The MFC Does An About Face On Reason Behind No Women Allowed Policy


morency-pavelich-interview-shotEarlier this year I dissected some comments made by Mark Pavelich who proclaimed that he “is never going to put female MMA in my organization.“

The outspoken CEO of Canada’s longest running MMA promotion, the MFC, justified his stance on the basis that ”I just don’t like to see females hitting each other.”

Interestingly enough, Mark has done an about face as to the reason why he won’t have WMMA in the MFC. In an interview that aired on tonight’s episode of MMA Meltdown on the Fight Network, Mark stated that it was lack of depth that is keeping women out of his organization. He had the following exchange with host Gabriel Morency:

GM -It seems like Women’s MMA is very trendy right now, you guys have shied away from it, is there a reason?

MP – Listen I have respect for female athletes at all levels, the difference is I just cant put a proper weight division together with you know 6-8 higher level girls because some of the other organizations started that, that’s the only reason why I’m not involved in female MMA, I wish them all the best of luck but, you know, I don’t want to be crucified because I’m the only show that doesn’t do female MMA pretty much. Its like if I could put together 8 unreal girls you know I would probably be interested in doing that but that’s not the case so I’m not going to be involved in female MMA

Whether popular or not, the reality is that an outright ban on WMMA based on a promoter not liking seeing females hitting each other likely runs afoul of Canadian Human Rights legislation (see the previous post, particularly the comments by Canadian Human Rights lawyer and MMA fan Donna Seale) . Today’s comments provide a business justification for the prohibition, which may be more legally palatable.

As WMMA continues to grow and the talent pool increases, it will be interesting to see if the MFC further evolves their position on this issue or if the organisation will remain, as Gabriel quipped, ”like the old-school taverns Marc, no-women allowed“.

Erik Magraken is a personal injury litigator and Partner with the British Columbia law-firm MacIsaac & Company. The article was re-printed with permission from his Canadian MMA Law Blog.

5 Responses to “ The MFC Does An About Face On Reason Behind No Women Allowed Policy ”

  1. Just Laughable says:

    Oh I wish I was better at internet history searching this goof is back pedaling so bad now from all of his previous statements and only because he see how ALL the other promotions everywhere can put on great even better than guys sometimes women fights. He is just trying to save face so he can do it and try to cash in on how great womens fights are.. Women take a stand when he comes begging tell him to high tail it

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  2. PUCK says:

    I do agree but, Dana said the same thing really and it was one year before he gave a belt to Rousy to cash in as well. I think all the “old school” thinking is starting to slide as I can say first had I love knowing Girls are on any card I go to watch as they fight hard and are most times best fights on the card. And I hate to say it but he makes one point, there is no depth in Womens fighting out side the UFC and Invicta.

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  3. Thesubzero says:

    Hmm he will have to brothers who don’t train fight each other, but won’t permit high calibre female athletes in his promotion…. What a goof!

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  4. @Thesubzero, I have to disagree the Pav. will allow females to fight in his promotion as long as it is sister vs sister, they don’t train a lick,are grosely outa shape and can sell a shit load of tickets.

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  5. MinnesotaMMA says:

    The more I hear/read about Mark P. the more I question… He has gone on the record (which is great) on so many topics and then either reversed or whatever he said NEVER happens!

    Remember back in 2010 when he said MFC was going to be in the USA? They don’t ever leave Edmonton!

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