Canadian Rumour Mill – August 27, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

I’d like to start out by giving my condolences to the family of Eric Schmit. The one time Hard Knocks Fighting Championship amateur fighter passed away and my heart goes out to his family and friends.

  • More and more is coming out on AFC and WSOF working together.  Aggression could be announcing their WSOF deal this week.  Here are some details, let’s see if they come true:
    • Aggression Fighting Championship to be renamed World Series of Fighting Canada.
    • Four live TV shows in Canada.
    • An additional 10 taped shows.
    • Chris Horodecki will sign with the new promotion and appear following his PFC fight.
    • Possible WSOF vs AFC card.
    • WSOF is also looking at a partner for a WSOF Brazil.
  • Onetime MFC fighter Sabah Fadai is saying he will be fighting in Seattle on September 14.  Add him to the list of TUF Nations tryoutees!
  • Looks like Tristan Johnson is not fighting Chris Horodecki at Provincial Fighting Championship as I previously mentioned.  Word on the street is that former UFCer Jason Dent will try to take out the Polish Hammer.  Also, the “Haggis Basher” John Fraser will take on Andrew Cseh.  Please remember, this is under the auspices of the Ontario Commission, so consider all matchups tentative until Ken Hayashi bangs his gavel on them.
  •  While we are talking about Mamba MMA fighters like Fadai, let’s hope the Black Mamba himself tries out for the Middleweight competition.  WAR Kultar Gill!
  • In Winnipeg on August 27?  Check out the Joe Doerksen documentary ‘Scheduled Violence’ at Cinematheque.

  • UFC Lightweight Mitch Clarke will be driving for a cure at Kamikaze Punishment’s sponsored hole for the 2013 annual MS society golf tournament on August 28.  The MS Drive Fore A Cure is an unforgettable day on the golf course while raising money to support the fight against MS. The 2013 MS Drive Fore a Cure will  be taking place at the Belvedere Golf & Country Club. This exclusive course will allow us to hold the  best tournament possible and with your help we will be able to reach our 2013  fundraising goal of $160,000!  Enter HERE.
  • Congrats to Will Romero! Alin Halmagean named him Kru! Romero will teach Muay Thai at Claude Patrick‘s gym, Elite Training Centre. 
  • CIS wrestler, Paul Grebinski, will make his pro debut on October 4 with the MFC.  Always love seeing more fighters in the shallow HW division!
  • Speaking of MFC, are they screwing Smealinho Rama around?  First, Rama was promised the MFC 38 main event against a highly ranked Heavyweight – Scott Barrett.  Then Barrett was pulled from the fight, supposedly due to him scheduling another fight six week’s before his MFC title shot.  Then Rama agrees to fight replacement Anthony Hamilton even though he was not the highly ranked opponent he was promised.  Turns out Hamilton fought five weeks before his MFC title shot!  Not only that, MFC took away the main event spot from Smealinho and put it to a vote.  Vote for Rama! 
  • Two Maritime promoters, Ed Hoyt and Stephen Kantor, are looking to scrap after Kantor alleged Hoyt’s company embezzled thousands of dollars from a children’s charity.  Now they just have to settle on who’s promotion gets the fight: Hoyt’s Atlantic Warriors card or Kantor’s Cage Rage card. 
  • Brent Fryia has appealed the decision of his fight with Owen Carr at the last AFC Calgary event due to low blow, but his appeal has fallen on deaf ears and has been ignored by the Calgary Commission. 
  • Aggression will hold a show in Alberta on November 22nd. Look for Owen Carr to appear.

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  1. vlad says:

    Thank you Josh, Robin, BOOBOO and Shane. I know Josh and Shane in person, privilege to know you guys.
    But with Smealinho is not that simple. I didn’t make him who he is, I just helped him to believe in who he is. He trains with me only boxing and I can assure you, if he some day will chose career of a pro boxer he will go very far, as far as he wants, and this is not my personal opinion, I showed him to experts. Smealinho trains with great coaches Max Marin, Anderson Goncalves, Master Dab and he started training with them way before I even met him. They are incredible coaches, without them he would never get where he is now. Frenchy and Keegan from IMMA were managing him and get him fights and sponsors. He has amazing training partners. We became very good friends with Shane aka BTP and Craig Hudson. Craig took on Smeal’s offer and came to train with us and will come this month again to help Smeal for a final touches of his camp. So it is not me who made him great fighter, I am just his mentor and close friend. We like to train and talk and make plans for the future, I have son the same age and they train together. You have to understand Smeal is a kid, incredibly talented kid, but just a kid, and my responsibility as an adult and couch and friend to take care of him, this is why we invited Old School Jake to help us manage Smeal. So we are good and I promise you that big kid will surprise most of you and some haters will turn to fans. MFC the only promotion which offered us solid opponents, Smeal doesn’t want to fight tomato cans , he doesn’t need to build his self confidence, he is as confident as they come. He wants to fight good guys, to have real challenge, so MFC gave us Lee Main, Ryan Fortin, Mike Hackert. He fought them where they were hot and no one believe in him at that time. We are moving in a right direction and doing appropriate steps towards our main goals , he is fighting progressively better guys. As to contracts, believe me, we can read and understand and have people who help us to understand better :)))

