Elite 1 MMA: Fall Mayhem Recap


Elite1_MMA_ThumbWhile it still may feel like summer weather outside, you know fall has come into full effect and what better way to get things started in Moncton than with Elite 1: Fall Mayhem.  While the sellout crowd got an amazing night of fights, the event should have been titled ‘Choke Out’ as seven of the eleven fights were ended by a rear naked choke or guillotine.  While there were many submissions, there were some other great finishes throughout the night. A special shout out goes to referee Roger Dorian as he did an excellent job at the event and made a couple of good early stops during the night.   Here is how the action went down.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night-Amy Palalia and Amanda Robinson
  • KO of the Night-Gary Brown and Richard Arsenault share the honors
  • Submission of the Night-Mathieu Mazerolle

Pro Card

Chris Currie vs. Alderic Keith
Round 1

Alderic Keith

Alderic Keith win Elite 1 MMA Title (photo: Martin Blais)

The match begins when Keith fakes a punch while Currie moves in with the jab.    Currie then hits with a left hook but misses on the leg kick.  Both fighters then clinch and exchange a few jabs before Keith has him against the cage.  Currie is able to throw a few punches and gets Keith turned around.  After getting him against the cage, Currie looks for the takedown but Keith is able to stuff it.  Keith then gets back up and lands a right hand that rocks Currie.  Keith goes in and gets in a headlock.  Both men then circle around until Keith hits him with another punch that rocks Currie again.  Panicking, Currie looks for the takedown but Keith gets him against the cage.  Keith lets go and lands a head kick that has Currie wobbly.   He then throws a punch for good measure and has him pinned against the cage. On top, Keith start raining elbows that cuts Currie over the eyes   Keith is still on top for a fair bit of time until Currie tries to push him off but this gives Keith the chance to take Currie‘s back.   Keith sinks in the rear naked choke and gets the submission victory.
Alderic Keith wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:42 in the 1st round
Alderic Keith is now the Elite 1 Middleweight Champion

Shane Rice vs. Adam Bodwell
Round 1
Not much happens at first as both men are circling around the cage. Bodwell then goes in for leg kick but is unable to connect.  Bodwell then goes in again for the leg kick that get Rice on the shin but Bodwell misses the next two.  Bodwell then goes in for the single leg but is unable to get Rice down.    Bodwell has him against the cage now and Rice gets him down and moves into side control.  Rice quickly gets into full mount.  He gets a couple of punches on top until Bodwell tries to use his feet against the cage to push himself off but this gives the opportunity for Rice who gets his back.  Rice then gets in the rear naked choke shortly after for the win.
Shane Rice wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:46 in the 2nd round

Richard Arsenault vs. Ricky Goodall
Round 1
Arsenault gets things started with a jab and then the flood gates opened.   Both fighters just start swinging and kicking each other with everything they got.  After the flurry of hits, it slows back down before Goodall hits him with a right hook.  Arsenault then throws a leg kick that gets Goodall in the stomach and then gets him with a right hook that sends Goodall down to the mat.  Arsenault then gets in one more punch before the ref jumps in to stop the fight before anymore damage is done.
Richard Arsenault wins by KO at: 44 in the 1st round

Sung Jin-Lim vs.  Mike Thorne
Round 1
Thorne goes in for a punch to set up for the takedown.  Lim gets a punch in before Thorne gets him down.  Lim trying to get up but is pinned.    They rise. Lim with some elbows before Thorne looks for the single leg but Lim is able to block it.  Lim has him spun around but Thorne turns him around.  Both guys are in the clinch where Lim lands two big knees but the second one but hits him in the groin.  When the fight resumes, Thorne charges back in looking for the takedown.  Lim spins him around. Thorne over powers him and regains control.    He is looking for the single leg and but has no luck.  Thorne has him in the clinch and looks for the foot stomp.  Lim gets him around and spins but both fighters spin out but Thorne gets him back against the cage.  Thorne looks for the single leg takedown again and it works.    Lim grabs a hold of his head and gets the arm bar but Thorne slam him down.    Thorne tries to pass guard but switches to side control and gets some knees to the body.   Lim tries to get up but Thorne throws one more punch in to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Thorne

Round 2
Thorne starts with the jab and gets him back against the cage looking for the takedown.  He gets it but Lim tries for the guillotine but Thorne escapes and is on top.   Thorne is working on top mixing punches and elbows before he stands back up only to come back down. He continues to mix hits to the head and body.    Thorne stands back up again as Lim looks to push off or get an up kick, Lim does use his feet to get up but Thorne still has him against the cage.  Thorne looks to go back to the single leg and fails twice but Lim gets an arm looking for the kumara.    Thorne works out of it and gets him on the mat in the north south.  Lim gets a big punch off his back as Thorne moves into side control.  He works in the elbows before he moves back to top and works the body.  Thorne gets full mount to stand up as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Thorne

