Rumble on the Rez 2 – The Pas/OCN – August 31


Date: August 31, 2013
Location: Gordon Lathlin Memorial Arena in The Pas, Manitoba

175lbs- Travis Cloud (3-2) vs Corey Atkinson (2-2)
185lbs- Mike Flett Jr. (0-0) vs Austin Helgason (0-0)
265lbs- Jared Henderson (1-0) vs Carmen Umpherville (0-0)
170lbs- Tom Le (0-0) vs Dave Swanson (0-0)
205lbs- Daniel Constant (0-1) vs Steve Roy (0-0)
155lbs- Desmond Johnson (0-5) vs Lyle Clearsky (0-1)
190lbs- Thomas Richardson (0-0) vs Brett Dumas (0-0)

***unconfirmed by promotion.

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  1. BOOBOO says:


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  2. My favorite was when he offered Robin Black the fight against Auggie, and if he won. He’d let him fight Fisette in the next event for the title!

    That didn’t persuade Robin into taking the fight on 7 days notice.

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  3. I’m with BOOBOO

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Dude I wouldn’t even look at a Denetale funny. Never mind fight one.

    I heard a 11 year old girl named Anastasia Denetale wanted to fight me but I was, like, no way Jose. (Jose was the matchmaker btw.)

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  5. Let’s look at some of these debut fighters.

    – Mike Flett Jr. 2-2 amateur. Has had a few fight of the night performances.
    – Tom Le – Has had a number of San Shou fights, as well as amateur kickboxing
    – Dave Swanson – 4-1 Amateur MMA with an amateur title. Some amateur kickboxing experience as well.
    – Steve Roy – Former golder gloves winner, well rounded and keeps in ridiculous shape.
    – Daniel Constant – proved he’s got heart in his loss to Vyron Phillips. Kid has some skills, and a hard head.
    – Josh McPherson – 1-0 Amateur MMA, 5-0 Amateur Boxing.

    This is going to be an exciting night of fights.

    The Cody Brown bout has been scratched from the card.

    Don’t let the records fool you from believing this won’t be an exciting night of action.

    I’m pumped

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  6. Removed McPherson vs Constant.

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  7. rodrigo munduruca says:

    So explain to me how by the date stamp on the previous comment the fight was scrapped from the card on the 29th and only “today” the 30th Steve was notified only minutes before the weigh ins about it?

    And if i remember correctly all medicals have to be handed to the responsible sanctioning body (Manitoba) within 10 days of the fight, how was this fight was even being considered if the fighter supposedly didn’t have all his medicals??

    My guy drives 7 hours to fight, cuts 20lb and this happens??

    As i told him before, it happened to me my friend and i’m sure because you are from my gym something fishy will happen to you.

    Let’s see the excuse you guys will come up with now.

    Rodrigo Munduruca

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  8. CM says:

    I doubt it has anything to do with gym affiliation. Didn’t Auggie have something like that happen to him at the last show in The Pas too?

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  9. This fight wasn’t pulled until today Rod.

    Daniel Constant didn’t get his Medicals completed in time, so he was unable to obtain a license.

    This afternoon when the lab wasn’t able to get his blood results before weighins is when the fight was pulled.

    None of this has anything to do with which gym any of the fighters train at. It’s a regulatory issue with completing the meds.

    But you are claiming that the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission is biased against Munduruca BJJ?

    The fight that was pulled yesterday and posted by Keith was Jordan Constant vs Josh mcPherson. You mixed up the constants and aparently thought your “guy” was McPherson?

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  10. MKB says:

    Constant problems.

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  11. Gatlin Church says:

    Good job MAD, looks like with all your experenice ur card is shittier the mine, I’m lovin’ it lmao

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  12. Exactly.

    It was never about the sport for you.

    I feel terrible for the guys who lost fights due to their opponents not completing meds in time.

    This will still be an exciting night of fights!

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  13. Edward says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong. But I was told the minimum amount of fights the commission would sanction per event was six? How can this event continue if only 5 bouts weighed in? I was thinking about watching them tonight, but UFC may be a better option.

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  14. Date stamp from the 29th was Removed McPherson vs Constant.

    I didn’t know Roy vs Constant was off the card until I received the weigh-in results from the commission.

    Shitty that Roy drove all that way for nothing. A long drive and cut weight. Hope he got his show money.

    Lower end cards that use beginners always run this risk of more guys pulling out:
    * don’t do meds
    * chicken flu/realizing the paycheque isn’t worth the beating
    * did not train

    Shitty for everyone.

