Canadian Rumour Mill – July 22, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

We have officially hit the dog days of summer for MMA.  Now that the Xcessive Force Fighting show is done, there are only two more left this summer: Fivestar and Challenge MMA.  Can’t wait for September when the sport starts heating up!  Enough chit chat; on to the rumours!

  • Juicy rumour to start things off! Are Aggression Fighting Championship and World Series of Fighting looking to work together on Canadian shows? I’m hearing some strong rumours on this.
  • Also AFC brass have been poking around Thunder Bay with thoughts of holding a show there.  Very early talks though.
  • Did Steve Bossé pull out of his scheduled Challenge MMA bout with Victor Valimaki because he wanted to take the summer off or is it because he’s close to signing with a major organization? Rumours are also swirling that “The Boss” is looking to drop to 185lbs.
  • Erin McDougall was submitted by armbar 34 seconds into the second round of her bout with Dana Schaffer last weekend.
  • Muay Thai and Kickboxing legend John Wayne Parr will be heading to Tristar in early August for two weeks to work with GSP on his striking for St. Pierre’s upcoming title defense vs Johny Hendricks! Also look for John Wayne Parr to be in GSP’s corner at UFC 167.

  • Coach Brad Wall is taking fighters Jarod Milko and Alain Hernandez with Cord Crowthers to represent Canada in Brazil to compete at an October 5th event in Porto Alegre City (Rio Grande do Sul).
  • Oh No! Josh Machan is off of the same Havoc FC 3 card due to injury and Adam Lorenz is now looking for a new opponent.
  • Rumble in the Cage 48 will be October 26th in Lethbridge. 
  • 4x World Kickboxing Champion, James “The Falcon” Kouame (1-1 MMA) will make his One FC debut as he takes on former All-American wrestler Jake Butler (2-0 MMA) on September 13th in Indonesia.
  • Former Stampede Wrestler The Pitbull Kid is behind the latest effort to bring MMA to Medicine Hat. Dennis Herrmann is running the KOTC: A New Dawn show.

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  1. Darren Owen says:

    We have had 2 phone calls with the WSOF. 1, was regarding a fighter on our roster they wanted to sign. 2, they asked about a few of the top fighters in Canada.

    Are they planning an event in Canada? I don’t think so.

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    Was Ryan Ford one of those fighters ???

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  3. Im takeing a guess it was either ryan ford or the notorious bobby the animal kalmakoff! lol

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  4. AMLEHTC says:

    You’re terrible at keeping your cover, pavelich

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  5. @AMLEHTC, WSOF does not do any fights in good ole Canuck country, and ford can not travel abroad, so it had to be booby Special K Kamelclutch!!lol, oh no it cant be booby ,didn’t he just sign a 3 fight 2 figure contract with k.f.c. lol

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  6. AMLEHTC says:

    To put Ryan Ford and bobby K in the same group is retarded, personal life aside Ford has changed into a more technical fighter and bobby K throws fights, taps due to strikes and has the spelling ability of a carton of eggs

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  7. Bobby K cant spell? Damm!! that blows his chances of passing his university thesis on molecular nuclear medicine and its relevancy within the domains of nanotechnology! Damm!! bobby have you not heard of a spellcheck!!

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  8. M. Fryia says:

    Despite having to jump through the OAC’s hoops, I think an AFC show would do well in Thunder Bay.

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  9. Marv says:

    I’m sure pav will find a way to screw ford over again from further opportunities

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  10. kid lightning says:

    Fryia is 1000000% right. any show that comes to thunder bay is going to be amazingly pleased with the support in an easy sell out of any venue here. thunder bay thrives on fighting (there isnt much else to do here) and you could have a few thousand screaming wildly with a pretty high quality card within driving distance with Minnesota, Winnipeg the Sault, Kenora and many other clubs near.
    AFC make it happen!!!!!!!

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  11. terry robertson says:

    Just don’t go to the thunderbay bus station, place is sketchy.

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  12. kid lightning says:

    much like fryia, terry is also right on that!

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  13. M. Fryia says:

    When I was a poor student I used to live near that bus station. Sketchy neighbourhood = cheap rent.