    Well-loved! Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  2. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Gotta love Vlad…;)

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  3. Ryan Chiappe says:

    i know im somewhat of long shot , my dream is just to make the 16 where it in your hands to get in the house. i’ll take that chance any day. I never once went to the judges and have 7 1st rnd ko’s but hey im realist and real guy . i would to be in there..all i want like everyone else in this world is shot :)

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  4. Andy Gfiffin says:

    One think I gotta agree is ramma got to where he is today not due to vlad but due to hard work and natural ability, vlad claims hes his boxing coach but I asure you you ask anybody inyhe boxing community snd they will tell you they have never heard of this vlad character, theyve heard of doug harder who trained many top prosoects including albert onalose or they have heardof louie deguzman, trainer for soon to be canadian champ steve claggett or trainer raposo. Let me play devils advocate mr. Vlad, tell us your history who of note have you trained, and dont feed us the bs that background check dates back to eastern europe. You claim ramma can make it in pro boxing, I agree but only if hes training with the best boxing coach calgary has to offer, that being doug harder, under your tutalage he would get owned by canadas cruserweights, like jason douglass, frank white,ryan henny never mind challenging the likes of a neven pajic or a rob nichols. So vlad stick to what you do best which is cheerleadiding and leave the boxing training to the experts.

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    Gotta love someone claiming to be an expert on boxing coaches in Calgary not mentioning Cowboy in his list of top end coaches.


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  6. Vlad says:

    Oh Andy, you hurt my feelings so badly :)

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  7. K Rasmus says:

    Boxing coaches don’t make money ! Gyms and fighters and general members of gyms are lucky coaches donate their time energy and passion , to train classes and fighters and prospects . To dis on a coach is lower than a snakes belly .

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  8. Andy Gfiffin says:

    @donald duck, yes cowboy dale brown was a great fighter, and as far as coaching is concerned is more into white collar personal training, the boy knows where the money is. And rasmus big prop to vlad if hes volunteering his time, im just saying if I was a up and comming pro fighter I would want a boxing or muay thai coach etc with sone credibility and a proven track record not some comrade whos a bigger keyboard warrior than myself!! Whats wrong with questioning this vlads credentials? If you were going in for open heart surgery wont you want the best out there, and hopefully somebody thats done the procedure more than once. I know I would be asking questions.

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    Smealinho has looked great so far and is getting better all the time! You can add that to Vlad’s list of credentials.

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  10. Donald Duck says:

    Andy, you can’t dismiss Dale because of where his big pay cheques come from. I know more than a few MMA fighters who have a well crafted jab as per Dale’s coaching. Also you have also failed to mention Calgary’s most gifted Muay Thai coach which tells me you really only have a simplistic view of what happens here.

    I’ve never heard Vlad take credit for the sun rising in the morning but that doesn’t mean anything other than I haven’t been paying attention to most posters.


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  11. Andy Gfiffin says:

    @donnie, if I were to mention muay thai pioneer mike miles, trevor smandiich, nick ring, the raptor jillian etc I would never leave my parents basement and probably get fired from my job at the

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  12. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Vlad is more than just a coach to Smeal…certain fighters and coaches form certain bonds and that allows the coach to push the fighter….sometimes beyond their potential….Whether you like him or not Vlad is the real deal…and he’s not coaching for money or recognition… He does it cause he loves it…every coach has to start somewhere…and Vlad does a great job with Smeal…and with All the other guys he takes his time with…including Craig…so really …does it matter whether or not he has coached big names or not…he does a great job coaching and being a mentor to his guys…not to mention…he’s just an all around great guy…who never has a bad thing to say about anyone…just my .02…

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