The Boss Takes Summer Off; No Valimaki Fight at Challenge MMA

The Boss wants the summer off.

The Boss wants the summer off.

The fight was agreed to, the contracts were signed, and the tickets were printed. Steve Bossé was taking on Victor Valimaki in the main event of Challenge MMA 2 on August 17.

Not anymore.

Top MMA News has learned that Steve Bossé has pulled out of the fight, much to the dismay of his manager Gary Chartrand, who also owns Challenge MMA.  Bossé suffered a minor finger injury in his Challenge MMA 1 victory over Caleb Grummet, but that was completely healed.

Valimaki’s management, Fight Empire, were told that Bossé decided that he wanted to take the summer off after originally agreeing to the bout. Valimaki had an executed contract that was signed a month ago.  Bossé will look to fight in November instead.

Fight Empire has confirmed that the fight is off.  The fight with Bossé was the only thing stopping Valimaki from beginning his training at Tristar.  With the path to the famous Montreal gym cleared, Valimaki could become a training partner of Bossé.

Valimaki’s management will look to fill this summer hole in Valimaki’s fight schedule.  They have tentative plans for a bout in October.

4 Responses to “ The Boss Takes Summer Off; No Valimaki Fight at Challenge MMA ”

  1. MMA says:

    Lol victor isn’t pulling out wow

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  2. LOL says:

    Since Valmacki has trouble making weight, he should fight Hudson;)

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  3. GI Jane says:

    I don’t blame Bosse for pulling out of this fight. Its hard to get motivated to train hard throughout the summer knowing there is a 100 percent chance just before fight time victor will come up with another myriad of excuses not to fight, mean while its too short notice to get a replacement opponent, your out of purse money, training expenses and you’ve just ruined your summer when you could have been hanging out at the beach working on the tan, while blazeing a few fat ones and guzzling back the lager n ale.

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  4. Jim l says:

    @GI Jane that sounds like victors training camp

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