Chris Horodecki Joins this Week’s Top MMA Radio


Horodecki (photo by Mike Fischl)

Horodecki (photo by Mike Fischl)

Big Win and guest host BKB bring an explicit edition this week with the odd rant and tirade thrown in.

The boys start off by revisiting last weekend’s AFC 20, going over all the big fights with a fine toothed comb.

Next up, Chris Horodecki joins the show to discuss his upcoming XFFC bout with Tim “Shady” Smith. Chris also talks about his recent trips to Tristar and Curran’s BJJ. Lastly, “The Polish Hammer” talks about his recent struggles and how hard it’s been getting fights with the Ontario MMA drought.

The boys bring it home by sifting through all this week’s Canadian MMA news and end it off with a breakdown and picks for the upcoming XFFC.

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10 Responses to “ Chris Horodecki Joins this Week’s Top MMA Radio ”

  1. Tim Chemelli says:

    Thanks for the advice big win and bobby Karimi. I’ll do my best not to disappoint you guys in the rematch.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    ^ have to agree with Bobby guy knows the fight game and can only help listening. Great episode and I think giving Omic a hard time, he does not then down that many fights know Powell on short notice and Ford which he posted. Guy wants to test himself and the fight with Dickson is going be unreal.

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  3. MMA says:

    Tim get new team & new management with a fresh start.

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  4. MMA says:

    Tim chemilli that is sorry.

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  5. GI Jane says:

    Tim has a good future in the mma game but he is going nowhere with his current fight team and management. Its like hes stuck in the mud spinning his tires going nowhere fast. He is at the point where hes a average club fighter and nothing more, he needs to get outa his comfort zone make a few changes ,if he hopes to compete at the elite level.

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  6. Fivestar Canada says:

    Bobby K is the man!

    All the best to Chris tomorrow night.

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  7. Jake H says:

    Funny how everyone is an expert on what other’s need to do with their careers. If you have such great advice for our client besides “change everything” then please post your contact info or real name so I can get a piece of your genius advice. But until you do, quit flappin’ your lips because nobody gives a shit.

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  8. mike kent says:

    Tim Chemilli should drop to 155

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  9. Hey now says:

    Jake shouldn’t you retire from managing fighters for the 25th time ? Even you have a hard time staying with your management company lol

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  10. Jake H says:

    @hey now I’ve actually only retired once. I think lol.

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