Challenge MMA 2 Weigh-In Results


Challenge-MMA-CMMA-logoChallenge MMA will hold their second MMA show on August 17 at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal, Quebec.  If you are in Montreal, why not pick up a pair of tickets to see some live MMA?

The promotion held their weigh-ins today to make their fights official.  Here are the official results from the Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

195lbs- David Loiseau (194) vs. Caleb Grummet (193)
171lbs- Alex Garcia (171) vs. Chris Heatherly (169.2)
155lbs- Olivier Aubin-Mercier (155) vs. Jason Meisel (155.4)
171lbs- Nabil Khatib (173)** vs. Loyd Galindo (170.4)
145lbs- Maged Hammo (145) vs. Ryan Hall (144)
150lbs- Mario Pereira (149) vs Emilio Williams (155.4)**
155lbs- Sacha Maheux (155) vs. Eric Nadon (155)
135lbs- James Mancini (135.8) vs. Yvon Anselme Kadjo (133.6)
155lbs- Dan Lariviėre (152.6) vs. Maxime Dubois (153.8)
170lbs- Karim Ranni (167.8) vs. Jonathan Roblin (169.4)
135lbs- Lloyd Reyes (134) vs. Ilias Sanoudakis (134.2)
145lbs- Tariq Ismael Salih (144) vs Richard Stafford (145)
195lbs- James Kouame (193.2) vs. Alex Beaulé (191)
155lbs- Aaron Cook (154.8) vs Jeremy McNamara (155)

** Missed weight

42 Responses to “ Challenge MMA 2 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Nabil Khatib says:

    I have to apologize for my weight cut, it wasn’t what I planned. I’m having to work my gym full time now, I have no more daytime employee, then the Ontario commission I had a difficult time dealing with them as well. Up to 1 hour before weighins, non stop phone calls to doctors and commission had me stressed and wasn’t able to work on my weight cut like I like.
    It may sound like an excuse but it’s all I can say.
    I did my best, everyone knows my cuts are hard. I will still put up a good fight.
    I do apologize however, thank you.

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  2. Fan250 says:

    What happend to the Beecroft fight???

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  3. Beecroft pulled out due to injury last week.

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  4. the ghost of showtime says:

    “Someone knocked on the door when I had to pee. I was on my period. I was sad watching Marley and Me so I ate a whole tub of ice cream. I’m a chocoholic. The dog ate my homework.”

    PROFESSIONAL fighter.

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  5. Brent Fryia says:

    Is 125 for Mancini a typo? He is a stud that will make an impact at either 125 or 135 but at 125 I think he can compete with some of the best right out of the gate. Looking forward to seeing him develop.

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  6. That was the number on the official weigh-in sheet. I thought it was odd as well, so I asked the commission about it and they confirmed the weight was listed correctly.

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  7. Nabil Khatib says:

    @the ghost of showtime says

    I don’t have a period anymore, gone through menopause, I do love icecream, but I don’t eat it in the bathroom, might drop it in the toilet, waist it.
    I do get sad watching some shows, but my dog didn’t eat my homework because I never went to school.

    “Professional Keyboard Master,bater”

    Sorry to the real people out there.
    Sincerely , Nabil Khatib

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  8. Lost Ronin says:

    Nabil probably didn’t have his cappuccino and haircut as per tradition.

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  9. Jason says:

    Can you stream the fights…. Also Sorry but Jason Meisel gonna kick some ass tonight…

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  10. showtying says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  11. Obviously says:

    Excusetyme- you gassed and Nabil choked you out. Shut your crack smoking mouth amigo.

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  12. Nabil Khatib says:

    What are you talking about? I was never asked to rematch you, never. Why are you being a prick on here to me? You’re the one who came to our fight 10lbs over weight, and you begged me on the phone for a catch weight 1 hour before weigh in, what the fuck is your problem? I fought you, I beat you, what do you want? You wanna buy me a beer like last time in Toronto? In that club? You offered me a beer, pulled out quarters out of your pocket, so I paid for yours and mine??
    What the fuck is your issue? Learn how to spell, then I’ll reply. Or call me, and then talk shit.

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  13. showtying says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  14. Nabil Khatib says:

    You’re call me a lying prick? lol, wow, ok, look I have no idea what your issue is with me, however, from the looks of it, it seems like you are the one who lies so, not sure what you’re doing. Many people talk about you in the extremely negative way dude, you may want to think about how you act. You only live once my friend. Live your life with friends, real friends, not enemies. You won’t get a rematch with me, fight someone your own size, and your own age, I’m 44 yesterday, find a 12 year old somewhere, I’m sure he or she will give you a good fight. Have a nice life. Call me if you like, YOU DO HAVE MY NUMBER.

