The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 2 – Pena vs Baszler


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBSo one hard part is now in the books and now comes the even harder challenge: living with total strangers in a house for six weeks, contained from the outside world, no contact with any family or friends, no music, TV, cell phones, internet, books, or even magazines and, oh yes, having to fight again once or possible twice to progress in the tournament!

We left the training center after the fights and headed straight to the new TUF house. This year’s house was a new location, so we did not know what to expect. We ran in the house and everyone immediately picked their rooms and beds. I headed straight upstairs to the master bedroom and grabbed myself a single bed.  I did not want to get stuck in one of the bunks. Our room consisted of Bollinger, Sharkbait, Holdsworth, Beal, and me.

After we all got settled in, everyone swarmed the kitchen, which was stocked with all the food and drinks you could imagine. We all knew that we had a fair amount of time until the first fight.  Since that first fight was Shayna and Julianna, we had about two weeks so everyone started munching on everything knowing we had time to bring weight back down. Oreos, ice cream, steaks, Lucky Charms all got eaten up fast. I cooked up a bunch of hot dogs and shared a beer with Mr Beal.

Timmy Gorman was absolutely hilarious. I do not think he even tries to be funny half the time, but he was making me howl. At one point when we got in the house, he looked at me with a straight and serious face and asked, “So we have to stay here for six weeks?” I burst out laughing.  He really did not know what the whole premise of the show was about. I was bummed when we were told Timmy was getting kicked off the show because of an injury.  He was my comic relief and I guarantee that if he had stayed in the house, the whole time there probably would have been some more drama but definitely a lot more laughs.

There were some rumors on who they were bringing back onto the show and we heard it was going to be Louis. I was happy to have him come back. We got to know each other during the tryouts and he is a fellow Canadian boy. Holdsworth seemed to be a little irritated that they brought back Fissette because he was the one that beat him in the prelims and now Louis is on his team.

Our first few days there were mostly all media and very little training, but when we did train, it was good.  We got to meet many new coaches which was cool. Caraway, Master Tong, Shane, Eric, Jack, we had a good mix of coaches.

Building up to the first fight, we still did not know each other very well, so I was cheering for Julianna over Shayna just because she was on my team. If I had known them then like i did at the end of the show, I would have actually been cheering for Shayna. I guess you will have to wait and watch to find out why haha. The first fight went down with most people thinking Shayna would walk away with the easy win, but it did not play out that way at all. The first round was close, but we could tell Shayna was gassed after the first and in the second she just did not have anything left. Julianna got her back and choked her with a rear naked and got the tap. A huge upset that left everyone in shock. Rhonda was extremely pissed, she looked like she was going to murder someone at the next fight selection and Miesha was just all smiles.


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8 Responses to “ The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 2 – Pena vs Baszler ”

  1. T-Stunna says:

    Can’t wait for Cyborg to smash that annoying smugness outta Rousey…unless she keeps running away

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  2. george says:

    Interesting blog, thanks Josh, hope you continue it.

    Not sure that dropping weight to win a title is running – if it is most folks in MMA are “runners”, as everyone who isn’t a heavyweight cuts weight.

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  3. Roxy says:

    nice write up

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  4. GNP says:

    yeah josh ,not sure who I dislike more Rousey or Dana white…..what a Arrogant Dick

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 6

  5. JoeLewis says:

    Lol ….your right GNP , Rousey is a whiny Bitch and Dana White thinks he,s King if the World…Get so tired of seeing his huge head …someone should tell this guy the show is about the fighters , NOT HIM….But I guess when you run the company you can say or do anything you want…sorry to ramble…more fighters!! less Dana White…

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  6. Stan says:

    Cyborg and Rousey are never going to fight. Cyborg had an entire year to eat right and train right and get down to where she could cut to 135. She chose not to.

    She’s going to continue to fight in WMMA’s shallowest division, and bring up Rousey’s name just often enough that people remember who she is.

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  7. GNP says:

    if rousey really wants to prove she’s the baddest chick on the planet , go to 145 , it’s where she started … Or a catch weight fight at 140….but I agree don’t think that fight will ever happen..

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Rousey has all the power in this situation. She’s already UFC champ, already a star, and in the driver’s seat.

    The UFC is using a reality show to further build her and to create opponents for her that viewers will want to see. Those casual viewers don’t know Cyborg.

    Rousey is doing more than fine without Cyborg. Title, money, exposure etc.

    If Cyborg wants some of that cake its on her to go to 35.

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