Canadian Fighting Championship 8 Play-by-Play – Doerksen Wins 50th!


CFC_THUMBThe Canadian Fighting Championship is back after a two year absence from the Winnipeg fight scene and Top MMA News is there to cover the action.  Here is the play-by-play of the CFC 8 card held on September 13, 2013:

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night: Agostino DeNatale vs Jimmy Zidek
  • KO of the Night: Vyron Phillips
  • Submission of the Night: Who else but “Mr. Half Century” Joe Doerksen

Main Card

Joe Doerksen vs. Mike Kent
R1. Touch gloves. Leg kick by Kent. Right by Doerksen lands. Combo by Doerksen misses and they clinch and Kent trips him down. Ken in his half guard. Doerksen flips him off and he is in side control. Light punches landed by Doerksen. Small rights. Doerksen heavy on top as Kent works hard to shrimp out. Doerksen jumps for a guillotine but is too high on the back. He gets an arm and submits Kent with an arm bar.
Joe Doerksen submits Mike Kent by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:29 and wins his 50th pro fight!
Doerksen says he has two years left in him. Crawford correctly calls him a class act.

Joe Doerksen wins his 50th. (photo by James Beattie)

Joe Doerksen wins his 50th. (photo by James Beattie)

Travis Gervais vs. Kevin Lee
R1. Battle of the unbeaten. Leg kick by Gervais. Large overhand right by Lee drops Gervais who grabs a leg to buy some time against the charging Lee. Lee jumps on his back then grabs an arm they roll. Lee gets the arm fully extended and taps out Gervais.
Kevin Lee submits Travis Gervais by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:46

Gerald Meerschaert vs. Nathan Gunn
R1. Gunn comes out aggressive and lands two punches. They clinch and Gunn lands a knee. Meerschaert pushes him against the cage and a lands a knee. Gunn reverses and lands an elbow. Knee to the thigh by Gunn who tags him with punches. Meerschaert drops to the ground and Gunn lands some GNP then grabs a guillotine. Gunn lets go with his left hand and lands some hard lefts to face and body and then a knee to the head. Meerschaert gets out of the hold and shoots. Gunn stuffs him hard. Knee by Meerschaert. Body kick by Meerschaert. Meerschaert pushes Gunn to the cage halfway through the round. They break. Meerschaert with the plum and lands several knees. Gunn breaks out and lands a couple punches and pushes Meerschaert against the cage. Gunn landing knees to the thigh of Meerschaert. A right by Gunn. Elbow by Meerschaert and a break. Gunn lands two punches and a hard overhand left drops Meerschaert. Gunn jumps on him and is in full mount. Meerschaert bucks him off. End the round clinched up.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gunn

R2. Meerschaert shoots immmediately and puts Gunn on his back against the cage. Half guard for Gunn but Meerschaert is trying to get that right leg loose. Meerschaert lands a right to the body as Gunn regains guard. Elbow by Meerschaert then a few hard lefts to the body and head. Guillotine from the top by Meerschaert and Gunn can’t escape as Meerschaert rolls with him and Gunn taps out.
Gerald Meerschaert submits Nathan Gunn by Guillotine Choke in Round 2, 2:00

Mark Durant vs. Dominick Blais
R1. All Winnipeg matchup here. Body shot by Blais backs up Durant. Leg kick by Durant. Durant shoots and Blais immediately locks on a guillotine.
Dominick Blais submits Mark Durant by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:41
Crowd boos Crawford as he forgets the method of victory and swears. Crawford says he has been doing this for 13 years, apologizes, and says he apologized to Phillips and Quangvan, and must be nervous due to having to interview Anthony Pettis. Pettis talks about the title fight and his great body kicks, MMA as an Olympic sport, how winning the title changed his bank account, signed a new generous contract, Duke Roufus being a great coach, how he does not need surgery and is looking to fight TJ Grant in December on a FOX card, how TJ Grant is a tough opponent, balancing fatherhood with training and how his little girl is why he is the UFC champ. Crawford redeemed himself with a great interview with the champ!


