Canadian Flyweight MMA Rankings – June 2013


The Canadian Flyweight division is as thin as a … well…as a Flyweight.

Since the UFC has started crowning a 125 lb champ, there has been a constant query to our Top MMA News mailbox “When will you start ranking Flyweights?”.  Well…here is our first crack at the small guys.  There are so few who actually fought at 125 in the past year that we have decided to make this a Top 3.  As more warriors start fighting in this division (Adrian Woolley, Keegan Oliver, Kyle Oliveira come to mind), Top MMA News will increase the number of ranked fighters as well.

Top 3 Canadian Flyweights

1. Mike Davis (11-3) – Previous Rank (NR) –  Mike Davis quickly submitted Mike Banin who really quickly submitted Randy Turner.  The results from these two fights speak for themself making it inarguable that Mike Davis is Canada’s first #1 ranked Flyweight.  This Arashi Do fighter and Unified MMA champion is on an eight fight win streak and his only loss since 2009 was in his KOTC Bantamweight title fight against Clayton Sheen.  Next for him should be a higher profile former UFCer (maybe Antonio Banuelos?) or maybe another top Bantamweight like Adrian Woolley or Randy Turner.  Next fight: TBD

Mike Davis

Mike Davis (photo: Rob Trudeau)

2. Mike Banin (3-2) – Previous Rank (NR)Mike Banin headed to WRECK MMA 2.0 to fight Jordan Preston, but when he got off the plane, he was fighting Randy Turner.  ‘No problem,’ says Banin, who quickly submitted the hometown favorite in the main event.   Next up for Banin was the Unified MMA Flyweight title shot against Mike Davis where he was stopped with a Rear Naked Choke in round 1. Nevertheless, Banin will always be respected as a fighter’s fighter who did not say ‘No’ to facing Turner and possibly winning the Upset of the Year in that fight.  Next fight: TBD

3. Randy Turner (7-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – A top ranked Bantamweight, Randy Turner made his Flyweight debut at WRECK 2.0.  Sure, that fight was a loss to Mike Banin, but “Relentless” still has impressive, higher weight wins against fighters like BJ Ferguson and Eric Perez that make him the indisputable third ranked Flyweight.  Unfortunately, Turner was to face Adrian Woolley in a Top Maple Leaf Matchup fight this week, but that Flyweight bout was scratched due to a Woolley injury.  Next fight: TBD.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10:  n/a

Outside the Top 10:
Steve Yhap (1-0)
Malcolm Gordon (1-0) – Next fight: vs Ahmed Akkar (at Bantamweight) at SCC on June 29, 2013.
Abdulah Teymouri (1-0)

Previous rankings: 

73 Responses to “ Canadian Flyweight MMA Rankings – June 2013 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    This sport and the way the business is done changes insanely fast. What worked a year ago is not relevant today.

    There are 300% as many fighters with good records today as even 2 years ago, and 200+ ex UFC guys wanting to get back. The competition is insane.

    And the knowledge base of the ‘deciders’ (Joe and Sean) is immense and still growing.

    They know who guys are. The know who the risk takers and finishers are. They don’t have time for anything else.

    Everyone wants a short cut. Everyone wants an easy way.

    But there are none. The deciders know what they want, and they know the guys who have it.

    I’m not leading Mike down the wrong path, I like Mike. I told him this stuff over a beer in Calgary.

    I mean, if a UFC fan who has a full time job doing something else thinks his ability to read a guy’s 13-1 record is of the same relevance as Joe or Sean’s 90 hour a week analysis of who a fighter really is they’re insane.

    An ambulance chaser type ‘manager’ called a fighter that I help get fights (and have had extensive conversations with the UFC about) and told him he could get him to the UFC.

    Anyone who ambulance chases guys who are 90% of the way there and makes false promises clearly doesn’t have the tools to help, but they bank on the fact that everyone is looking for a short cut.

    There are no short cuts. There are no easy routes.

    The guys who fight and beat the real actual legit guys (and how the hell can people think that the best matchmakers in history don’t know who the best guys are) are the guys who will make it.

    I’ve been meaning to write a more legit piece on this but I haven’t had the time to do a good job yet. Hopefully soon.

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  2. Louis Fisette says:

    I should just cut to 25. Mix things up a bit. It’s defenitly doable, still debating that

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  3. Well… the last five UFC PPVs had only four debuting fighters that did not come from Strikeforce. All four were women. 50% came in with at least two consecutive decision wins (Rosi Sexton and Sara McMann). Alexis Davis and Sheila Gaff came in with consecutive finishes.

    I would think that there are different rules for different UFC weight divisions simply because there is a larger supply of fighters in some divisions than others.

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  4. Chad Pearson says:


    Yes – you are probably the only one thinking that.

    It should be noted that when Adrian, Davis, and Tim comment, whether people think it’s trash talking or not, they don’t hide behind an alias like a little girl.

    If you’re going to comment like you did in 49 you should at least be a man and use your name. That goes for you too ‘Ninja’ (but at least your alias is original and scary).

