ONE FC 10 – September 13


ONE FC LogoDate: September 13, 2013
Venue: Istora Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia
TV: Internet PPV

Fight Card:
155lbs- Kotetsu Boku (20-8-2) vs. Vuyisile Colossa (5-4)
155lbs- Vincent Latoel (13-13-2) vs. Willy Ni (15-7)
205lbs- James Kouame (2-1) vs. Jake Butler (2-0)
145lbs- Bashir Ahmad (2-0) vs. Bruno Pucci (2-0)
205lbs- Eugenio Tan (1-1) vs. Vincent Majid (0-0)
135lbs- Raymond Tan (1-0) vs. Brianata Rosadhi (1-0)
265lbs- Mahmoud Hassan (1-1) vs. Alain Ngalani (0-0)

Preliminary Card:
155lbs- Caros Fodor (7-3) vs. Yang Seung Ho (6-0)
145lbs- Max Metino (0-0) vs. Long Sophy (0-0)
125lbs- Kian Phan (6-7) vs. Almiro Barros (0-0)

20 Responses to “ ONE FC 10 – September 13 ”

  1. LOL says:

    One FC should get a hold of Hudson’s camp and have him fight Cheng.
    I know Hudson wanted that fight before and AFC was trying to put it together before Cheng went to One FC.

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  2. east coast mma says:

    That would be a good battle!

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  3. Wardog says:

    I think Cheng would be in deep trouble he wouldn’t get out of the first round alive.

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  4. Wardog says:

    Don’t make me retire Cheng too.he has such a promising career.

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  5. hasslehoff says:

    Come on wardog, 1 win over a mediocre at best HW and now you have such a big head. If this is an attempt to piss off other fighters in your weight class to find fights, I suggest going a different route. Pickings my be slim at HW, but I guarantee there are plenty of LHW’s willing to go up a weight class, if you would accept. Five-star had many legit LHW”s to consider, plus they will be a much tougher fight then Peck, whom you should beat

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  6. Wardog says:

    Deffently would accept,anybody who’s willing to come up to my weight class.

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  7. Oilcity30 says:

    Haha wardung, chill out get another win over a viable heavyweight and then you can talk. Sorry fighting Peck does nothing for your credentials. I’m a fan but don’t let it go to your head. Had your idiot manager not signed you to fivestar exclusivly you might beable to fight more often and test yourself. That contract is gonna hurt you man and boxing ain’t the same as mma so you better hope fivestar can get you some big fights or your career is in a stalemate. That’s just my opinion. Peace !!!

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  8. Woodrow says:

    Wardog is in the house

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  9. Paul Hudson says:

    It’s not the same,you make more money!

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  10. LOL says:


    Who would you have Hudson fight.
    Its up to Fivestar and they offered Peck.
    Who’s a viable Heavyweight in Canada for him to fight.
    And from what I was toldFivestar was suppose to keep Hudson active.Apparently Shane and Craig were misled by Fivestar since Craig has to wait for Peck 6 mths instead of Fivestar finding him another opponent!
    They had ample opportunity to do so, with having 2 cards coming up before November.

    So I ask you again who is this viable heavyweight you would have Hudson fight?

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  11. Oilcity30 says:

    How do you make more money of you fight less???? Bigger fights equal bigger paychecks right. Hey I’m a Wardog fan I just wAnna see him fight that’s all. Wish AFC would have scooped him up bigger fights for him there. Hague 2 maybe Starnes anyway good luck in your career Craig !!!

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  12. Oilcity30 says:

    To be honest LOL all the big names are locked up everywhere else except Hague. I’m sure ill take heat for it but I would rather see Craig vs Hague 2 than Craig vs Peck. But I don’t know much about Peck so I shouldn’t judge. I think a win over Hague for Craig is huge revenge that lose. I’m more upset that fivestar has shelved him. Hague vs Hundson in penticton would have been HUGE. Fivestar where you at and why so long before Craig is back in the cage?

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  13. Paul Hudson says:

    Boxing ain’t the same,you make more money! His fight career wont be at a stalemate.

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  14. Wardog says:

    Thanks Oil city,wasn’t trying to be rude just having fun calling out Cheng.

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  15. Fivestar Canada says:

    Just to clear a few things up.

    We have not sidelined Craig. After the Fortin Fight in DC, we talked with Craig and Shane and we all agreed to the fight with Peck in the fall, due to Hudson & Pecks work schedules that was the best time for everyone.
    Along with the fact that Peck was supposed to fight Jordan Tracey for the # 1 contender spot on that same night and Tracey pulled out last minute, we all agreed it would be the fair thing to do to give Peck the next shot.

    Shane contacted us a few weeks back asking if we would be ok with Craig boxing, we had no issue with that and told him to box as much as he wants as long as it doesn’t conflict with his scheduled bout.

    Originally the Peck fight was booked for Oct but due to scheduling issues we had to bump the card back to Nov 8.

    At no time have we got any complaints from Shane or Craig about this matter and in fact have a great communication line with both.

    And for the record we were in discussions with Hague to fight in Penticton and to potentially fight the winner of Peck & Hudson.
    However, we have not been able to make a deal with Hague to this point.

    Hope this clears some things up for everyone

    As Said before, we think Craig is a great guy and we are happy to have him as our HW champ and we will do our best to bring the best talent available in to fight him


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  16. RickRoll says:

    Hudson, would love to see your redeem the Hague loss on your record.

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  17. Wardog says:

    Thanks RickRoll would decently get that loss back.

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  18. Kimurawear says:

    Lets get the Wardog a Fight!!!!

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    Andrew Leone replaces Yasuhiro Urushitani against Shinichi Kojima, added Kotetsu Boku vs. Vuyisile Colossa and James Kouame vs. Jake Butler

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    Added finalized card including Caros Fodor vs. Yang Seung Ho, also added Internet PPV link

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