Agostino DeNatale vs. Jimmy Zidek
R1. Trade leg kicks. Two crisp strikers here. Hard low kick by DeNatale. Another. Another. Kick to the body by DeNatale. Jab leg kick by DeNatale. Hard leg kick his the far leg. Jab by Zidek and a right. DeNatale now lighting him up as three punches land, a body kick and two leg kicks. Another leg kick and then left body kick. DeNatale goes high but slips. Zidek with a leg kick and a left hook lands. Jab by Zidek and a leg kick by DeNatale. Another leg kick, 2. Body kick with the left. Right lands for DeNatale and another right leg kick. Front kick by Zidek. Hard leg kick again by DeNatale. Another and a body kick. Right by Zidek and a kick by DeNatale. DeNatale falls as leg gives out. Weird how ref let DeNatale get up and walk it off with 10 seconds left in the round. Mistake there by Delay.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 DeNatale who’s leg gave out on him. Bad shape for him.

Jimmy Zidek lands a high kick Agostino DeNatale at CFC 8 (photo: Jim Beatie

Jimmy Zidek lands a high kick Agostino DeNatale at CFC 8 (photo: Jim Beatie

R2. Zidek leg kicking. DeNatale now punching. Zidek targetting the injured leg. Eye poke but ref let’s it go. Strikes land hard by Zidek. DeNatale is hampered by the leg but still trying the leg kicks. DeNatale lands the uppercut. Straight right by DeNatale lands. Leg kick by Zidek. Right hook by Zidek scores. Hard left cross by DeNatale but Zidek answers with 3. Uppercut by DeNatale and a left scores. The two trading pretty good as the leg has equalized the fight. DeNatale bloodied up. Hard left by DeNatale lands. Hard right stumbles Zidek. Two more body shots by DeNatale. Left by Zidek. Right by Zidek. Jab by DeNatale. Right by DeNatale. High kick by Zidek and and spinning back fist attempt by DeNatale sails wide.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Zidek

R3. Both fighters bloodied and pacing as ref wipes liquid from canvas. Zidek land a combo. Leg kick by DeNatale. Two more shots by Zidek. Zidek scoring more with a right and left. DeNatale working the left jab. They clinch and DeNatale is looking for the takedown. They break. Double jab by DeNatale. Another jab. Jab by Zidek. Two more by DeNatale who then walks into a hard right. DeNatale engages in a clinch. Hard kick to the ribs by DeNatale. Jab by DeNatale but a harder jab returned by Zidek. Right by Zidek. DeNatale walking better in this round. Body kicks by DeNatale. Leg kick by DeNatale. Right by Zidek leg kick by DeNatale. Two punches by Zidek with DeNatale against the cage. A few more shots land. DeNatale looking tired. Zidek is fresher and picking DeNatale apart in the last minute. DeNatale drops to the canvas and Zidek jumps in and lands a couple but ref stops the fight.
Jimmy Zidek defeats Agostino DeNatale by TKO(Strikes) in Round 3, 4:31
Good fight. Gutsy performance by Agostino who could have retired with the leg injury after round 1.

David Quangvan vs. Ivan Cottrell
R1. The two trade rights. Superman punches falls short by Cottrell. Trade of leg kicks. ANother leg kick lands by Quangvan before Cottrell rocks him with a punches and pushes Quangvan against the cage. Cottrell gets Quangvan down and is in his full guard. Quangvan goes for a kimura. Cottrell lands a right and Quangvan lets go of the left. Back on their feet tied up. Knee by Quangvan. 2 more. Big knee hurts Cottrell who is looking tired. Overhand right by Cottrell lands hard. Clinch. They drop to the mat with Quangvan in reverse cowboy. Quangvan back on the ground grabbing that left hand. Cottrell tries punching out with the right and Quangvan keeps pressuring with the Kimura. TAP TAP. Quangvan with the sub.
David Quangvan verbally submits Ivan Cottrell by Kimura in Round 1, 4:19
Rough time on the mic for Keith Crawford. Mix up on the last two fight winners.

Vyron Phillips vs. Aaron Berke
R1. The two dance around for 20 seconds before Berke shoots and immediately takes Phillips down. Berke is looking to get his back and has one hook in with Phillips protecting his right side with the cage. Lots of hand fighting with Berke half on his back and Berke lands two shots and Phillips gets to his feet. Berke lands a knee while pushing Phillips against the cage. They break. Berke shoots again and pushes Phillips against the cage. Knee by Phillips lands in the mid-section. Ref breaks them up. Phillips lands a right. Berke dives for a leg but Phillips sprawls. Berke gets him against the cage. They break. Phillips tries for a flying knee but Berke catches the knee. Near the end of the bell, Phillips lands three uppercuts.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Berke

