Canadian Rumour Mill – August 12, 2013


gossip queen2Congrats to ZUMA MMA’s Adam Zugec who’s family welcomed a baby into the world last week!

Also, AFC co-head honcho Steve Fader’s puppy dog Roadblok needs surgery and Steve is looking to raise $5,000 for the surgery, check out his facebook and help out if you can!

  • Hmm, where there is smoke there is fire! Darren Owen refuted my rumour of Aggression Fighting Championship working with World Series of Fighting. So why were he,  Steve Fader, and Moin Mirza in Ontario, California watching WSOF 4?   
  • Hybrid Combat will go Pro in either October or November! I have high hopes for this promotion as they deliver a top notch amateur show in Gatineau! 
  • Unbeaten Travis Gervais will take on unbeaten Kevin Lee on the same September 13th Winnipeg show.  Lee will look for revenge after Gervais TKO’d Lee’s teammate Budd Wright at AFC 16.
  • PFC promoter and frequent Top MMA News commenter  Woodrow James will make his pro debut on his Provincial Fighting Championship card in London where he will take on Platinum MMA’s Kyle Stephensen. Let’s hope Woody doesn’t get Ray Sefo’d! 
  • Speaking of PFC, Shannon “The Cannon” Ludlow will be making her MMA debut on the show. Shannon is out of Adrenaline and is a well known kickboxer. 
  • Also want to get to PFC but don’t feel like driving? Well, it seems like they may have a bus and/or limo going from Toronto that includes a ticket to the show! 
  • Shane Campbell is off to Winnipeg.  He will work with Brian Kelly at Dragon Muay Thai for his upcoming K1 bout.  No word on where he will train MMA yet. 
  • John Ramdeen and Robin Black will be heading over to Mother Russia to call the World Combat Games on October 26th in St Petersburg! Canada’s #1 MMA broadcasting tandem will have to brush up on their Sambo, Savate, Sumo, and Fencing.  They will more than hold their own with the Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Boxing. Have fun boys! 

  • MFC Lightweight Champ Update: Graham Spencer will not be on MFC 38 at Lightweight or Featherweight.  He will be undergoing shoulder surgery in October. Get well soon! 
  • Is Ryan Knysh ever going to fight again and defend his KOTC Canada belt? It’s been two and a half years since he last stepped in the cage and seemingly has gotten over his shoulder/arm injury as he’s competing in Stand up Paddleboarding. 
  • BFL 25 will be another Pro/Am show and is booked for September 7th in Richmond, BC.  Undefeated Gary Mangat will be on the show taking on Josh Gow.  Micah Brakefield will look to rebound from his first pro loss.  Mark Dobie is also scheduled to fight on the show! 
  • A bit over a month ago we told you about AFC promoter Harvey Panesar running in Edmonton’s upcoming civic election as a candidate for local council in Ward 11. Well he’s made a bunch of public appearances and now has a website up and new twitter up, and@HarveyPanesar, check it out! 
  • One of Canada’s top female fighters Valerie Letourneau will take on Cassie Crisano at the debut LAMMQ show.
  • Non-Canadian MMA news but related through MMA fighting history…Former long time MFC LW champion Antonio McKee announced his retirement post fight this Saturday after losing in controversial technical decision fashion at WSOF 4.
  • Former Top 10 Canadian Bantamweight Clayton Sheen continues to train, but will not be entering the cage again.  Thanks for the fights, Clayton!

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  1. Gossip Queen says:

    just heard a new one that I added after posting. Battle of the 3-0ers. Travis Gervais vs Kevin Lee (who posts here once in a while)

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  2. harry balls says:

    Glad you got a fight, Kevin. Do the damn thing!

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  3. BigDaddyKane says:

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  4. Cam Yallits says:

    Thank you very much for helping me support a great cause! A very unexpected and great surprise to come across this morning.

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  5. mark says:

    McKee made the.right call after that Gong Show at WSOF Saturday night. He didn’t want to be in there

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  6. mark says:

    Oh and BTW, you forgot to mention JESSE “the viper” VELTRI is coming out of retirement to let the beast out.
    You must not pay attention to MMA news! LOLOLOL

    Had to post for a laugh

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  7. Oilcity30 says:

    You need to raise 5g for your dog and your a part owner of AFC kick rocks buddy let me no when you have real issues you need help with!!

