Fight Xchange Episode 8 Recap: Brazilians Head to Great Fight North


Fight XChangeThis episode is in Toronto. At the start, Felipe Olivieri and Claudia Gadelha are met at the airport by Kara Kirsh and Nate Stark. They have come ready to fight.

Olivieri sees his fight in Canada as “an opportunity of a lifetime.” “It’s like a dream come true,” for Gadelha.

They are brought to their roomy house and they are thrilled with size. Gadelha calls is ‘gigantic’ while Olivieri says, “It’s wonderful, like paradise.” A far cry from cramped Brazilian apartments.

Gadelha has to cut only five pounds, but Olivieri is 180 lbs and needs to cut 25 lbs before his fight eight days from now.

The team heads to Evolucao Thai where they meet Mauricio Veio. The Brazilians need leggings and socks to stay warm in Canada. The Brazilians have no complaints about the gym nor Veio’s training.

Kara and her parents cook for the fighters. Of course, Olivieri can not eat very much. Kara’s mom is not a fan of the sport.

Daniel Almeida is a few day’s behind due to visa issues but eventually he makes his way to Toronto. They meet up at Evolucao Thai where they train with UFC Welterweight Sean Pierson. Pierson gives them wrestling tips. Gadelha says she learned a lot from Sean.

Almeida is at 210 lbs and will be fighting at 185. Olivieri has cut 10 pounds in two days.

The fighters head to a hockey game. Olivieri was “impressed by the speed of the game.” Looks like they all had a good time. Of course, they loved the fight.

Olivieri “thought it would be gentler like soccer, but in hockey they knock each other’s teeth out.” Gadelha could not believe they are allowed to fight.

The Brazilians then mix it up with the Hamilton Bulldogs mascot.

Zach Fitzgerald, a Bulldogs player and one of the most penalized players in the history of the AHL, meets them all after the game. They are impressed by his 20 fights that he has had this season. He signs pucks for them and talks fighting.

Gadelha heads to a bike shop and looks to buy a helmet. Salesman tells her he has been to Rio and “met all the hookers in Rio.” He gives her a deal and sponsors Claudia.

Next training session at Evolucao features UFC fighter Sam Stout and his Adrenaline Training Centre teammate Chris Horodecki teaching a striking class.

Almeida and Olivieri are having a difficult time trying to cut weight. Both are stressed about making weight.

Next Episode: The Brazilians fight.

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