Canadian Fighting Championship 8 Weigh-In Results


CFC_THUMBThe Canadian Fighting Championship is back after a two year hiatus to bring Winnipeg CFC 8 on Friday, September 13.  The main event sees hometown hero Joe Doerksen looking for the 50th MMA win of his career.  Will he make the half-century mark or will Mike Kent ruin the day?  Also on the card is a battle of the unbeatens: Kevin Lee vs Winnipeg’s Travis Gervais.

If you are in town, why not pick up a pair of tickets from Ticketmaster?  There is nothing like live MMA.

Keith Grienke attended the weigh-ins at the Clarion Hotel.  Here are the official results:

Main Event
185lbs- Joe Doerksen (185.5) vs. Mike Kent (186)
160lbs- Travis Gervais (159.5) vs. Kevin Lee (160)
180lbs- Gerald Meerschaert (180) vs. Nathan Gunn (179)
145lbs- Jon Henderson (absent) vs. Kyle Nelson (meds incomplete) Fight Off
155lbs- Mark Durant (155.5) vs. Dominick Blais (156)

135lbs- Agostino DeNatale (135.5) vs. Jimmy Zidek (137.5,137)**
185lbs- David Quangvan (184.5) vs. Ivan Cottrell (184.5)
185lbs- Vyron Phillips (170.5) vs. Aaron Berke (170)
155lbs- Ryan Pang (154.5) vs. Aaron Cook (156)

** Missed weight

12 Responses to “ Canadian Fighting Championship 8 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. MKB says:

    I’m calling bullshit on Nelson not having medicals complete. He took this fight last minute and was assured by CFC and commission doctor that bloodwork would be ready in time.

    Henderson simply didn’t show up to weigh-ins despite repeated attempts to reach him.

    Will reserve judgement on his reasons till I hear the full story but the blame for this fight being cancelled lies 100% with Henderson.

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  2. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I would have to believe you on this MKB….nelson is not one to not have his shit in order…great kid…and a promising up and comer…

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  3. Louis Fisette says:

    Quangvan coming it at a whopping 1184.5!!! Jesus lol

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  4. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    8 fights should be exciting. Wonder if they sold all 3600 seats available at the WCC.

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  5. Henderson showed up 45 minutes late and Nelson did not have his blood work in to the commission.

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  6. Updated: David “Half Ton” Quangvan’s weight to 184.5.

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  7. Hawkes says:

    Wouldn’t Nelson go to Benji (the commission doc) for his bloodwork being a late replacement? Benji sends the results direct to the commission here in MB. I wonder who skewed up? I’m not blaming anyone bit it seems odd to me that he would come to winnipeg without meds or te ability to get his meds done.

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  8. Hawkes says:

    Damn iPhone. My fingers are too fat to get all the right keys and it corrects everything wrong.

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  9. He did go to the commission doctor but bloodwork was not back by weigh-in time.

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  10. Hawkes says:

    That’s horrible to hear.

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  11. MMA Mgmt says:

    I’d like to hear from M.A.D. on this one, this isn’t his first rodeo and I find it hard to believe that he’d fly Kyle down and pay for his corner’s flight if he thought that Kyle’s medicals weren’t either in order or made arrangements for that to happen.

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  12. Kyle The Monster Nelson says:

    i showed up Wednesday and did all my medicals and blood by the night of the weigh in we were waiting for the commission doc to show up to ask him about my blood work. and from what i understood my blood work was going to be in Friday morning and they could still swing the fight. i was on weight and ready but jon showed up 45min late and didnt call to tell any one he was coming at all so they called the fight off. promoters and every one were great hope to get a chance to fight in front of the Winnipeg crowd soon.

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