Jesse Gross on Tristan Johnson Win at ECC 17


Jesse Gross at ECC d17

Jesse Gross takes Tristan Johnson for a ride (photo: Martin Blais)

Adrenaline Training Center’s Jesse Gross talks with Top MMA News’ Derek Leblanc following his win at ECC 17 on May 11, 2013. In the interview, Gross talks about:

  • his game plan against Tristan Johnson,
  • his grandmother flying to every fight he has gone to except Afghanistan,
  • being known as a ground and pounder, and
  • what is next for him.

2 Responses to “ Jesse Gross on Tristan Johnson Win at ECC 17 ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Hopefully Gross will fight in my area again. I thought his last WRECK scrap was an early stoppage.

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  2. Hawkes says:

    Good interview. Derek is becoming a much better interviewer! And I’m always a fan of Jesse.

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