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  15. Ryan D says:

    Dear Show: Nabil tapped you out like a bitch even though your outta shapped ass weighed in 10 lbs over. If it wasnt for your illegal ways would you have been,able to donate any $$ to the poor in Jamaica??? Your word means shit i think ill believe Nabil!!! Ps you looked like ducking garbage in your k1 fights. Oh by the way i would love to sew big bad Bobbie K vs the Show. This would be one and only time i would bet on Bob!! Bob would kytfo!!

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  16. We asked Mancini at the fights what he weighed in at and it was 135. I updated it.

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  17. showtying says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. Nabil Khatib says:

    call me………….

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  19. Jeff Harrison says:

    Wreck November 8 rematch 185? Nabil can retire on a win in front of hometown?

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  20. Dan chambers says:

    So by 185lbs you mean…. 210??

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  21. I’d much rather see Torture Chambers vs Nabil Khatib at 185 at Wreck this November!

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  22. Dan chambers says:

    Does that mean I have to start tough talking nabil now…. Lol nabil is to nice of a guy for that.

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  23. Of course you have to start trash talking, @Dan Chambers. What are you, a mungie?

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  24. Marco Polo says:

    I hardly think anything Marky markhaille and his flunky bunch have to say is considered Top MMA News…maybe worldstarhiphop but not here

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  25. showtying says:

    dont have your number nabill and dan you can get some after nabil..tuff now huh dan but i remember when i first started fight and you aint want none man my beef is not with you but ill be happy to punch you in the throt after i fight nabil…dan chambers what a fucking joke…nabill get at me on facebook and we can speek..thank you sir

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  26. wow says:

    I think nabil wanted you to call him showtime, because nobody knows what you’re typing

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  27. Dan chambers says:

    I don’t understand any of that… I have a throt???

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  28. Nabil says:

    oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,lol you guys are all nuts!

    @Dan Chambers

    If you think I’m afraid of any of you?


    OF COURSE I AM! It’s FUCKIN MMA! It’s dangerous! I don’t like getting punched in the face!

    Dan, you’re awesome buddy, I remember the next morning after we fought, I couldn’t eat breakfast!
    My jaw was killing me!

    Showtying, or whatever you wanna call yourself today, YES you knocked me down, yes, you TRIED to choke me, but you made mistakes and I won.

    I hate it when you guys hit me! It sucks! lol My wife likes my face! I think she does anyway.

    I’m friendly with everyone, even YOU Showtying. I have no issues with anyone. I wish you all the best.

    Nabil “Always a Thrill” Khatib

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  29. Dan chambers says:

    I ain’t get know beat wit any 1….. That’s da beast I can did

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  30. Dan chambers says:

    nabil is the man I love watching you throw down bud. Always up for a war. We have been on a few cards and it’s always been a pleasure speaking with you… True warrior.

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  31. Showtyng's Ghost Write says:

    I do not have your number Nabil and as such am unable to call you.

    Mr. Chambers you can kindly wait until after I have had my fight with Nabil. At that time I will be more than able to give you the attention you seem to want. You seem tough now but I do remember a day not too long ago when you were not interested at all in fighting but do not fret I will be more than happy to face you in combat after I finish with the aforementioned Nabil.

    Please know that I consider you a joke and not a true challenge to the mighty Rough House.

    Mr. Khatib, should you wish to engage in fisticuffs please contact me on the social media system known as Facebook and we will discuss more.

    Yours truly,

    Michael Showtime Wedderburg

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  32. wow says:

    Omg! Showtime post makes sense now. Thanks ghost writer!!!

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  33. mma says:

    Showtime why are you calling out a 44 year old retired fighter? I understand you want to get back in the cage, and advenge a loss, but you your 3-7 in your last ten so why dont you call out any of the other six that beat you? Im sure they wouldnt mind another W on there record

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  34. mma says:

    Or even call out someone who you never fought before, Mike Hill comes to mind as a guy that wouldnt turn down a fight.

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  35. Jeff Harrison says:

    Dan Chambers fight with farmer was the best thing that guy is awesome!

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  36. Big Boi says:

    I think there are more than one “ghost writer” on this thread.

    Drama is fun for some people.

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  37. Demitri (trev) says:

    Haha bobby k vs sho

    I like it. Let’s see a grammar test after. Combined IQ of .02

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  38. Donald Duck says:

    True story:

    “Donnie has had beers with both Nabil and Dan, but not on the same night.”


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  39. Nabil says:

    @Dan Chambers

    Thanks Dan, been a few wars for sure, you are also a TRUE warrior, it’s been a pleasure to be in this fight game, I’m glad to have been a part of all your lives, EVEN YOU Showtying, yes even YOU!

    I’ve been blessed with a DRIVE and LOVE for this sport of WAR, but not blessed with physical talent, lol. I do my best, it’s all I have in this game. I leave it up to you guys now.

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  40. harry balls says:

    Nabil also smells good and is a dog lover. It’s time to embrace love , Showtime. People are people.

    Big Boi! Come around more , man.

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  41. Marco Polo says:

    How about showtime Wedderburn vs. the loudmouth ass Hicks…everyone wins when both these guys are getting punched in the face

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