Dickson Looks to Rebound Against Omic at Havoc FC 3

Ryan Dickson (photo: Mike Fischl)

Ryan Dickson (photo: Mike Fischl)

Havoc Fighting Championship has announced a dynamite fight between two incredible up and coming Welterweights at Havoc FC 3. Advin Omic will be attempting to extend his winning streak to seven straight as Ryan Dickson looks to erase the memory of his first pro loss when they meet in the co-main event in Red Deer on September 6th. With a decisive victory here either man should be a lock for the #11 spot in Canada or who knows, they could possibly squeak into the top ten and oust one of the current crop of Canadian Welterweight monsters.

Advin Omic will enter the Welterweight tilt on the strength of 6 consecutive victories including four submission stoppages. Overall Omic has compiled a 12-3 record in his 5 years as a pro with notable wins over the likes of Jose Rodriquez, Chase Maxwell and most recently exacting some revenge for his teammate Ryan Machan against Michael Madrid in April with a dominant third round rear naked choke. The Arashi-Do product will look to claw his way closer to the top ten of an extremely deep Welterweight division in Canada where he currently sits just on the outside looking in.

Ontario’s Ryan Dickson is just 23 years old but made a big impact in his first two years of competition rattling off five straight finishes against some stiff competition, including a huge victory over Brandt Dewsbery. Dickson’s dream of extending his record to a perfect 6-0 turned into a nightmare when he ran into Alex Garcia at Challenge MMA’s inaugural event. Dickson hung with Garcia all the way to the end proving that he was ready for the next step in his MMA career but Garcia ultimately took the fight on the scorecards.

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  1. Darren Owen says:

    Good matchmaking.

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  2. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Kinda of wonder about this fight actually happening because you’d think both guys would be at September’s TUF Tryouts!

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  3. Big tymer says:

    Sick fight!

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  4. Mma manager says:

    Who is the matchmaker for this event

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  5. Woodrow says:

    Darren i agree:)……….TUF is end of the month, leaves 2 weeks in between. Sept 22 is the tryout only

    Jesse- thank you for the opportunity we really are excited

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  6. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Cheers Woodrow!

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  7. Havoc / Fox says:

    Jesse fox and Ryan Machan are match making

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  8. Mike kent says:

    I will be ready to fight in September , how about krahn vs kent rematch ?

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  9. Mike kent says:

    Or anyone at all in Canada ?

    Except Allen hope, that guy scares the fuck outta me

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  10. Tony Curtis says:

    Kent may be willing to fight, but he will never be ready. From undefeated prospect(only fighting winless chumps), to gatekeeper and now tomato can in such a short time…and you know you won’t fight anyone in Canada. You’ve backed out of a couple fights knowing you would get hurt, really bad, like in your previous bout…supposedly

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  11. Mike kent says:

    Lol Thanks man ! Wouldn’t quote consider myself a gatekeeper quite yet , lost to Canada top middle weight prospect and a huge lhw , In 11 fights two losses aren’t bad. I fought my last two fights badly injured and it showed I wasn’t gonna play that game against the crow ?

    We know each other ?

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  12. Mike kent says:

    Love how I lost two fights and I’m a can ! Lmao , I’ve never not been prepared for a fight , when or lose I always come prepared !

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  13. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Don’t take it personal, it’s just the 2 losses and 2 cancelations have everyone up in arms!

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  14. Mike kent says:

    I wasn’t thrilled about it either . I wanted both bouts badly. When I found out I would only be out of gym 4 weeks we seen if doerkson was still available but Allen had already taken fight. I would never pull out of fight I didn’t have too . I’ve fought injured before and it wasn’t pretty. The AFC, main event , against loiseau was a dream . Nothing any trolls can say to me can make me feel worse then I did when I got hurt

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  15. Hey now says:

    @kent your a nut job bud , realistically you lost to Krahn as well , should have been a no contest at best , you are always on here talking , making excuses …. Saying you will fight anyone . You didn’t even put up a fight against Elias . You lost to a one dimensional fighter in chemelli , you can’t say a big lhw you both weighed in at the same weight. Chemelli should be fighting at 85 .

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  16. Mike kent says:

    Tim’s a great guy and good fighter , he beat me fair and square not complaints or excuses and I lost to Elias . There’s controversy around the krahn fight so we should do it again . I’m down.

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  17. Cody Krahn says:

    Shouldn’t we be talking about this awesome matchup? Omic finally gets to fight again (seems he has trouble finding fights) and he gets a tough test in a very game opponent. Great matchup for both guys and it will be a big win for whomever comes out on top.

    As for myself I’m only thinking about my fight with Clay Davidson this Saturday. Going through the headache of setting up another fight with Mike is the furthest thing on my mind and for the most part has been a huge waste of time and energy.

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  18. Mike kent says:

    Ok your right , shouldn’t have invaded this post this Is a great fight between to top caliber guys I apologize for that

    I thought u would be interested Cody and you told me yourself you wanted rematch. No headache , no issues , any promotion anytime around or in September.

    Good luck this Saturday should have waited until after the fight to say this ! Hope you walk away with the W and we set up rematch on your terms in your area

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  19. Mash says:

    U guys arent annoying at all!!! Way to steal the interest away from two top WW. Who are you guys anyway?

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