Canadian Rumour Mill – August 20


Gossip Queen 5 THUMBVote for Rama! Let’s start this week off by promoting Canadian Talent. MFC is running a contest called “Punch the Vote”. Smealinho Rama is in the running to be the Main Event of MFC 38 but has to earn enough votes through Twitter and Facebook. Let’s get Canada’s undisputed top Heavyweight main eventing the show! (Instructions at the bottom of column) Voting starts today, Aug 20th and runs until Sept 20th.

Also congrats to Luke Harris who got married to his beautiful bride Amy this past week!

  • More on the AFC and WSOF deal that looks to be going down. Look for AFC and WSOF to co-promote between 10-12 shows in Canada under the World Series of Fighting banner. The partnership may start as soon as late October.
  • Great Gatineau Gossip!  Wreck MMA 2.0 (or will this be 2.1) will hold their next show on November 8, 2013.
  • Could be a busy weekend for the Regie!  Challenge MMA is looking at holding their third show on November 9, 2013.
  • Congrats to Brad Foster on his new Kamikaze Punishment gym in Edmonton. Their 12,000 sq ft location at 6740-121 has state of the art, new equipment, a boxing ring, a customized octagon, Dollamur matted rolling area, 17 punching bags set up with speed bags, artificial turf training zone for strength and conditioning, and a fully equipped weight room complete with Olympic lifting platforms. You can try it for free until the end of August so check it out!
  • Chris Mattock will challenge Elmer Waterhen for the KOTC Canada Welterweight Title at KOTC: A New Dawn in Medicine Hat!
  • Also KOTC Canada will return to Edmonton on October 25th at the Mirage Banquet Hall and also travel to Cold Lake on November 15th at the Energy Center.
  • Dejan Kajic fought Jeff Roman to a draw in Guatemala last week at Shinzo Fight Sport!
  • I’m hearing that it might be HAMMER TIME again this November with Martin Grandmont seemingly returning to action!  The Hammer may also be attending the upcoming TUF:Nations tryouts.
  • Sarah Kaufman’s UFC debut has been put on hold with the UFC having no luck finding an opponent for Sarah after her initial opponent Sara McMann pulled out a few weeks back!

  • Tristar ammy fighter Jamie Siraj will make his pro debut at BFL 25 against Joe Pirotta.
  • Curtis Demarce is rumoured to be off suspension and making his Maximum Fighting return at MFC 38 this October!
  • Matt Veal is scheduled to take on Nick Compton for the Driller Featherweight title on September 20 in Minnesota.
  • Well it seems like Rory MacDonald’s next UFC challenge will be Robbie Lawler!
  • Kalib Starnes is looking for a Heavyweight or Light-Heavyweight opponent for a September 7th card.  BFL 25 is that date.  So is Fivestar’s Yellowknife card.  Hmmmm.
  • “Punch the Vote” Instructions

Votes on Twitter must include the hashtags #THEMFC, #MFC38 plus a hashtag and weight class for your pick – #HEAVYWEIGHT, #MIDDLEWEIGHT or #BANTAMWEIGHT. Votes must have #THEMFC,  #MFC38 and the hashtag of your pick to be considered.

Votes on Facebook, go to the Maximum Fighting page, click ‘Join’ and then click ‘Like’ under the poster for the fight you are selecting. All three title fights have their own individual poster.

40 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – August 20 ”

  1. Gossip Queen says:

    Added Challenge MMA 3 date and several TUF tryout fighters.

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  2. Gossip Queen says:

    Added Kalib Starnes info.

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  3. Ryan D says:

    So Fivestar needs a heavyweight for Starnes. Um helllllooooo Wardog where u at ???

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  4. MMA Fan says:

    I’m pretty sure that Hudson would fight Starnes.
    But on only 3 weeks notice, don’t think he does short notice fights anymore and Starnes would definitely not be a smart choice on short notice.
    Maybe if Starnes fights at Heavyweight for Fivestar it could be a no1 contenders fight.
    And winner fights in spring the winner of the Hudson vs Peck fight.

    Just my thoughts.
    maybe Starnes vs Hackert,I know Hudson has publicly said he wants to fight both.

