KOTC: Anger Therapy – Edmonton – October 25


KOTC CanadaDate: October 25, 2013
Venue: Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta
Tickets: Wild West Shooting Centre

Fight Card:
145lbs- Josh Machan (10-4) vs. Alex Halkias (4-0)
***Featherweight Title Fight

160lbs- Curtis Demarce (13-10) vs. TBA
135lbs- Corey Knapp (6-17) vs. Reece Chapman (0-2)
155lbs- Chris Ade (15-19) vs. TBA
265lbs- Tanner Boser (2-0) vs. Matthew Swimmer (1-1)
265lbs- Ian Asham (1-4) vs. Tom Benesocky (1-4)
180lbs- Cameron Loutitt (2-4) vs. Greg Large (1-6)

59 Responses to “ KOTC: Anger Therapy – Edmonton – October 25 ”

  1. Lol, how was former opponent, or should I say punching bag soup can hicks ever a suitable opponent for ufc veteran valimaki? Unless YOu wanted to see a good ole fashioned beat down!!

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  2. VoteForBobby says:

    bigpoppa do you even fight you goof?

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  3. @VoteForBobby, Its a disgrace to refer to what Loud Mouth Ass, hicks does as fighting!

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  4. @VoteForBobby, and no I do not fight, but i have enough sense not to drag my fat 320 pound ass in the cage only to make a mockery of myself and the the sport!!

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Devon Neville is out, they are seeking a replacement for Ade

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Tim Smith out due to injury, they are seeking a replacement for Demarce… Someone please step up for Chris Ade and Curtis Demarce!

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  7. Jerobe says:

    How bout Ade Vs Demarce? Their records are similar. Both have been in the game for ages

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  8. smash .3 lol says:


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  9. Lol2 says:

    ADE declined Demarce and doesn’t make sense to fight. This whole card went to shit

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