The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Episode 2 – Baszler vs Pena


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The fighters enter the fighter house and grab their rooms.

Peggy Morgan nails it when she says, “five girls are sharing one bathroom so it could get ugly.”  Roxanne Modafferi is in the room with four women from the opposite team.

Sarah Moras says “Now that we’re finally getting that exposure, we are going to blow a lot of people’s minds.”

Tim Gorman talks about training with girls and says he “won’t go 100% with some girl”.  He also adds that “a girl is not going to submit me.”  Sarah Moras says she will tap him out more than once.

Jessamyn Duke says Shayna Baszler is one of her heros.  Julianna Pena saw Baszler fight in Strikeforce and said Shayna gave her a shirt and she posed for pictures with Baszler.

Miesha Tate says it is “overwhelming” being a head coach of a TUF team.  Bryan Caraway, her boyfriend, put together her coaching team.   Team Tate just has a recovery day as they all fought the day before.  Half way through practise, Tate notices that Gorman has an injury.  They talk about it.  It turns out that Gorman pulled his hamstring.  He has to see a doctor.

It’s Team Rousey’s time for the gym.  She shows up immediately at 6pm and boots them out of the gym.  Like Tate, Rousey admits it is “a little weird being coach. I am not your superior…I am here to help you.”  Edmond Traverdyan is Rousey’s assistant coach on The Ultimate Fighter.  Rousey “hopes she can live up to what these fighters deserve.”

Chris Beal admits that he has a hand injury from his first fight.  He says it will not stop him.

Baszler is very confident.  She asks what Team Tate could tell Juliana Pena to do in their fight.  “Stay standing, I’ll still beat her up.  Clinch up with her, I’ll still beat her up.  Take it to the ground with her, I’ll still beat her up.”

Baszler grew up in a family of wrestlers.  MMA fell into her lap and she fell in love with it.  Rousey calls Shayna one of her favorite female fighters.  Baszler says she has stuff for her that she has never seen.  “There is not a place that is safe for her.”

Julianna Pena feels she has more pressure on her than anybody.  I am a feminine woman.  Just because you are a fighter does not mean you can’t be feminine.  She started by taking cardio kickboxing but stayed for the MMA class. She knew it was the thing she wanted to do.

Miesha Tate and Pena train together as they are both from Washington state.  Tate thinks the only way Baszler will win is by submission so Pena will try to keep it on the feet.

Dana White, Tim Gorman, and Miesha Tate meet the doctor.  Gorman has torn off a hamstring muscle and the doctor will not allow him to fight. He can’t continue in the competition.  Winnipeg’s Louis Fisette will take his spot.  Fisette calls it “his second shot at a once in a lifetime opportunity.”  Tate likes that Fisette was “fearless”.

The Weigh-Ins: Shayna Baszler (134) vs Julianna Pena (135)

Bazler puts a queen of spades card, “The Death Card”, in Pena’s cleavage during the face off.  Baszler is very cocky.

The worst part of fighting for Baszler is “getting her corn rows in.”

Moras gives her opinion of the fight.  She thinks Baszler will win but hopes Pena lays a beating on her so it is easier for everyone else as they advance in the competition.

Baszler says Pena “does not deserve to be in the same ring as her.  She should be coming to my seminars.”

Shayna Baszler vs Julianna Pena
R1. Pena comes out swinging and lands a hard combo and pushes Baszler against the cage. Baszler gets her to the ground but they bounce back up and then Baszler trips her down again. Baszler gets her back and has a single hook in but them moves to top position again.  Baszler lands some lefts while trying to pass guard.  Pena gets to her feet but they are back on the ground with Baszler on the bottom but soon she is the one on top.  Shayna passes to side control while Pena tries to shrimp out.  Instead of GNP, she goes for a guillotine and winds up on the bottom instead.   Pena starts dropping punches from top but Baszler grabs a leg and pulls Pena down.  Round ends with Baszler in half guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Baszler

R2. Pena starts strong on the feet as the two slug it out.  They both land but Pena wins the standup.  Baszler tries to take her down but can’t and Pena lands three more shots. Baszler ties her up against the fence but Pena pushes Baszler against the fence and lands some knees. Knee to Baszler’s face scores.  Baszler tries to trip her down but winds up on her back.   Pena in side control but Baszler gives up her back.  Pena loosens her up and sets her hooks.  Pena working the RNC and Baszler taps out.
Julianna Pena submits Shayna Baszler by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2.

Ronda Rousey is broken up and wishes “I could take everything that Shayna’s feeling and feel it myself right now. She deserves better than that.”

Dana White is impressed with the submission victory. Pena says she is an animal and is coming at you.

Baszler says she is three times the fighter she is. She doesn’t know what happened. Rousey says Tate was smiling at Baszler’s pain and Tate will pay for that later. Tate responds that Baszler is her friend.

Next fight: Miesha Tate picks Chris Holdsworth vs Chris Beal because Beal’s hand injury makes him a weak target.

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