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  8. BOOBOO says:

    ^^^ – HAHAHAHA – ^^^ !!!

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  9. Ky says:

    Is Woodrow prepared to loose teeth to the Dentist, Kyle Stephenson??

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  10. Cam Yallits says:

    Also, Merrick Duggan, Andrew McInnes, Ralph Mendita and Aaron Bosiak are also raising money for the same cause. I believe Victor Valimaki is part of the AFC sponsored team walking for the charity. If you would rather donate to any of those guys, please do, it all goes towards the same great cause for the YWCA. Thanks everyone!

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  11. wow says:

    So Steve has the money to travel to California to watch fights, now he is in Vegas. I think he has his priorities figured out. Poor dog. Still can’t believe he wants other people to pay for his surgery.

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  12. Jerobe says:

    Yessssss. I too was wondering if Knysh was ever gonna defend his belt. He’s still not the champ is he? They must have stripped him after a year? ANyone know?

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  13. hasslehoff says:

    It’s baffling that in the same thread there are separate but similar stories, one being a group of fighters raising money for a honourable and worthy cause, while the other is nothing more than a selfish promoter trying to hustle loyal fans for supposed money going towards a puppy.

    Priorities must be different for some.

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  14. woodrow says:

    ATT: looking for sponsors for mouthguards!!! need one to keep my teeth in my mouth.

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  15. McInnes says:

    You gotta think.. you have a fuckin’ responsibility, so get out there and take care of that fuckin dog!!

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  16. Amy says:

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  17. Cam Yallits says:

    @McInnes – (wipes white glue across eyes)

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  18. Kendall T. says:

    It is absolutely shameful ‘Amy’ thinks a having a luxury as a pet and its life is more important than beaten, battered single mothers, with nowhere to live, no money for food and clothes, struggling to support their children. Maybe ‘Amy’ needs rethink her beliefs and instead of stepping over that homeless person on her way to buy the newest Louis Vuitton hand bag, lend a helping hand. At the end of any day, the mma community could care less about what you and your friends did for dog. You should be the one hiding and embarrassed, defending such misguided actions

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  19. Amy says:

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  20. wow says:

    Amy, what you did for the dog was great, my hats off to you, you sound like a great person!. It’s Steve who should feel like a shameful douche. How can he travel all around the states and then ask other people to pay for his dog? Why isn’t he on here thanking everyone for their support?

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  21. AMLEHTC says:

    This is f’n bologna. obviously no one wanted that dog to die, but don’t act all high and mighty Amy, it was probably in your possession when it’s accident occurred. Raising money from your friends is great, but what’s happening right now is detracting from the Walk a Mile in her shoes cause. Maybe Fader should donate the money he saved from not having to pay for the surgery and donate it to that cause

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  22. McInnes says:

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  23. wow says:

    It’s unfortunate that one mans greed/arrogance is over shadowing the hard work of cam and the rest of the Edmonton fighters raising money.

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  24. Amy says:

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  25. Old School Jake says:

    Everyone has the right to pick and choose what cause or benefit they want to support. The dog needed surgery and Amy did whatever she had to do to raise the money. Perhaps she felt responsible because the dog was in her care when the accident happened, who knows, and frankly, who gives a shit. If you don’t like the cause, don’t support it. If you have something personal against Steve, direct it towards him, not Amy. As far as I’m concerned, she did the right thing. Just my .02

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  26. oilcity30 says:

    Here’s my 2 cents Amy: feel for the dog but a guy who probably has more coin than most of us shouldnt be asking for charity thats my opinion. if you don’t like it fuck off we are all allowed ar opinions that is what makes these forums so great. Have a nice fuckin Day

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  27. Kendall T. says:

    YWCA is a wonderful non-profit organization, doing great things to help those who need really need it. ‘Walk a mile’, instead of running your mouth ‘Amy’

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  28. Fighter says:

    Kendall vs Amy- Next MFC card

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  29. Jeff Harrison says:

    1-Hope the dog is OK.
    2- Hope to never see veterinary needs on Gossip Queen again. Man up and pay for it yourself.
    3- Hope I never see a girl citing ” YOU DON’T KNOW ME” on an MMA forum ever again. It’s a little too Springer.


