Canadian Rumour Mill – September 9, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Our thoughts are with Matt Grice this week as he was rear ended in a car accident. The UFC athlete is in the fight of his life in intensive card after undergoing brain surgery. Let’s hope he pulls through this terrible injury!

On to the rumours:

  • Woah!!! WSOF and AFC deal may be off.  Lots of rumours are swirling about on this deal.  You never know what is going on behind closed doors, but I’m hearing it’s on the rocks! Depending on the World Series of Fighting deal happening or not, we may or may not see an Aggression show on November 22nd in Edmonton.
  • Straight out of the Matrix people… Identical results for Austin Ryan vs. Robert Nelson two bouts… crazy, what are the odds of that!
    • XFFC 1 – Austin Ryan submits Robert Nelson by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:33
    • Havoc FC 3 – Austin Ryan submits Robert Nelson by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:33
  • Chad Laprise is taking on Jimmy Donahue of St. Louis at Provincial FC and will look to improve to a perfect 8-0!
  • Peg City Massacre will be held on October 12th in Winnipeg. Steve Roy, who was scheduled to appear on the Rumble on the Rez card, will now fight on a Boxing/MMA card!  I told you a while ago that Nick Penner will also be boxing on this card.
  • Next Havoc show… December???
  • “The Prince” Smealinho Rama and Craig “War Dog” Hudson are teaming up for the second time as “War Dog” will take a long off leash walk to Calgary and join Rama’s camp as both fighters prepare for their respective title fights!

  • No Prestige MMA this year :(
  • Caged Rage is coming back to Castelgar, British Columbia! Unfortunately the show will be an all amateur show due to a large security bond, licensing costs, and associated higher costs of the new BC commission.
  • Elmer Waterhen will be defending his KOTC Canada Middleweight Title in Cold Lake in November!
  • James Mancini may get right back into action with a potential bout in Pennsylvania September 20. Bad Slamma Jamma!
  • Elite 1 MMA’s next show will be in late January.
  • Randa Markos is going stateside! It sounds like Randa will be showcasing her talents for all to see on an upcoming Invicta FC fight card.
  • Justin Sander (155lbs) and Devon Smith (205lbs) will represent Canada at the KOTC’s World Amateur Championships in Las Vegas on October 19th.  The show will be broadcast live on MavTV. Over 1000 applicants applied to be on the show, with the winners of this event getting pro contracts!
  • Elvis Vukaj will take on Gary Kopas in a boxing bout in Calgary on November 9th.
  • Xcessive Force Fighting Championship will return to the Tec Centre in Grande Prairie on December 14… Look for Ryan Machan and Rick Pfeifer to join hometown fighters Spencer Jebb, Cassian Alexy, William Carriere and Conrad Krzysztan on the card.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

16 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – September 9, 2013 ”

  1. Mash says:

    Amazing fight for meisel to get that W back!! Tough fight exciting and Meisel must be the favourite.

    Also love Wardog is working with Rama!!! Maybe stop some haters!!!

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  2. Jimbo Slice says:

    Fund-a-fighter??? Is this for real? Do they want us to pay for their kids education, mortgage or car payments too? How about an all-inclusive trip to the Dominican? Sponsorships may be hard to come by, but this choice of funding is not how they should go about getting money.
    Why not have some sort of charity auction where they can offer gym memberships, private lessons, memorabilia or other local goods and services

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  3. Local Fan says:

    Thats what it is Jimbo…you sponsor them by helping to fund their training and exchange they offer memorabilia, training opportunities and even a few other odd incentives such as Elias Theodorou acting as your chauffeur for the day. These local fighters could really use the help, their not just looking for free handouts.

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  4. @Local fan, why don’t these fighters do it the good ole fashion way like big tim chemelli and other high level fighters do it which is work at a full time job to support yourself and your family and still have time to put in the long hours to hone your craft..hmm I wonder if they have fund a fight in the ghetto mma gyms of brazil or the boxing gyms in mexico and cuba where many of the world champions come from. literaly to make it as a champion you have to have the hunger and desire to go the extra mile.

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  5. eeesh says:

    If you don’t like fund a fighter, then don’t fund a fighter… lots of fighters have private sponsors etc that we don’t hear about. Fund a fighter is just a way to put your profile out there for more exposure to private sponsorship. Most of the fighters on that sight have jobs as well as fighting and training full time. I personally wouldn’t “fund a fighter,” but who are you to tell people what to do with their money?

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  6. james says:

    i never mind helping a guy try to get some wheres. i was in amatuer sports where it was hard. if its wrestling, judo trying to go to the bigger stage this is an awsome thing for them.

    as for the pro mma fighters i dont think so. only reason why is you can go to a bar in edmonton and see half these guys drunk as a skunk. are we funding fighters or drinkers?

    if the guy is serious i think there is other ways. alberta is full of money. i could see a guy from the east trying this for sure since there is nothing there.

    thats just my thoughts hate it or not. but you can argue the fact most are partying our here.

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  7. positive pete says:

    Hey negative nancy

    The idea of fund a fighter is not to beg but offer up a medium to set up ways for family, friends, and whoever else the means to support someone achieve their dream. If you do not want to, why the need to shit on it? No one is begging or asking, just offering the opportunity to if you have an interest to.


    Positive Pete

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  8. mmafan says:

    How do you guys think Canada was able to win the most gold medals ever by an Olympic host nation in 2010? It had alot to do with the “Own The podium” fund, the althletes were able to focus strickly on training and they came out and kicked some ass. I think its a great fund to start up for the fighters,Like come on now its not like there asking for $5000 to save there dog!

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  9. Aaron Morton says:

    Interesting that Waterhen will be defending his KOTC Canada Middleweight Title in Cold Lake in November. How did he defeat Mattock on Sept 27th? Oh, for a flux capacitor…

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    That would be because Elmer holds both the Welterweight and Middleweight titles, he will be defending his Welterweight Title against Chris Mattock in Medicine Hat and then his Middleweight Title in Cold Lake.

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  11. Aaron Morton says:

    Oh, for some facts (on my part)…
    Thanks for the update. Apologies for the confusion.

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  12. BLACK PRINCE2 says:

    @mmafan I love your posts!

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  13. How about, I would gladly donate funds to the bobby k, adam bodwell charity fund, the only stipulation is that they never again grace us with their presence inside the ring or cage.

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  14. Coletti > Grant says:

    If TJ Coletti were you – he wouldnt make any stupid moves

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  15. Gspot says:

    These “Matlock” fans are getting annoying…. Elmer is going to put this kid away quite easily!

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Ok, that’s a great handle.

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