Canadian Rumour Mill – July 15, 2013

Krzysztof Soszynski's new movie poster.

Krzysztof Soszynski’s new movie poster.

Disappointing news this week! TJ Grant is suffering from post-concussion symptoms due to a teammate’s heel to his head two weeks after his win over Gray Maynard. Reluctantly, the Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia fighter had to pull out of his title fight with Benson Henderson. Let’s hope TJ gets better fast!

  • I’m hearing that Malcolm Gordon will be one of the competitors on season 2 of Fight Xchange!
  • Matt Veal will take on Nick Compton (7-3) for the Caged Chaos FW Title in Shakopee, Minnesota on September 20th.
  • ICYMI…Tom Wright says the UFC will head to Halifax in 2014 or 2015.
  • Hearing rumours that the TUF Nations Finale will be held in Quebec City in early 2014.
  • Christ Franck is not fighting Alex Garcia any longer. Instead, Chris Heatherly (5-0) from St Louis will take his spot on the Challenge MMA 2 card in August.  Also BJJ ace Ryan Hall will take on Maged Hammo from CMC Lethbridge.
  • Two Wulfrun MMA Canadians split a pair of fights in a Canada vs USA battle at NEF: Nations Collide. Lenny Wheeler usually steals the show quickly via Guillotine but unfortunately this time he was subbed in a minute to Ray Wood via Guillotine.  However, teammate Matt DesRoches stayed perfect with a quick arm bar victory over Jonathan Lemke.

  • Nelson “Big Country” Cote, Rick Genaille, Travis Cloud, Steve Roy, Josh McPherson, Shane McPherson, and Jared Henderson are some of the fighters currently scheduled to fight on the upcoming Rumble on the Rez 3 show in The Pas, MB.
  • It’s time for commissions and promotions to band together and not use Bobby Kalmakoff.  Kalmakoff has been part of a fake fight against Ajay Juneja three years ago and he took dives and turtled up in his past two fights.  Let him job at local wrestling shows where he belongs!
  • The Flyweight division continues to build: Yoni Sherbatov (0-0) vs Johnny Grigware (0-1) at LAMMQ on Sept 28.
  • Allen Hope vs Joe Doerksen is off of CFC 8 as the Manitoba Commission did not accept Hope as a replacement opponent to take on Doerksen. It seems as though Mike Kent may be back as Doerksen’s opponent.
  • Erin McDougall will fight this coming weekend (July 20th) on the Battlegrounds MMA show in Norman, Oklahoma.
  • Check out CTV this Wednesday at 10PM ET!  Elias Theodorou will be on The Listener. In the upcoming episode, Elias plays an MMA fighter who suspiciously dies in the ring, and the team must investigate. Here’s a link to a behind-the-scenes segment about his role in the episode, and the making of the fight sequence

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19 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – July 15, 2013 ”

  1. captain candu says:

    Agreed about Kalmakoff, however, the blame doesn’t entirely rest on the commissions, who for the most part outside of a few people, don’t have enough knowledge to approve matches, and just go with whatever the promotion throws at them.

    In my opinion promoters need to take a hard look at themselves and not put these types of fighters on their cards and then try to justify in the name of just putting together bouts, and selling tickets.

    Both groups are equally responsible.

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    Agreed this is the fight company and matchmakers responsibility. They set up the fights not the commissions. What are we to expect from edmontons commissions it’s a joke straight up!! Why have we not had a UFC event lately?? Pat fuckin Reid from what I hear anyways totally different story. Until kotc and the other company’s stop using the kalmakoffs, larges and lauzon we will continue discuss this stuff. Boycott the BUMS of Mma !!!! Lol

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  3. jamon says:

    thought the afc was the biggest show in canada

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  4. jamon says:

    they should know better

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  5. Allen hope says:

    Not going to lie but I’m pretty pissed off that the commission won’t allow me to fight and to make it worse they replace me with a guy that I have been trying to fight for 3 years . O well maybe it’s time to take a boxing fight now

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  6. Allen hope says:

    And yes bobby k should not be fighting because one day somebody will end up killing him then the hole sport of mma will look bad .

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    I’m f*cking sick of complaining about Booby. He’s a joke but time and time again the monkeys head out to see him fall down inside a cage or ring. If you guys are serious about stopping Booby then get involved in a commission and stop supporting the promoters that time and time again bring him in.

    You guys are as much to blame. One moment you’re raving against Booby and the next you’re balls deep in the promoter for something else.

    Sure I’m the cranky old guy here but at least I’m consistently cranky.


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  8. Oilcity30 says:

    We are as much to blame ? HUH seriously so I pay to go watch afc 19 because of the many great fights and afc throw Boobie into a fight and I’m supporting this guy how?? I agree the last kotc wasnt the best card and frankly I havnt seen many of there events but I did have a good time. It’s not like Bobby’s the main event Donald then maybe I would see your point but really who pays to see Boobie fight? I respect your point but i very much disagree with you this is 90% promoters fault 10% commission.

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  9. MMA says:

    Who signed the deals to have bobby K fight & brings him opponents——-promoters, 100000% promoters use bobby K to fight ticket sellers so the promoters make money and bobby K does get a cut; Teddy Ash sold 7k in tickets & bobby k took a fight for $500 so please do the math…..

    Bobby K makes promoters keep money in their pocket & gives the ticket sellers a gaurenteed win.

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Unfortunately, from what I hear Bobby is a big ticket seller, at least in Edmonton so promoters will continue to use him for that reason alone!

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  11. alex says:

    ryan hall is fighting mma?!

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    Ken has stated in the past that Bobby sells tickets so clearly his motivation for having this train wreck on his shows is financial.

    You can stop the logic there if you’d like but by extension its the consumer who is driving this behavior.

    Maybe not you and maybe not your buddy but someone is paying to watch Bobby go down faster than an out of work porn star on a casting couch.


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  13. Archie says:

    Thank Ganesh the MB commision has some sense. Must be hard to find someone to fight Doerksen with his experience and skill he’s too good for average fighters and too dangerous for up and comers to risk losing against. HEard the Crow needs an opponent?

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  14. Gossip Queen says:

    Ooops…Forgot to add Elias Theodorou is on CTV’s The Listener this week so I just added it.

    Check out Theodorou’s performance at 10pm ET Wednesday!

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  15. Robin Black says:

    I play Sammy The Scuzzbag on this episode of The Listener too.

    Elias plays the beloved star MMA fighter.

    Sounds about right.

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  16. Woodrow says:

    The crow is matched up alrdy Archie

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  17. PUCK says:

    Ya its not Bobby’s fault at all, He’s see’s himself (from what I have seen) as a legit fighter so if someone offers him a fight he takes it? If you get a promotion at your job (and you know you don’t deserve it) do you say “no thanks boss I’m not good enough?” ….I don’t think so? Plus, you guys think commisions work for They want the revenue just as bad so they tend to get pressured into some fights to happen…is that right maybe not but it is that way? In my mind AFC is just as bad as KOTC as they would use him in a heart beat if they needed him, they proved it?

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  18. Bdc says:

    most commissions dont make more if it is full or not they have a charge and usually if they take some gate it has a max amount that gets reached fairly early off.

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  19. Donald Duck says:

    Puck raises an interesting point.

    Commissions as a general rule aren’t profit centres however they usually have a city/municipal licensing person working for them who does charge good money.


    Never thought about it that way….


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