Theodorou Wins NAAFS Middleweight Title


Elias Theodorou THUMBElias Theodorou is bringing the North American Allied Fight Series Middleweight title north of the border and back home to Mississauga, Ontario by forcing the reigning champion Travis Clark to retire after only two rounds of action, a potential rib injury being the culprit. Here’s the two tweets from the NAAFS official twitter account regarding the fight.

“An exciting first two rounds between @EliasTheodorou & Clark but it’s all over. Clark appears to have injured his ribs. #RNR7

“Official Result: Elias Theodorou defeats Travis Clark via TKO (Retirement) – Round 2 @ 5:00 – #RNR7 #MMA @NAAFS

“The Spartan” is now the NAAFS and ECC Middleweight champion with an undefeated record of 8-0. The Team Empire/Grants MMA trained fighter has now finished 5 of his 8 bouts and the win over Clark signifies the second time he has earned a TKO stoppage by retirement. Currently ranked 5th among Canadian Middleweights, this win may not only vault him up the rankings but also put him one step closer to that UFC contract.

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  1. Jordan Small says:

    More gold for the Spartan. Congrats!

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Congrats my friend.

    You do have a lot of good qualities (your handsome face and thick hair for example) but its your will and drive and state of mind that are your most powerful tools.

    Keep havin fun man we’ll have you in the UFC within a year.

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  3. showtying says:

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  4. Showtime's Ghost Write says:

    Please stop posting.


    I can’t even make that post make sense and make you look good at the same time.

    Your Friend.

    PS – Elias would run you over and take your milk money before you even realized the fight had started.

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  5. Ryan D says:

    I think Booby K is more on your level Show!

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