Elite 1: Fall Mayhem Weigh-In Results


Things were underway in Moncton this afternoon as Elite 1 held there weigh-ins for their latest event: Fall Mayhem which will take place tomorrow night at Casino New Brunswick.  A thank you to Elite 1 owner Mike Williams for sending us the 419166_2821897870051_922551758_nresults.  Everyone was able to make weight today except for Stephen Clement who tipped the scale at a whopping 12lbs over.  The fight was scheduled at Lightweight but there were some problems earlier in the week.  When Top MMA News asked Williams about it, he wrote this.

“That fight was signed for 155lbs but we were notified Tuesday that Stephen was walking at 179. We notified Jeff about this and he let us know that he was not going to worry about cutting to 155 knowing this and would still fight no matter what. We talked to Stephen on Tuesday to see how he was making out and he told us he was at 181. We told him to get down to 165 and we would do a catch weight and he agreed. On Thursday he was a7 176 and this morning at 172.  Then we were notified that the scale he was using was off by 5 pounds so he was actually at 177. We talked to Jeff and he said he still wanted this fight.”

Clement will lose 20% of his fight purse.

The event features a Middleweight  title fight as Alderic Keith and Chris Currie battle for the vacant belt.  The card will also feature the return of BJJ black belt Shane Rice after a 5 year hiatus from MMA and the rematch between Ricky Goodall and Richard Aresnault which took the number 8 spot of our Top Maple Leaf matchups in September. Tickets are still for sale at the Casino New Brunswick Box Office if you are in the area or you can check them out online for $9.99 at ufightlive.tv. Fight time starts 6:30 eastern

Weigh in Results

Pro Fights

185lbs- Alderic Keith (184.3) vs. Chris Currie (184.2)

***Middleweight Title Fight

135lbs- Shane Rice (133) vs. Adam Bodwell (133.4)

170lbs- Ricky Goodall (170.8) vs. Richard Aresnault (169)

145lbs- Mike Thorne (144.6) vs. Sung-Jin Lim (145)

165lbs- Stephen Clement (177.6)* vs. Jeff Griffiths (165.8)

135lbs-Dylan Mercer (135) vs. Morgan Rhynes (135.2)

170lbs- Gary Brown (164.4) vs. Trent Moses (170)

135lbs- Chance Whalen (134.2) vs. Michael Spoenlein (134.4)

 Amateur Bouts:

130lbs- Amanda Robinson (125.8) vs. Amy Palalia (127.6)

145lbs- Jesse Bull (153.4) vs. Brandon Clark (143.4)

155lbs- Mathieu Mazerolle (153.2) vs. Joseph MacDougall (155)


*Missed Weight

9 Responses to “ Elite 1: Fall Mayhem Weigh-In Results ”

  1. How does a commission or promotion allow a fighter to compete, weighing 25-30 pounds over the assigned weight class, regardless his opponent is that tough or crazy to take the fight anyway?

    If fighters had the option to give up 20% of their purse and not have to cut weight, with absolutely no repercussions, how many would fighters take this option? Hypothetically speaking, of course, exception being elite1

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  2. Main Attraction says:

    Missing weight by 2-3 lbs is understandable, unprofessional, but understandable. How could you possibly miss by 22 pounds? Clements should be ashamed of himself.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  3. harry balls says:

    Ghetto as hell. But hey, Ricky made weight!

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  4. BodySnatcher says:

    if my math is wrong or my eyes are wrong, you guys are dumb ahaha, as it says 165 and he weighed in at 177 where I come from that’s only 12 pounds lol not 22. not defending the guy at all don’t know him nor do I care, completely disrespectful and he’s no professional. but mike come on man I hope that’s a typo or you need to go back to school brother hahah you still have your handsome good looks though. hopefully see you at para bellum tuesday

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  5. @BodySnatcher – It was originally supposed to be 155lbs… sooo… 177… math computing thingy = ???….. :P 22

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  6. G.O says:

    nothing else needs to be said in regards to clement….wtf.
    Ihave bodwell winning via KO 30 seconds in the 1st via spinning upside down kick.

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  7. BodySnatcher says:

    Well lhk says 165 up there. But it doesnt matter. I was tired. I shouldnt even of commented on it.

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  8. JAMES says:

    who cares about it, the real news is Ricky made weight. lol come one everyone three cheers for ricky!!

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  9. Main Attraction says:

    Haha, Ya Jesse, I was going off of the original weight of 155. I won’t be in at Para Bellum for a while. I am back in Halifax until at least December. Congrats on getting the big call! If you are still coming out to the ECC card on Sept 28th in Halifax for Gross’s fight vs Tucker, I will see you then … in the opposing corner haha. Good luck in the UFC buddy!

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