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  14. Mash says:

    Why woukd they be foolish enough to pay Ontario fees when Manitoba is near by.

    No doubt thunder bay would support but still lose $$ on packed venues isnt great move.

    OAC r crooked with extra fees

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  15. CM says:

    I had heard in the past that the OAC would let the Manitoba Commission sanction (or at least officiate) events in the Thunder Bay area as it’s closer for them. Who knows if they’d still have to play by OAC rules (and pay their crazy fees) or not though.

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  16. Darren Owen says:

    Yes, we have been looking into Thunder Bay and was hoping MB commission could sanction it. I spoke with Joel Fingard of MB commission and he was on board then I spoke to Ken Hayashi of ONT commission and he informed me that it would have to be run by the OAC and all of their rules, regulations and ridiculous fee’s. He said there may be the possibility to use some of MB’s officials but that’s it. He then went on to try and steer me from doing events in Ontario and suggested some other places to go. It’s pathetic that the man in charge of running the commission in the province of Ontario tries to discourage events in Ontario. Time for a change!

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  17. Gunner says:


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  18. Adam Lorenz says:

    That is brutal.
    If their only reason for having a commission is so that the UFC can bring in a bunch of cash to Toronto once a year then they aren’t really doing much to help out Canadian MMA (fighters & promoters). I don’t think they’d make it ridiculous difficult to play hockey outside of being a Maple Leaf.

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  19. berg says:

    Just curious what is their fee charge in comparison w/ a similar event like a pro boxing card?? I wonder if there is some kind of pushback from the people who regulate boxing in Ontario to keep the fees for MMA exorbitantly high or if they have another valid reason for this.

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  20. hasslehoff says:

    There are many cities all throughout Ontario that could hod and openly support mma events. Alberta and BC are great examples of mma spread across their provinces. The biggest difference being their commission fees are 10% of what Ontario had to pay and they don’t have Ken Hayashi as a roadblock every step of the way

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  21. smash says:

    This just in ….. Ken Hyashi is a douchebag, that is all.

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  22. Dean Panas says:

    I think sometheing should be said to the city council of Thunder Bay. Any MMA event would help generate business and put money into the local economy. If the province gets enough feedback from enough cities and towns in Ontario maybe something will change. It’s a joke that Ontario doesn’t have more MMA events.

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  23. CM says:

    @ Berg – long before mma was legal in Ontario, the boxing community had the very same complaints about the OAC & Ken Hayashi in particular so it’s definitely not a boxing vs mma thing.

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  24. Mike Russell says:

    Hayashi is one of the only commissioners who wasn’t elected into his role as Athletic Commissioner and he gets paid a hefty government salary (with benefits and retirement plan) regardless if he travels on weekends to oversee event sanctioning or if he is at home on his couch. That’s why he is sending business elsewhere. When the UFC comes to town and puts up an $11-million gate like they did at UFC 129 in T.O. the OAC takes in enough to pay Hayashi’s bureaucrat salary for four years, and they pretty much regulate themselves as far as drug testing etc.

    The OAC costs associated with running an event in Ontario (not including venue and personnel like police officers, security, ticket collectors, ushers, etc) is anywhere between $26,000-$35,000 depending on how many fights are on the card. Some of that amount is for medical deposits for fighters to cover precautionary CT scans and tests for each fighter in the case that they are injured. The promoter gets a portion of the deposits back eventually, but I know one in particular that didn’t see his refund for months.

    Some of the costs are crazy. For instance, OAC officials are paid mileage from the ministry office downtown Toronto. If they live in a city where an event is being held, like say London or Hamilton, they are STILL paid mileage from downtown Toronto and are also provided with three nights of hotel and per diem for meals — even if they live a block from the venue. Each official gets their own room and I’ve heard that in at least one instance room service, movies and long distance phone calls were charged to the promoter.

    Here’s a rough breakdown of actual costs for a small show:

    Medical processing fee:
    $50 per fighter, so 10 fights=20 fighters
    $50×20= $1000

    License fees for corners, cutmen etc:
    $50 per person, and typical show has between 30-40 licensed individuals

    Gate Fee:
    5% of sales, so for ease of calculation we’ll say 1500 tickets priced at $50 each.

