Canadian Rumour Mill – July 8, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Wow. Still in shock from Saturday’s crowning of Chris Weidman as UFC Middleweight champion. Anderson Silva told Showdown Joe days before the fight that the best outcome for Saturday would be Weidman’s hand raised as champion and then it happens. Spiders are strange creatures!

  • It looks like Allen Hope has stepped in to replace the injured Mike Kent and will take on Joe Doerksen at CFC 8 on September 13th in what may be Joe Doerksen’s retirement fight.

  • Unified MMA 17 will feature a battle between two of western Canada’s hottest WW prospects with Rocky Biggs (5-0) takes on Mark Drummond (4-1).
  • Typhoon season will officially start in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 13th when Paul Cheng makes his OneFC debut!
  • Why can’t we be friends… Jason Saggo corners Jesse Ronson for his win over Shane Campbell and now is most likely going to be “The Body Snatcher’s” first AFC LW title defense. Gotta love friends punching each other in the face for gold! 
  • Tim Chemelli and Dwayne Lewis are looking at rematching one another for their next AFC bout.  This will partially depend on the status of Lewis’ leg/hamstring injury.
  • There are currently no scheduled Bellator dates set for Canada.
  • All ammy fights have been cancelled for Xcessive Fighting Championship on September 3rd due to Bill S-209. Jarod Milko if off the card now as well.
  • Marc-Andre Drolet will serve as matchmaker for Rumble on the Rez 3 which takes place on August 31st. He will also serve as consultant to the OCN Blizzard hockey team which is putting on the event in The Pas. 
  • Haven’t heard much from Jesse Bongfeldt recently, but just a quick tidbit here. Have you realized that Jesse’s only UFC loss is to current UFC MW champ Chris Weidman!

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  1. Fightfan2 says:

    I heard there is a pro mma event in london ontario in the fall. Anyone know if true? I would love to attend. I also heard a rumour Alin is matchmaker as well. Really hope thats not true as we should expect only 5 fights this time:)

    Please call alex or marc andre or woodrow or someone skilled not a coach who nobody likes

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  2. We talked about the London show last week. Matchmaker is Alex Caporicci.

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  3. MKB says:

    A ton of solid young lightweights in Canada. Saggo, Ronsen, Mcinness, Ricci, Aubin-Mercier, Nallo, Laprise, Meisel, Assenza. I’m sure I am leaving some obvious ones out.

    Should be interesting to see who rises to the top.

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  4. @MKB…. I think Ronson has already risen to the top of that list.

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  5. Alex Caporicci says:

    PFC brought myself, Woodrow James and Robin Black on board for the show on October 26th in London. I’m really looking forward to it as London is a great fight town and some great fighters are from the area.

    Looks like we have our main event locked down and I think you guys will like it. Just working on some other fights now with the team and things are looking great!

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  6. alin says:

    @Fightfan2 , you been saying a lot of bad things about me on this forum and I try to ignore all you bs, I also try to post on this forum only when I have to say something positive about our sport. I learn my lesson from getting in useless conversations on this web site with guys with same human qualities as yourself. If you are a real fight fan your comments shod be about fights and the quality of them and how we can improve our sport locally but your comments here are all comments full of heaters against me and my fighters.

    You call me here a few times a person that nobody likes, a bad business man, a bad match maker and may other things…

    I just want you to know that I am a very happy and blessed man: I grow up in this sport and this sport change my life in a positive way and I will do martial arts in till I die. I am a very proud father, my son its my life and he make’s me smile every day I waik up. I am a very happy coach as I take many kids from 0-0 experience and make them into real fighters. As a business man I own my own business for 10 years and I am very happy with the results I am getting all this come with a lot of hard work as I emigrate to canada and speak little english so it was not easy to be honest with you. As a match maker I will hate to compare myself with the guys you just mentioned but one of them Marc Andre its my good friend and if anybody wants to have him as a match maker is a very good decision, he has great integrity and great knowledge about the sport. The other two names you mention had good success in the past and again if somebody wants them to work for them I will not disagree with there decision.

    If you are a real man and you know me please message me and help me understand where is all the hate against me coming from? I am not a perfect person and I make mistakes like everybody else and if I offended you and your team in any way in my journey please let me know and I am sure we can talk like man and resolve our issue. anyways my email is and I hope to hear from you

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  7. L.F says:

    Alin why waste your time on scum?;

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Big time respect to Kru Alin.

    Don’t worry about whoever is posting under fightfan2 Coach, you have earned your respect many times over.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    re: London

    Alex and Woody are matching it and I’m thrilled that the promoters consider me a consultant.

    Excited to see a few more shows in Ontario before the year is over.

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  10. Woodrow says:

    Very happy to be working on this project with robin/alex and the PFC crew!!!