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  15. Gatlin Church says:

    Lol, I’m lovin’ it!! Marc Andre, Mr. MMA….. Maybe u should take a break from MMA and find a job.

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  16. Maybe commissions should suspend fighters that pull out of fights the day before/of the weigh-ins without medical evidence or verified legitimate reasons. The matchmakers should also be held accountable when this happens. I doubt very much fighters from reputable gyms or coached/trained by those with extensive resumes are taking their fights lightly and won’t show up. Accepting fighters who send strongly worded emails saying how tough they are and will fight anyone, should not be enough to get a fight on any card, anywhere. At the very least, a fighter needs to be paid his show purse as compensation, though I’m sure the fighter would give it all back just to fight on the card

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  17. Blood-soaked mma says:

    The sad reality is these fighters that were willing to take the drive to fight are legitimate fighters from credible gyms. The least Marc-Andre could have done was find credible opponents
    But hey you know this Marc-Andre is a joke when he calls to tell the wpg fighters their fights are cancelled an hour before the weigh ins when its impossible for him NOT to have known days before.
    I can assure you the mistake of thinking marc-andre would change, be a man and put on a good card will never happen again. He’s always going to be a snake in grass.

    Steve ‘the consequence’ Roy is the best prospect coming out of wpg right now. Hes an absolute killer and was willing to fight ANYONE. Its disgusting what’s happened to him.

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  18. Jeff E. says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Good to see MMA back in the North though. It cant be easy to put a card on up here. Best of luck. If there is another one in the future let us Flin Flon guys know.

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  19. jets says:

    Robin black vs mike O’Neill

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  20. Gunner says:

    Here is a legit question and comment since to many like to just throw Sh*t with no repricussions.

    How many of the guys who pulled out or did not complete the medicals are locals to the show? Which are required in order to profit via crowd/tickets/friends/relatives?

    Plain and simple if the local **(Fighters)** cannot get there sh*t together and are the reason the card falls apart then sorry but WHY try to put on a show there?

    It is simple shows only succeed when you can either afford to bring in legit fighters or you have local **(fighters)** willing to man up and actually do what is needed to fight.

    A matchmaker can only put the fight offer together after that its the fighters responsibility to do what is needed to FIGHT

    make note I highlighted the word FIGHTER many times as that is the difference in a show that succeeds and a show that fails ….. you need FIGHTERS not wannabes

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  21. Donald Duck says:

    I’ve been to a lot of shows in my life and have seen all manner of last minute scrambling by promoters and teams to get their fighters approved. While this has dropped off in recent years it is still an issue.

    Many things contribute to this from having a market that is brand new to MMA and (as Gunner points out) the expectations of being a fighter, professional or otherwise. However this is also common when an area has been burnt by a shitty promotion or promotor in the past. Truthfully the only way to change this is by having good promotions come in and try to lead by example.

    If that was truly Rod then I know you’ve been to shows where fights get pulled last minute either due to commission whim or failure to meet the requirements to fight. This shouldn’t reflect on MAD but more so perhaps the timing of when the required information needs to be put forward.

    Best of luck to the fighters fighting tonight and hopefully show money can be found for the fighters who didn’t get to fight. While not getting to punch someone in the face is a bit depressing maybe beers and some local flavour can help make you feel better.


    PS – I hooked up with a chick from The Pas a few times. She was hot.

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  22. Joe Doerksen says:

    “Steve ‘the consequence’ Roy is the best prospect coming out of wpg right now.”

    Might be best to save statements like that for after the guy has had a chance to fight.

    After training, cutting weight, and travelling, it’s definitely a most unfortunate situation. It has happened to many other fighters before, and will happen to many more.

    Best thing for him to do is keep training. An opportunity will likely present itself sooner or later. Best to be prepared.

    For those still fighting, best of luck. Wish everyone safety and a great performance. Hopefully, for the sake of paying fans, the negative comments I’m reading are all proven wrong.

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  23. cray says:


    Heard about you getting fired from the gas station… Guess you shouldnt being calling out MAD to get a job…..

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  24. Jared Henderson says:

    Good show. MAD is the man! Definitely puts it all into the sport. When I got the call to fight I didn’t expect money. I would of did it for free!! It was all short notice. Weeks. That was the root of all the issues brought up in this conversation. MAD still made it happen and all the people I have talked to that bought tickets were happy. Atleast there were no half eaten pizzas on the VIP tables this time. Haha. I would fight for this guy again.

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