Round 3
Lim throws a big right hand that rocks Thorne to start out.  Thorne goes for the takedown and gets him against the cage.  Lim throws some big elbows but Thorne is able to get him against the cage.    Lim working the left arm of Thorne trying for a submission.    Lim spins him around but Thorne gets his back and has his legs wrapped around him.  He gets him down on the mat and is trying for the rear naked choke.  He can’t get it first but after a few punches to the head he goes back for the choke and has it in for the win.
Mike Thorne wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:35 in the 2nd round

Dylan Mercer vs. Morgan Rhynes
Round 1
Mercer starts things with a leg kick which opens up the floodgates as both men start swinging for the fences.  Rhynes ends the exchange by getting Mercer against the cage and hits with a good knee in the clinch.  Mercer is able to turn him around and gain control of the cage and get one get punch in before Rhynes turns him back around.  Rhynes then hits him with a big knee and then breaks the hold.  Rhynes then throws a leg kick to the head of Mercer that rocks him.  Rhynes then gets him against the cage and hits with a couple of knees that busts Mercer’s nose open.   Mercer is able to turn Rhynes around but Rhynes turns him back around and gets him down.  Rhynes is on top but gets has his back and gets the rear naked choke for the W.
Morgan Rhynes wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:20 in the 1st round

Stephen Clement vs. Jeff Griffiths
Round 1
Both fighters a little hesitant to start things out. After a short time of circling, Griffiths goes for a kick that Clement catches.  Clement gets him down and gains top position.  Griffiths is able to sit up but Clement gets him back down and take his back. Clement gets his leg wrapped around his back and is trying to secure the rear naked choke but Griffiths is able to battle it off. Clement then loses his leg hooks but is able to get the choke in and Griffiths taps.
Stephen Clement wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:39 of the 1st round

Gary Brown vs. Trent Moses
Round 1
Brown starts things quick with a couple of jabs and then Moses counters with a leg kick.  Moses then goes in for a takedown but Brown pushes him back then puts his weight behind a right hand that knocks Moses out cold to end the fight.
Gary Brown wins by KO at: 21 in the 1st round

Chance Whalen vs. Michael Spoenlein
Round 1
Spoenlein goes in and both men exchange jabs to get things going in. Spoenlein spins Whalen against the cage.  Whalen though is able to turn him around and gets the double leg takedown. Whalen is on top trying to pass guard but is not doing much else.    Spoenlein is turning his body, trying to find an opening but doesn’t have any luck. Whalen continues to throw the odd punch but seems content to lying on top.   Spoenlein turn to his side but Whalen keeps him down.  Nothing is happening so the ref stands them back up. Whalen throws a leg kick that connects which gives him the opening to secure a single leg takedown but he has trouble passing guard.   Spoenlein is able to move up and get on his knees to get on top.  He now has Whalen in the crucifix and starts raining elbows. Spoenlein then switches to north south but Whalen gets back up. Spoenlein works for the triangle before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Whalen

Round 2
Spoenlein get things going with a leg kick and then both begin to throw punches in the clinch but Spoenlein gets him against the cage.    Both fighters work some dirty boxing as Whalen look to break free.  Spoenlein then works the body before Whalen spins him around to gain control.   Spoenlein almost gets out but eats a knee from Whalen before he shoots and gets the double leg takedown.   Whalen is on top but Spoenlein throws some elbows to the head before the ref stands up.   Spoenlein gets things going with a front kick and goes for a kick to the body that Whalen catches and uses it for a single leg. Whalen is on top but Spoenlein gets up and switches to get on top.  Spoenlein works some punches to the kidneys before Whalen gets up but Spoenlein gets him into side control.  Whalen gets a hold of his head but can’t hold on.  Spoenlein almost gets the crucifix again but loses it and Whalen is on top.   Whalen gets a couple of punches in to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Spoenlein

Round 3
Whalen begins with a leg kick that sets a spark as both men start to exchange punches.  Spoenlein goes for a leg kick that Whalen catches. Whalen decides to bring him in the clinch before he decides to take him down.  Spoenlein turns around and now has Whalen‘s back.  He gets a few punches in before he looks for the rear naked choke. He has trouble at first but he throws a few more punches  to loosen him up.  He goes for the choke again and works for the submission victory.
Michael Spoenlein wins by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:43 in the 3rd round

