people wrong. As for retiring, it was from thee nightclub industry which was a “career” since I was running bars for years. Stay tuned.

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  31. Tim chemelli says:

    I’ve received my contract. I’m sure you’ve gotten yours as well. We both verbally agreed already. No issues on the fight sign the contract and ill see you dec 14.

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  32. PUCK says:

    Cool! its on!

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  33. MMA-Birds says:

    Question; it seems AFC fighters are disbursing , any reason why?

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  34. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    I heard they are DONE.

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  35. Demitri (trev) says:

    I think pavelich is under three names on this thread.


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  36. Don’t think too hard

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  37. One more thing on the proposed Saskatchewan amateur card – if the event is not sanctioned by SMAA then the repercussions for participants is greater than a possible one year suspension. A section 83 Criminal Code prosecution would not be out of the question.

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  38. @Erik Magraken….what are the repercussions to the promoters?

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  39. Section 83 covers not just combatants but also anyone who “advises, encourages or promotes a prize fight, or is present at a prize fight as an aid, second, surgeon, umpire, backer or reporter”

    Its a summary conviction offence meaning a person convicted gets a criminal record, a fine of up to $5,000 and jail time of up to 6 months.

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  40. LBoutin says:

    That’s a huge risks to aspiring fighters and their coaches/corner’s just to take part in an illegal/unsanctioned MMA show.

    Is it really worth it ?

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  41. Other than suspensions, has there ever been such an event where fighters, coaches, refs, owners or spectators were arrested and/or fined? In any province?

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  42. LBoutin says:

    I think in Quebec it’s happened.

    I can’t remember if it was an old Extreme Fighting event, but I remember several interviews with fighters/managers/promotors that had been arrested for taking part in an illegal prizefighting event. This would have been in the mid to late 90’s.

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  43. @LethalWeapon – yes there have been criminal prosecutions and convictions. I highlight one such case at the following link:

    Historically prosecutions were few and far between because MMA was illegal but tolerated by many before S-209 overhauled the Criminal Code. With the recent changes there is no doubt that unregulated MMA is illegal.

    In Weyburn the City attempted to set up a Commission but the Province played the trump card and shut this down. The Province announced an intent to allow pro MMA but the necessary laws have not yet been passed. AMMA is ok in that Province with SMAA oversight. Absent this ammy events violate the criminal code.

    Given that the Province is keeping an eye on events (as showcased by their recent efforts to shut down the proposed Weyburn law) it would be quite a gamble to participate in an ammy event in that Province without proper regulatory oversight.

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  44. edmmafan says:

    Vic USED TO BE a talented MMA fighter. He did fight some bad ass dudes, had a ton of talent, but that ship sailed long ago. Before you decide to make a “come back”, I hear A&E Intervention is looking for people for this season.

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  45. I hear the promoter for the XFFC fight card in grand prairie has a plan b for when valimaki pulls out on short notice. plan b includes having bobby the animal k cell phone number on speed dial along with a two way greyhound bus ticket to grand ole GP! Chemelli vs bobby k 2, cant wait!!

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  46. MMA Cana says:

    Don’t you feel that Tim Hauge & Vic Val seem to think people are jealous of them when really most feel its a but sad to see wasted talent side lined by ego. I’m not even talking about the partying & bad things. Just the pure ego of not adapting to be real athletes and fighters.

    They would have been so good if they have positive mentors that they listened to besides their ego.

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