Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – Canada Day 2013 Edition

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and enjoyed their time with friends and family and some sweet fireworks!  Now let’s start this week off with news that Harvey Panesar is running for council in Edmonton. The Aggression promoter will be running for Councillor in Ward 11 of Edmonton, Alberta. Also, big congrats to Isaac Hockley, promoter of Battle for the Border, who got engaged this Canada Day!

  • The Canadian HW ranks are thin and now I’m hearing that they may be, unfortunately, getting even thinner. Ryan Fortin is retiring from the sport due to injuries. 
  • Nick Ring is out of his UFC on Fox Sports 1 bout with Uriah Hall. Josh Samman replaces him. 
  • Kru Ash, Fabio Holanda, David Zilberman will be Patrick Cote‘s coaches on TUF. Also maybe someone like Carlos Newton as The Predator has mentioned that he’ll be bringing a Canadian legend on the show.  Canada’s first UFC champion certainly qualifies! 

  • Now that Bill S-209 is passed and in effect, New Brunswick MMA looks to be growing. Promoters Ed Hoyt and Joel Arsenault have both separately expressed interest in holding shows in New Brunswick. 
  • Todd Stoute will look to get back on the winning track on September 28th. 
  • Add Alex Ricci to the list of boys trying out for TUF. I’m hearing Ryan Ford won’t be attending the tryouts. 
  • The Provincial Fighting Championships show in London, Ontario on October 26 is firming up. Promoters are looking to bring in locals like Chris Horodecki, Chad Laprise, and Jesse Gross on the show.  Anyone willing to drive to London to take on one of these beasts? 
  • The K-1 World Max Final 16 will take place in Mallorca, Spain and Shane “Shaolin” Campbell will be one of the 16 men entering the tournament and vying for the K-1 Max World Title on September 14th. Good luck Shane! 
  • Nick Penner will take on Rob Nichols in a pro boxing bout.

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19 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – Canada Day 2013 Edition ”

  1. If Harvey Panesar wins the election, does he become one of Pat Reid’s bosses?

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  2. EPerez says:

    Carlos Newton was so far ahead of his time. Unbelievable set of tools.

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  3. Ryan W. says:

    Sad to hear about Kent. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Kent vs Crow should be made by ECC. That’s a fight that’ll get crowds out.

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  4. MMA says:

    @cody Remple what is your email?


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  5. harry balls says:

    Ah, Mike. Sorry for your bad luck man. Get healthy my man.

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  6. jay t says:

    What’s wrong with Fortin?

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  7. jay t says:

    What injuries?

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  8. LoL says:

    Probably from the beating Hudson gave him!
    I heard Fortin’s ribs and leg didn’t look to good after in locker room!
    And if you see any of the body shot photos of the fight you could see why!

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  9. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I sincerely hope…any injuries sustained in the fight with Craig…were only temporary…Ryan was all class before during and after the fight…its sad to see him retire at such a young age…

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  10. Demitri (trev) says:

    To bad about fortin. Always enjoyed watching him fight!

    Penner boxing? Why?

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  11. cray says:

    appears Calgary commission is no better than Edmonton they will be doing illegal amateur MMA. Need a provincial commission asap with MMA people on it.

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  12. Mike Russell says:

    Go Lorenz.

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  13. harpoonhank says:

    Bummer for Kent, i agree with Ryan W. i think ECC would do well to put on Kent vs The Crow. Winner fights Elias for the belt?

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  14. K Rasmus says:

    Penner is going to eat some technique from Rob Nichols .

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  15. Fighter says:

    Are Penner and Nichols boxing or MMA?

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  16. Boxing. Nick has retired from MMA.

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  17. Josh says:

    Doerksen Vs Crow II anyone?

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  18. Keelan Smyth says:

    Congrats to Shane on making it to the K-1 Max tournament, there are some amazing Canadian kick boxers out there doing some serious damage like Simon Marcus, Matt Embree & Joesph Valtellini

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  19. alandale says:

    Harvey being a potential Councillor would fit right into the ECSC who has 6 out of 7 members with direct ties to the UofA, who through a sheer coincidence, brought Patty Cakes to Edmonton in the first place for his spectacular failure of the Universiade Games bid that blew up in their faces.

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