Havoc FC 3 Weigh-In Results

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Havoc Logo

Havoc Fighting Championshp is hold the third event of their existence on September 6th in Red Deer, Alberta.

If you are in town, why not buy a pair of tickets to this great lineup of fights HERE?

If you are out of town, don’t fret, you can watch them live right here on Top MMA News HERE.

Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Advin Omic (169.2) vs. Ryan Dickson (170)
170lbs- Ryan Machan (170) vs. William Sriyapai (168)
185lbs- Jeff Larkin (181.9) vs. Jason Gorny (183)
155lbs- Jemark Brady (151.6) vs. Vince Quesnel (154.6)
130lbs- Robert Nelson (133.4)** vs. Austin Ryan (131)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Chris Chapman (153.4) vs. Adam Wills (152.6)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

265lbs- Chris Lafantaisie (262.6) vs. Les Bisson (235.2)
170lbs- Jayson Pyper (168.4) vs. Donovan Hack (168.4)
155lbs- Andrew Kloot (154.4) vs. Liam McGowan (155.8)
155lbs- Brett Alberts (154.8) vs. Kellan Falt (155.8)
135lbs- Patrick Mitchell (134.8) vs. Jason Diep (133.5)
155lbs- Kent Soucey (154.5) vs. Stephen Ford (153.8)

** Missed weight

6 Responses to “ Havoc FC 3 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Havoc / Fox says:

    Awesome job to all the fighters, commission and doctors we were through 24 fighters in an hour!!

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. 360 Degrees says:

    Apparently, no one told te fighters of their new weight classes

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  4. Kellen says:

    I believe the Jemark brady fight is a typo or miscommunication. Is supposed to be 155. The Nelson vs Ryan fight is at 130 as both are trying to make the move to 125 and wanted to try a lower weight. The Soucey and Ford fight must also be a typo as both made it under 155. Also, this fight was put together short notice so perhaps the 160 was a precaution? Dont know for sure

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  5. Kellen… yes you are right. They are cut/paste errors from our event page. I corrected them.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t think a weight class matters if both fighters agree to a weight and make it. It’s only when they change it last minute to accommodate misses that it’s not cool.

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