    Alin and myself we dont see eye to eye on numerous things but he def deserves alot of credit for his accomplishments. And in the past he has proven himseld when he matchmade several succesful ahows. Hope to someday talk over a beer with him.

    I am just happy to be returning to london after sPending 5 years living and training there with many names on this card!

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  11. hasslehoff says:

    It is impossible to please everyone as a matchmaker for any event, although some are understand mma and are more knowledgeable than others. Of course locally, people will want to see those fighting from the gyms they are connected to. All politics aside, any event that takes place in Ontario is a great thing and accomplishment. I look forward to the release of the fight card and heading to London to watch

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  12. Jimmy says:

    It’s awesome that there is going to be another show in London! I just hope it happens and more than 100 people oay to watch it. Ontario fans need to get out and support these shows so they come back. Has any promoter outside of UFC and BELLATOR made any money yet?

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  13. Appreciate the kind words Alin. I just try to be honest and transparent with everything I do, and don’t think anybody is greater than the sport itself.

    You are a good friend, and I’ve never heard anything bad about you in all the years in this sport.

    Everybody in the know has respect for Kru Alin. He was doing this before you guys thought this was even cool.

    Alex, Woody, and Robin are more than capable to do an amazing job with any show they work with. Nobody needs me out east.

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  14. RickRoll says:

    Why would Chemelli rematch Lewis again? Lewis won Unanimous decision. Controversy?

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  15. m.k says:

    just for another 15 minutes of fun! why not?

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  16. alin says:

    me and the woody man can have a beer any time :) I always have respect for everybody involved in the sport, we all try our best and we will not think the same many times but we leave in the best democrat state in the world so it is normal to not agree on everything, but as long we stay positive and we work hard the sport will grow in our province. We have a great Ontario combat sport community and as long as we work togheter the sport will grow same the athletes and ground proving promotions. If we will hate everything that the other groups or team do we will not get to far…

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  17. Tim Chemelli says:

    @rickroll I only had 2 weeks notice. I wasn’t training and only put in a few sessions with the time I had. I asked to have a rematch put in the contract in case I lost.
    Lewis is a top ranked fighter and being able to go all 3 rds with what I had to work with I think I’ve earned another shot at him.
    Not saying I’d bet him just want a proper camp I took the fight out of respect for him and the ACF didn’t want them losing him on the card.

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  18. Tim Chemelli says:

    AFC not ACF… Stupid touch phone!!!

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  19. RickRoll says:

    Fair enough answer. It makes sense that way. Good luck in your rematch. If you want an easier fight you could just beat up Tim Hague? He has been losing to 185 lb guys, cant imagine what you would do to him being a 205 guy

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m a big D-Bomb fan, both Dwayne and Sandy know this, BUT I thought Tim Chemelli won a very close fight by a 29-28. I felt he won rds 1 and 2 and Dwayne took the 3rd (2nd was close and coulda gone either way).
    Don’t agree with 30-27 D-Bomb as scored by 2 judges and Cody.

    Am I glad Dwayne won, of course. Just thought it was very close and Tim pulled it off.

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  21. Aaron Robinson says:

    I’m with Bobby, slightly. I definitely thought Tim won the 1st, 2nd was VERY close, Dwayne won the 3rd by staying busier. Tough fight to call either way, perhaps the judges were influenced by the 100’s of Lewis Army members in the crowd. Either way, looking forward to the rematch.

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  22. Allen hope says:

    I’m glad somebody said it because I agree with bobby I had Tim winning 2 of the 3 rounds .

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  23. Dean Panas says:

    Tim and Dwayne’s fight was very tough to score. I thought Tim was a head slightly in the first but Dwayne landed 4 or 5 hard leg kicks late in the round that were probably enough to steal it.

    Second was definite a coin flip and could go either way. Might be the closest round to a 10-10 I have seen.

    Third was Dwayne’s for sure. When I heard Don announce 30-27 and not follow it with “Lewis” I knew it was a unanimous decision for Dwayne.

    I am looking forward to the next one. Not sure how it will end, but it will be a different fight then this one.

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  24. Raveen says:

    vinicios vs grant ???

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  25. Darren Owen says:

    AFC 19 available to watch for free now online at

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  26. Jack says:

    Why would anyone want to re watch AFC 19, we already know
    What happen. Nice try Darren, maybe get your shit together the first time.

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  27. Woodrow says:

    Thanks darren. I really wannna watch

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  28. berg says:

    Thanks man was a good card top to bottom finally got to watch the third round of Starnes/Hague and Sagoo. Hopefully they can sort out these glitches at gfl going forward.

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  29. mikey says:

    rematch will be a KO for dwayne early.

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  30. RickRoll says:

    Lewis/Chemelli rematch sounds good to me.

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  31. Tim Chemelli says:

    @mikey he had 3rds to KO me. Not saying it won’t happen lol but one thing for sure is we both will come out a lot faster this time. Im excited for the rematch.

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