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  30. Marv says:

    One dog is not a “cause”

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  31. Ryan Davies says:

    So sick off people talkin about hiding behind a screen name . So there its oilcity30 signing off. Happy now Amy wanna fight lol jusr kidding

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  32. AMLEHTC says:

    I’d maybe have pity if there weren’t pictures of him in Vegas allying about going to shows and goin to wanderlei Silva’s gym

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    I need help paying for a plane ticket so I can fly south this winter. I could flap all the way to Florida but this seems easier.


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  34. cool story says:

    Hey amy cool story pal , take it to the knitting club where someone might actually care.

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  35. Old School Jake says:


    /kôz/NounA person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition.

    Happy now Wormser?

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  36. PUCK says:

    Help a dog out….Like the War dog?…lol Hey Amy try Facebook or Myspace and you may have more luck? The only problem I see is you don’t know what this site is for…..MMA talk….Just a thought? Good luck though?

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  37. Thought of the Day says:

    This dog is…….

    Steve F from AFC needs a little bit of a head shake. Some one to give 5k to a guy isn;t smart at all perhaps he should have got creative & sold 3 tables from his upcoming show pre sale to go towards his dogs operation. I would personally never give money to a person direct however yes I would be ok to pay vet directly as lets face it Steve F is a promoter not really someone you can trust with money.

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  38. Salt says:

    Dogs sick

    Road Trip

    Aww I’m broke

    Please help my Dog I’m just can’t through away my tanning minutes this month.

    Pure dick move Steve.

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  39. Darren Owen says:

    Nobody on here knows the whole story. If you did you would all be a lot more understanding. It seems like a common thing to come on here and bash people, kind of a shame.
    I could write a big long explanation on here but the people who helped out know why they did. No one asked for topmma to put anything up. And it’s sad no one mentions the tens of thousands of dollars we have raised at our events for numerous charities and the tens of thousands of dollars Steve has personally paid out to sponsor fighters over the last 6 or so years. The guy walks away from a 100k a year job to follow his dream and provide more fighter paychecks and opportunities than anyone else in this country has done in a 2 year time period, and the one time he needs some help to save his dogs life everyone decides to bash him. Pretty sad.

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  40. BOOBOO says:


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  41. AMLEHTC says:

    Sorry Darren Mob mentality has set in.

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  42. Cody Krahn says:

    For 5g you could just buy a way cooler puppy, or 4.

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  43. Joe says:

    Do you ever get tired of defending fader?
    It’s turning into your full time job.

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  44. PUCK says:

    lol too funny So Steve promotes out of the goodness of his heart!…Clasic! I give the man credit for trying to help out a K9 but lets be real here….if you have tens of thousands to give away for guys to throw punches please don’t cheap out on your own dog?

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  45. Majority Decision says:

    3 Things.

    1- Shows you how much money the self proclaimed top mma promotion in Canada is really making..
    Visa payments and money transfers can happen at the click of a button these days.

    2- Ive been to plenty of AFC shows and have not heard a peep of any involvement in a charity or seen anything on their cage to support one.

    3- At the end of the day, the real tragedy is that this poor dog will still have to go home with a pompous ass owner with a horrendous spray on tan

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  46. Brandy Brigden says:

    Wow! Wtf is wrong with you guys? Someone needed help and asked for it to save a poor dogs life. Who gives a fuck how much he makes! He needed help period! No one is forced to donate anything! If you don’t give a shit and don’t want to help then don’t! What is the point of bashing him or his friend? I guess haters just need to hate and will use any excuse to do It. pretty sad actually! and Btw I used my real name and didn’t hide behind a screen name like a little bitch…just saying!

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  47. Donald Duck says:

    I’d just like to step up in Steve’s defence:

    1. Promoters make shitty money.

    2. If you look hard at an AFC show you’ll see just enough marketing to figure things out.

    3. Steve’s tan is not spray on however he does own a douche bag underarm purse.


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  48. guy’s dog is sick, needs surgery and people are helping him out.

    That’s nice you fucking grinches.

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  49. LeL says:

    this post is pound 4 pound. some funny reading.

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  50. cray says:

    I am guessing this is all a publicity stunt. Probably is no dog. If there is please don’t give it to booboo he is rumoured to want to eat it.

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