    $50×1500=$75,000 $75,000x.05=$3750
    TOTAL: $16,750

    Promotions must also lay down approx. $20,000 for medical deposits before their licenses are approved.

    In comparison, NSAC charges around $7,000-$10,000 total to run an event in Nevada and they expect officials to travel on their own dime.

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  25. Mike Russell says:

    Also add in the out of pocket expenses promoters fork out on top of the commission fees like hotel rooms for 15-25 OAC staffers for two nights, 2-3 physicians fees, two ambulances with EMTs and you’re looking at another $5000-$10000.

    Not cheap. It’s like Hayashi is putting the OAC out of business by making the price so high, it isn’t worth holding a show here.

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  26. What’s ridiculous, is this does nothing for the progression of the sport, and in my opinion, those who regulate it, control how the sport is grown. The OAC has virtually made it impossible for any promotion to turn a profit in the Ontario market other than UFC, and Bellator due to their TV deals.

    They’ve basically made it pretty clear that it’s all about making money, covering their ass’s, and not giving a shit about the sport, or the development of MMA athletes in Ontario.

    I was pretty excited last year when I applied for a Deputy Commissioner position with the OAC, and was short listed. I was naive in thinking that If I was hired, I’d be able to help grow the sport and make a difference in Ontario.

    By the time the interviews were over, it was pretty clear to me, that the people involved in hiring, had NO clue about anything MMA related. (NOTE: Ken Hayashi had no part of this process)

    I have no problems with Ken, and think he’s often thrown under the bus from those around him as he’s the person we identify with as the face of the OAC, but once UFC 129 hit and that stack of cash went to the department, everybody wanted a piece of it.

    Politics suck

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  27. Great post btw Mike

    Another thing that pisses me off, is that they get a HUGE stack of cash from UFC when they come to town. What are these funds being spent on? Why are they not making it more affordable for grass roots promotions to be able to exist, but leveraging off the money from the big shows?

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  28. Mike Russell says:

    I think there needs to be some public and political accountability before anything ever changes in the OAC. There were rumblings of some winds of change blowing in, but we haven’t seen much yet.

    With all of the mainstream news outlets clamouring over Rob Ford, you would think that a ministry department turning tourist and entertainment dollars away from the province and eliminating themselves from the MMA business would be front page news.

    OAC commissioner is definitely not a full-time job at this point with three Ontario shows booked for the year. Why should taxpayers and promotions pay for Ken et al to sit and wait with their hands folded on their laps for promoters with fat wallets to apply for licenses?

    There is a great textbook out there on the history of sport in Canada that points out that the OAC’s role was originally (and should still be) to promote athletics and athletic competition in the province and amongst Ontario youth. Reps from the OAC used to visit schools and hold exhibitions to introduce kids to sports they regulated. The OAC is not doing anything like this. Instead they are acting as a deterrent.

    Here are a few chapters:

    BRB. Gonna go make a few calls to some journo friends to try to shake the coconuts out of that old tree.

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  29. So what can be done?

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    “So what can be done?”

    1. Start putting pressure on governments (municipal, provincial and federal) to stop putting people into regulatory positions when they have zero working experience in the area. Having sat on a pointless boxing commission does not make you qualified to sit as a regulator for MMA.

    2. Start actively engaging fighters, coaches and promoters who have a desire to be involved and want to see things change to become involved in regulating the sport. Clearly they need to make their bias clear but once you know someone’s affiliations it is easy to avoid conflict of interest.

    3. Stop letting commissions get away with the bullshit that they do simply because you like or respect one of the people in the equation. For example, “Fighter A is a good guy so I’ll over look the fact that he’s fighting a tomato can and that the ref is barely qualified to ref a pillow fight.” This needs to stop.

    4. Keep the shitty people under the spotlight and routinely remind people what is going on.

    5. Stop supporting promotions who use tomato cans and voice your concerns publicly.

    This is just a start but one that would put us in the right direction.


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