Amateur Card

Amy Palalia vs. Amanda Robinson
Round 1
Both fighters touch gloves and Palalia goes for a punch as she finishes it.  Robinson goes in for a kick Palalia is able to catch it and both fighters are in the clinch.  Robinson is able to gain control and has her against the cage but Palalia is able to turn her around and get control.   Palalia uses some dirty boxing along the cage but Robinson spins her around just to have Palalia pin her back. Robinson then looks for the sweep but she turns her around and gets the clinch for some big knees.  Palalia gets some punches in though to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Palalia

Round 2
Robinson throws a kick that is caught to begin the round.  Palalia brings her in the clinch and both ladies start exchanging before Robinson gets her against the cage. Palalia is able to work well and get in a few jabs before Robinson gets her down.  Robinson gets is on top now but is trying for her back. She gives that up and in full mount. Palalia turns her around and gain top position.    Palalia hits her with some shots to the body but Robinson grabs her head and is able to get a hold of her right arm and gets the arm bar but Palalia is saved by the bell.
Top MMA News scores a close 10-9 round for Robinson

Round 3
Déjà vu happens as Robinson goes for a leg kick that is caught.  Both fighters get in the clinch and exchange punches until.  Palalia gets her against the cage as both fighters spin each other along the cage a couple of times.    Robinson finally gains control gets out but Palalia gets some jabs in.  Robinson breaks it off and delivers some punches that look to rock Palalia against the cage.     Robison with two big kick in the body. Both fighters throw leg kicks to end the fight
Amanda Robinson wins by decision with a score of 30-27, 29-28 and 29-29

Brandon Clark v Jesse Bull
Round 1
Bull looks for the takedown to start things out.  After circling around for a bit, Bull lands and knee and gets Clark down along the cage.  Bull moves around to top position before he tries for Clark‘s back but    He goes back to top position.  After working he is able to pass guard and get full mount but the ref stops the fight because when Bull doesn‘t have both legs down on the mat when he starts.  The match resumes as Bull tries to get his back but Clark is able to turn to his side. Bull is still looking for his back but Bull is trying to grab his arm and gets it.  Clark is able to get on top and he slams him but Bull moves around and gets his back.  Both fighters are up and Bull gets a takedown and gets on top to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bull

Round 2
Bull begins the round hitting with a jab. After the hit Bull gets the takedown and is trying to pass guard.  Clark rolls on his back and now Bull has switched positions to north south.   After a few seconds the ref stands them up in which the fans boo that call and rightfully so. The fight resumes with Bull getting the clinch but decides to take him down.  The move doesn‘t work as Clark is able to move around and get on top.     Bull is able to work off his back and get an arm bar but can’t hold on.    Clark stands back up gets a foot stomp.  After going back down, Bull turns and moves his way on top buts gets caught in a guillotine.  Bull gets out of the choke and is able to pass guard and get full mount.  After about 20 second he tries to take his back but Clark moves around and gets top position.  Bull regains the position and get on his back to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bull

Round 3
Bull charges in and get gets a kick to the stomach of Clark.  Clark looks to counter with a kick of his own but Bull is able to catch it and gets the single leg takedown.  When getting the takedown Bull gets caught in a guillotine but he wiggles his head out.   He now tries to pass guard and eventually gets full mount.     After hitting with a few hammer fists the red decides he has seen enough and calls an end to the fight.
Jesse Bull wins by TKO (strikes) at 1:54 in the 3rd round

Mathieu Mazerolle vs. Joseph MacDougall
Round 1
MacDougall goes for the takedown to get things started but only gets him against the cage. Mazerolle is against the cage but is unable land a few punches to the body.  MacDougall works and finally gets him down against the cage but Mazerolle is able to get back up. MacDougall still has a hold of him but it’s Mazerolle who I getting the hits in.   MacDougall gets him away from the cage and throws him down for a huge slam.  While MacDougall is trying to pass guard, Mazerolle tries for an arm. He is able to get a hold but let’s go.  MacDougall is not scooting him along to the cage and starts working the body with some punches.  After absorbing a few hits, Mozzarella gets up and is able to move around and gets full mount.    Mazerolle is able to work on top with some good ground and pound for the last 20 seconds of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mazerolle

Round 2
Mazerolle starts round two with a leg kick which gives him the opportunity to get MacDougall in the clinch.  After hitting him with a few knees, MacDougall pin him against the cage.  Mazerolle lets off the cage while both fighters circle around in the clinch trying to get the advantage.    Mazerolle is still doing well in the clinch hitting with some punches before MacDougall puts him back against the cage. Mazerolle still hitting the body when MacDougall tries for a slam but Mazerolle uses his leg to tangle up and blocks him.    MacDougall then tries to take him down but Mazerolle sprawls and baits him in for a guillotine to win the fight
Mathieu Mazerolle wins by submission (Guillotine Choke) at 154 in the 2nd round

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