R2. Double jab by Phillips. Berke kicks lands on the shoulder. Leg kick by Berke lands. Another 2 kicks by Berke as he moves up to the body on the last. The two trade rights with Phillips landing an extra. When Berke gets hit, his next move is to immediately shoot. Berke shoots, gets stuffed. Berke scoring points with leg kicks. Phillips lands two left jabs. Another shot by Berke who ends up pushing Phillips against the cage. The two exchange light knees and the ref breaks them. Phillips lands a punch, leg kick, and a three shots and Berke crumples. Two more shots and that is it for the Zuma fighter.
Vyron Phillips defeats Aaron Berke by TKO(Strikes) in Round 2,3:31

Ryan Pang vs. Aaron Cook
R1. Hectic action and Pang hits the mat. Cook steps in to throw some GNP and Pang grabs and arm and subs him. Quick start.
Ryan Pang submits Aaron Cook by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:25

20 Responses to “ Canadian Fighting Championship 8 Play-by-Play – Doerksen Wins 50th! ”

  1. I'll Say It says:

    My picks for tonight

    Joe Doerksen (I would like to see Mike Kent win)
    Kevin Lee
    Nathan Gunn
    Mark Durant
    Agostino DeNatale
    Ivan Cottrell
    Aaron Berke
    Aaron Cook

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  2. I'll Say It says:

    I’m off to a bad start 0-3,

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

  3. 0-4 for the George Costanza of MMA predictions. If every thing I’ll Say It does is wrong, then doing the exact opposite thing your instincts tell you should be the right thing to do.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  4. MKB says:

    Has Jon Henderson shown up yet?

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  5. mma fan says:

    What was Durant thinking, shooting in on Blais?!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

  6. Wow says:

    This is turning out to be a short night of fights. Crowd is pretty quiet. Blais looked pissed that he didn’t get to fight. Zedick and gunn had the best fights so far.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  7. The goods says:

    Well “I’ll say it” 2 – 6 isn’t as bad as it could have been ……………..

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  8. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Man, Joe Doerksen is the man! Two more years for a

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  9. Dan chambers says:

    Congratulations Joe…. 50 wins.. That’s insane have your self a few cheese burgers and beers bud. Well deserved

    Well-loved! Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  10. I'll Say It says:

    Thanks Keith lol, what a rough night I would like to apologize to all the fighters I picked lol. But a sure bet was Kevin Lee amd Joe D.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  11. Fight Fan says:

    Huge congrats to Joe what a accomplishment ! Sucks to see Gunn lose two in a row maybe him vs Advin Omic might be in works after both last few fights. Kevin lee sounds like a solid prospect now as he’s starting to finish everyone.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  12. Mike kent says:

    Congrats to joe doerkson on the win ! It was truly an honour to be in the cage with him ! Time to drop down a few notches on the totum pole when it comes to opponents and rebuild ! Joe was a big task to take on and I’m happy I tried !

    7 weeks or gameplanning to stand up and I take him down. I’m a dummy ! Thanks joe and congrats

    Well-loved! Thumb up 25 Thumb down 8

  13. harry balls says:

    Congrats to El Dirte. No shame on Kent for losing to a legend.

    Kevin Lee is a bad, bad man. I hope he comes to WRECK!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  14. Pat Wilson says:

    I would like to thank MAD for the opportunity he gave a few RISE Mgmt clients, Aaron Cook, Aaron Berke and Kevin Lee. I’m proud of all 3, Cook came to fight and did not waste time unfortunately it was his night. Same goes for Aaron Berke he hasn’t fought in a while and took on a solid prospect he will be back very soon.

    As for Kevin Lee he continues to impress he is now 6-0 pro (10-0 ammy) also just turned 21 a week ago he has a very bright future.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  15. Marv says:

    @ ill say it- another card like that and you’ll be the bobby kalmakoff of predicting fights! Hahaha I’m sorry man I had to say it.

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  16. Jp time says:

    Maybe now we can see kent vs hope

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

  17. Cody Krahn says:

    Props to Kent for taking a fight nobody else was really willing to go for. If anybody still cares to see the rematch I’d be good to go November or December.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 14

  18. Mike kent says:

    Thanks Cody ! I know I’m still interested for sure so will talk and set something up. Are you suspended ?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

  19. Cody Krahn says:

    Nope. Fighting Oct 4th

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  20. Jerobe says:

    Some really tough Americans on this card :(

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