    Its a win – win for everyone.
    the Fans,Hudson,Starnes and Hackert and Fivestar!

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    So what does that mean for the Aggression shows… will they be re-branded as WSOF Canada or will it be AFC presented by WSOF or vice versa? Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

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  6. Wardog says:

    I’m right here Ryan D,getting ready to take out peck,and if Starnes wants to be the next victim after that. Hell yeah,badger meat sounds pretty good too thou.

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  7. Aaron Morton says:

    Slim by submission, first round.

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  8. Derek LeBlanc says:

    You can add Matt Macgrath’s name to the TUF tryouts

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  9. Demitri (trev) says:

    Valimacki vs Starnes at heavyweight?

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  11. Ryan D says:

    Is that the gym that will teach me UFC!! lol

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. RickRoll says:

    Starnes doesnt need to fight Valimaki!!! He needs to fight someone who will actually show up! Starnes vs Dwayne Lewis or Starnes vs Tim Chemelli sound better.

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  14. STFU says:

    Ryan Ford
    3 hours ago via mobile
    “Lol Turned On The TV An There Is A Gym In The City That Is Now Open Teaching People Things They Don’t Know? Anyone Can Throw Exercises Together & Say Do This In The Worst Form!
    Lol At One Of The Certified Coaches There I Remember He Had A Kid Who Weighs Maybe 140lbs Wrestling A Kid Who Doubled His Weight. Yea Real Certified FAKES. Keep Fronting”

    Does Kamikaze have anyone with a winning record now that Shady has moved on to a real gym?

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  15. Team player says:

    Isn’t ford building a gym in edmonton?

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  16. new castle says:

    Seems Ford is missing the message here after watching this I’m shocked Ford would bash publicly that’s just wrong. Like or hate but your a top level fighter bashing guys training with MS ouch.

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  17. NSanity89 says:

    Hey new castle, ford is allowed to after what happened with him! Beat it and go back to playing WoW! You just proved his point

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  18. Cody Krahn says:

    So just because they are involved in a charity you shouldn’t rip on them for being unprofessional?

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  19. Sure right now Kp hasn’t got the best fighters in the city ,because with opening up the new gym they are in the stage of rebuilding ,but there is an age old saying that dates back to antiquity, Mr ford, you build it and they will come, the business plan for kp as I understand it will always be 95 percent clientele family fun and fitness 5 percent fighters. You should know this fighters don’t pay the bills they are more of a liability.
    just ask gym owners like mr. luke harris or Mr. frank lees, gyms that have had solid longevity in the sport, its not fighters that have kept them afloat ,but attracting the right clientele and having a solid business plan , but then again you and hicks would never know this, when was the last time you and him did the honourable thing and helped the struggling gym proprietor by paying your monthly dues, I guarantee you the answer is never. But then again honourable is not synonymous with mr. ford just like training is not synonymous with hicks, come to think of it, you and hicks are cut from the same cloth in that you and him share somewhat of a symbiosis relationship, in that you both feed on each others hate, greed, and jealously of others that have had the guts, brains and fortitude to accomplish something positive with their lives and in the lives of others, and don’t live by the thug 4 life mantra. Amen, by the way I am sure kp is looking forward to more of your rants in raves cause in the advertising business even bad news is good news. Thank you for keeping kp relavant, maybe when you open up the l.m.a.o Gdup gym they will honour you with same

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  20. Cody Krahn says:

    Bigpoppagroove69 is either Brad Foster or one of his little brainwashed cronies.

    Either way you have no busniness in the fight game you fraud fucking loser.

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  21. @cody kran, Bobby k should have no fear of loseing his legacy once he retires from the fight game, after loseing his last four fights cody kran is a fine candidate, and is on a roll to carry his torch. lol Give it up you do not have, and never had what it takes you ugly shrek lookalike. lol

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  22. Cody Krahn says:

    If I really don’t have what it takes perhaps I could be a coach at your gym then. I seem to recall that outside of hicks, shady, and ford I pretty much steamrolled anyone I sparred with there.

    But y’know, you guys are “restructuring” and all….

