UFC 162 Results – Weidman New UFC Middleweight Champ


UFC Logo ThumbnailMain Card: (PPV)
Chris Weidman defeats Anderson Silva by TKO in Round 2
***Weidman win UFC Middleweight title

Frankie Edgar defeats Charles Oliveira by unanimous decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
Tim Kennedy defeats Roger Gracie by unanimous decision (30-27×2,29-28)
Cub Swanson defeats Dennis Siver by TKO (strikes) in Round 3, 2:21
Mark Munoz defeats Tim Boetsch by unanimous decision

Preliminary Card: (Sportsnet360/FX)
Andrew Craig defeats Chris Leben by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Norman Parke defeats Kazuki Tokudome by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
Gabriel Gonzaga defeats Dave Herman by TKO (punches) in Round 1, 0:17
Edson Barbosa defeats Rafaello Oliveira by TKO (leg kicks) in Round 2, 1:44

Preliminary Card: (Facebook)
Brian Melancon defeats Seth Baczynski by KO (punches) in Round 1, 4:59
Mike Pierce defeats David Mitchell by TKO (punches) in Round 2, 2:55

8 Responses to “ UFC 162 Results – Weidman New UFC Middleweight Champ ”

  1. TK says:

    Wow, I am pretty shocked to see Anderson take a dive worthy of Bobby K.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Chris knocked his clowning ass the f^ck out.

    But ya gotta feel a bit bad for Silva. After all the brilliant things he’s done, that asinine performance will always be a part of his ‘legacy’.


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  3. Who knew dancing around with your hands on your hips pretending to be out on your feet was not smart when someone is trying to punch you?

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Wow… it’s crazy how someone can go from the GOAT to the laughing stock of MMA in such a short period of time! There’s no doubt Silva is one of the best ever, but it’s always kinda annoyed me how cocky he was. It was bound to happen sometime!

    Next up, Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. or Silva vs Nick Diaz, That is if Silva was serious about not wanting to fight for the title anymore! Fuck it… How about SILVA vs. FEDOR!!! haha

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  5. GNP says:

    I watched it a few times .. It really didn’t look like he got hit that hard till he hit the ground…but who can say … I heard he gets an automatic rematch… And maybe another 600k….

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  6. m.k says:

    I don’t think anderson gave a shit about winning or losing that fight. He went there acting like an idiot keeping his hands down in close range. he knows his timing and distancing like no other fighters in the UFC. He just stood there with his hands down arrogantly, even pretending to be rocked at first. He didnt give a shit if Chris clipped him and won the fight.

    His big focus is fighting RJJ in a boxing match. You can’t have a bigger focus than your UFC title shot, or you will lose(exactly like he did). If Anderson wanted this fight he would have taken it more seriously and i honestly think he would still have the belt. He didn’t want it bad enough and he knows it. What a pile of BS.
    Look back at when he fought Chris Leben, not once did he Showboat in that fight, put his hands down and mock him, or anything like that. He was there for business and he got the job done. That’s how Anderson needs to fight. Same with when he fought Vitor. All business, no running back and standing against the cage with his hands down. He needs to sort himself the fuck out.

    Get his little fantasy boxing match, “please mr. roy jones, let me test my box for you” out of the way and get back to winning the title.

    check out the video below of a pre fight interview of anderson silva. it shows that his head is just not in the right place. crazy prick didnt give a fuck if wideman beat him DASSITTT!!!


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  7. Silva hater says:

    I don’t think that Silva and RJJ fight would be that exciting. RJJ has taken way to many punches in his day and is not even a shadow of what he used to be. It would be like when Dave Semenko had an exhibition fight against Ali. Worst performance ever…

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  8. Cody Krahn says:

    loving the theories on why anderson lost and how people are suddenly shitting on him. For as long as Andersons’ been fighting he’s showboated, and for 7 years in the UFC it worked. Now one guy gets one punch through and suddenly he deserved it? I hope Weidman is spending lots of time with that belt because he’s only borrowing it.

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