AFC 20 Weigh-In Results


AFC-THUMBAggression Fighting Championship is in Calgary, Alberta this weekend for their 20th show. The show is held on Stampede week and is sure to attract a crowd. If you are in Calgary, why not pick up a pair of tickets HERE. If not, you can always watch it live on their Internet PPV.

AFC held their weigh-ins today.  Main eventer Noah Ali made his 135lb target, however his opponent Mike O’Neill weighed in at three pounds heavy and will be fined 25% of his purse.  Top MMA News is also told that he could be fined for showing up late to weigh-ins.

Here are the weigh-in results:

135lbs- Noah Ali (135.5) vs. Mike O’Neill (138)**
155lbs- Matt Krayco (155.5) vs. Matt Spisak (155.5)
155lbs- Trent House (155.5) vs. Brandon Shorter (155.5)
135lbs- Owen Carr (135.5) vs. Brent Fryia (135.5)
170lbs- Marcus Vinicios (169.6) vs. Dia Grant (171)
145lbs- Nathan Wilkins (146) vs. Corey Houston (145.5)
185lbs- Dusty Kramps (185.5) vs. Zach Manywounds (181.5)
145lbs- Jared Silverthorn (145) vs. Will Monzon (146)
170lbs- Brandon Ypma (168.5) vs. Beau Bentley (169.5)

*** Overweight and fined 25% of purse

11 Responses to “ AFC 20 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. TheMac says:

    didnt make weight? i wonder what hes going to use as his excuse than. Hard weight cut is off the list

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  2. TheMac says:

    As for showing up late to the weigh-ins, is it the promotions fault? They did provided the transportation right? Or was everyone forced to flag down a cab.

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  3. G.O says:

    Mike Didnt have a hotel room til thursday at 3pm weigh ins were at 5. Does that seem like enough time to cut?
    as for being late have no idea. I’m asuming AFC had rides, That being said this is a Calgay show and AFC hasnt given us a good Calgary show yet :( they save their best always for Edmonton

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  4. TheMac says:

    Prestige usually puts together a good card out here in Fort-Mac

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  5. Allan Munroe says:

    Where’s the Arnett vs mark weigh in result? Was this fight cancelled?

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  6. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Arnett was announced out a few days back, fight is off

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  7. Shoot says:

    Other fighters were in the same boat with hotel rooms, but made weight. They went out of their way to find a gym with a sauna tocut the weight. O’Neil arrived on Wednesday, while fighters who flew in Thursday had no trouble making weight. This was more of O’Neil not knowing how to cut weight properly and not taking care of what he needed to take care of.

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  8. caveman bully says:

    My flight arrived early early thursday morning.
    Any ways sorry for missing the weight. I hope to give the fans a great fight tonight. Thanks everyone for the opportunity.

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  9. Matt says:

    Regardless of who, where , when or why there was weight issues the bigger issue is AFC after an amazing card how can you back track so much and have a card with such little calibre that Oneill vs Ali is main event??? There was at least 6 fights on the show last week that could have headlined and you stacked one show and left this one with no grab…. and no way this should be a main event. Best fight is the carr vs fryia as far as hype and skill go and there mid card???

    Terrible promotimg when you could have made 2 amazing cards with the roster from the last week and now but left this card to crap the bed

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  10. Matt says:

    is GFL planning on asking people to pay for this card after they messed up the ppv worthy card last week?

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  11. Dante says:

    Its obvious that the money is in Edmonton as far as owners go for the AFC as well returned revenue with those shows. I agree that last weeks card should have had some of those fights swapped out with Calgary’s. Perhaps spacing their shows further apart would be more beneficial so that their own roster could step in to replace injured fighters.

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