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  23. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    Lol. Cody s training, improving and taking tough fights. More that GroovePapa I would assume.

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  24. @sniper McGrath, your right since I got laid off from my job at the k.f.c the only training I have being able to afford is by takeing advantage of all the free classes til the end of the month at kamikaze punishment. After I start working again I plan on either joining k.p or start training with my dads old martial art instructor, Grand Master Brad Murphy. I hear the old boy is pretty lethal and is proficient in over 39 different martial arts!!

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  25. Cody r says:

    Krahn, truthfully have no idea who big poppa grove is but to say you’d steamroll everyone at kp is fucking retarded

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  26. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    That s great BigPoppa. I wish you well in your training.

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  27. AMLEHTC says:

    Please name who Cody would not steamroll

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  28. Keepin' It Real says:

    Mr. Ries?

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  29. Bingo says:

    Perhaps Cody Krahn should focus on training and not being on Internet. Good luck in your coming fights your actually kind of a jerk as I thought something of you but now your most def lost it.

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  30. Jerobe says:

    Cody K just wondering how your Jitz held up with Bussemakers? Is Jarid still pretty good on the floor? I havnt seen him hitting up local grappling tournaments for awhile.

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  31. Punisher says:

    Krahn should be embarrassed he had trouble rolling with Hicks. That should be evidence enough, you are not very talented, athletic or have any future fighting mma

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  32. Cody Krahn says:

    I was referring to sparring not rolling, Hicks’ sparring is actually pretty decent now and the dude has a super solid chin.

    Bussemakers has always been a fantastic grappler, sadly I haven’t trained much with him in the last couple of years.

    Feel free to have the balls to use your real name when talking shit.

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  33. Jerobe says:

    Thanks Cody K. Was curious to see where Bussemakers game is considering he is trying out for TUF. Havnt heard much from him in a long time.

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  34. Robb says:

    Keep talking KP assholes ….. I am an owner and proud of what we do , given a lot of money to MS and will continue to do so … I wanted a gym that’s fun to train at with great dudes , not at all interested in this Mma political bs but now that I’ve been dragged into to it …have fun boys catching up …. Wish all of you the best , keep typing away …..I’m bad for the sport ?? We have dropped over 100 k into the new gym ….you don’t have two fucking nickels to rub together and if you did you don’t have the balls to put up a gym ……I laugh soooooo hard at you retards that just yap , Kamikaze Punishment will be around forever …… If you don’t like us …do better :)

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  35. Robb says:

    Thought it was free speech on here !!!! I left a N informative message but it got deleted ?? Any way Cody ……when is the last time you had a job ? Never mind 2 nickels to rub together to pay for a gym fee ?? I’m proud of the things we do for MMA in Edmonton and for the MS …. when you get a gym together ( which will be never ) then please feel free to bash us ….I remember when you trained at our gym , talking shit about others….. Grow a set and be truthful Cody…talk shit about everywhere where your not ….typical …..I’m pretty sure Gorny will give you a go …..everyone else , lets keep Mma Edmonton alive and kicking ass , competition is good , makes us all better …….sept 21 …KP seminar , ray sefo..Martin Kampmann and Gray Maynard ….everyone almost welcome except Cody

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  36. Punisher says:

    Sparring??? That’s even more pathetic considering Hicks only wins by fighting cans with no wrestling base and submission defence. This just shows the low quality of your training and those around you

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  37. AMLEHTC says:

    I remember when Gorny fought Krahn the first time, I believe Gorny was left in half conscious pile after diving on a foot lock that wasn’t there

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  38. dennis james says:

    krahn should pack it in , no disrespect to shady, but if you couldn’t steamroll a guy that fights at 155, or a can like hicks who bobby k came close to knocking out in his last fight then its time to quit while your not ahead! As far as ford is concerned I have seen your futile attempts at sparring him where he hammered mercilessly on your head like a human piñata, maybe when your a babbling drooling idiot wearing adult diapers at 40 years old courtesy of running into too many ford right hands you can thank him!

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  39. Idolmaker says:

    Anyone else think brad douchenipple of kp, has freaky tiny hands? Look at them they freak me out!!!

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