Aggression Fighting Championship 19 Photo Gallery


Rob Trudeau was cageside in Edmonton, Alberta for AFC 19 on July 5, 2012.  Here are his great pictures of the event:

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*** all photos by Rob Trudeau | Rob T Sports Photography

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  1. David Johnson says:

    Thank you Robin for sending me updated info on the Kalib Starnes fight that I became unable to attend or watch live. I thought after looking at poll numbers giving Kalib a four percent vote from mma fans to win his fight that there would have been many takers for my 3 to 1 odds I was giving to odds what I felt would be a certain victory for Kalib. I take nothing away from Tim who has often demonstrated ample balls and heart. I am guessing that he like many others were misled by commentaries from those who report what they think thier audience wants to hear rather than examine facts from as many sources they are able to access. I know it can scare many to give an opinion that is unfavorable to thier viewers/readers. Tim deserves to be celebrated as a great Canadian mma fighter, but I beleive he also heard the psudohype that Kalib lacked heart. Any real mma fan that appreciates the great depth of Canadian talent owes it to Kalib to rewatch all his fights with an unbiased point of view and keep their critical comments to themselves if they don’t have the parts to critisize Kalib face to face. There is alot more to Kalib than just a fighter. I hope enough people rethink things that those who control the $ like Dana White, J. silva & thier billionaire pals give Kalib some of thier scraps. Even if it is just to take a tax right-off & support one of his ideas he has (micro loans) and see his potential as a good will ambassador for the sport if they can’t recognize his poyential as a fighter. It sounds to me like the afc deserves stronger support from true mma (especially Canadian) fans.

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