    This blog is a great vehicle for great debate so man up and stop stripping its integrity.

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  5. VanCity Finest says:

    Davis to the UFC??? Are you crazy???

    Beating the likes of Bodwell, kynash and knapp will not strength your argument. Even if Davis poops a horseshoe, he will enjoy 90secs of getting his face smashed and curling up into a ball until the ref saves his life…one and done, just like the rest of those who don’t belong

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 15

  6. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Getting into the UFC isn’t rocket science. But getting in cause of so few spots is the tough part. If you don’t go the TUF route getting in is extremely tough. I believe I manage the last guy to get signed in Drysdale. Just stay active, win fights, fight with the most exposure, against mostly tough fighters and stay out of trouble.

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  7. Mike Davis says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. Chad Pearson says:

    Saw that one coming.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  9. Mike Davis says:

    Not saying no just contact manager at loud first round not my thing now

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 8

  10. Donald Duck says:

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  11. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Mike….so how many fights has your management gotten you so far? Just curious.

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  12. R*pe Choke says:

    Everyone in the MMA industry knows Malki Kawa is a crook. I’m sure a lot of fighters brag about being on his roster knowing that he manages guys like Bones but he doesn’t do shit for up and comers. He’s ghost in ur career until you get signed to the ufc. And hes ghost once u get cut too.

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  13. jerobe says:

    Yeah Mike you are only really fighting local MMA fighters right now. Tough locals dont get my wrong! Eric Wilson, Banin and Lauticher are all legit legit tough guys, big props. I dont think you need a manager unless your looking at Belletor or WSOF or something. Are you looking into those options Mike. Big props man, your really really good at 125!

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  14. Flyweights says:

    Looks like 125 is starting to heat up.

    Two large fights
    Mike Davis 11-3 vs Malcom Gordon 3-0
    Adrian Wolley 7-3 vs Chris Kelades 5-0

    Kyle Olivera 2-1 with big win over Keegan Oliver

    Also guys like
    Michael Banin 3-2, Corey Lauticher 5-2, Randy Turner 7-3, Steve Yhap 1-0, Abdulah Teymouri 1-0, Keegan Oliver 0-1 (6-0 ammy)

    Than heard these people speak of moving down to 125
    Josh hill 9-0, Louis Fisette 6-1, Eric Wilson 6-4, Austin Ryan 2-0, Rick Pfiefer 3-1

    See 2014 a big year with a top 10 rankings, anyone know of people planning to move down or missed?

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  15. Andrew says:

    Isn’t wooley and kelades at 135? Maybe you should add them to the talking about dropping down list

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  16. Andrew says:

    And i believe zamir safi has and probably will again fight at 125 he is 6-1 as an ammy and is a fly weight champ in the state’s somewhere making his pro debut sometime soon

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  17. Chad Pearson says:

    @Andrew – no it’s True…Wooley/Kelades is at 25.
    GREAT fight.

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  18. Flyweights says:

    Wolley vs Kelades is at 125 as chad said such a fantastic match up. Also looked at Zamir Safi and his next fights at 130 against Rick Pfifer so defiantly see both guys fighting at 125 soon. So that’s a fantastic match up now look at if Safi is 6-1 ammy vs rick 3-1 pro/ 4-2 ammy hope a lot of these guys start getting matched up now. Too Bad Remi Morvan and Mike Riley are MIA.

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  19. Canadian Fight Fan says:

    Why is Corey Lauticher not on this this he fought at 125 even though a loss like turner he still deserves to be mentioned. It’s been awhile since a fight but you guys have kept talent with long lay offs before.

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    After 1 year of inactivity one becomes ineligible for ranking… Lautischer has been out almost two years! Hope to see him back in the cage soon though!

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  21. mom's basement troll says:

    Anyword on Randy Turner ? would love to see him back in action vs Chris Kelades possibly since both need fights & Wilson is fighting Wooley now. Interesting to see how Wilson handles Pelletier & Wooley back to back so close great scraps.

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  22. MonsterMMA says:

    Chad Anheliger moving down to 125 asap

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  23. Canadian Flyweights says:

    regardless as the authority in Canadian MMA has an obligation to properly rank the top 10 flyweights in the country to give the little guys some recognition. The division has taken shape as of late and this website needs to recognize that.

    Here is my list of active flyweight fighters

    #1. Adrian Wooley
    #2. Malcolm Gordon
    #3. Mike Davis
    #4. Chris Kelades
    #5. Eric Wilson
    #6. Abdullah Teymouri

    and the rest of these fighters could go in any order: Rick Pfeifer, Austin Ryan, Bojan Kladnjakovic, Ahmed Akhar…

    if Josh Hill drops he should be number #1.

    Louis Fisette and Stephan Pelletier makes things interesting if they can successfully make the weight.

    I think these fighters have been inactive long enough to no longer be ranked even though they are some of the best flyweights in Canada:
    Michael Banin, Corey Lauticher, and of course Randy Turner.

    what do you think Canada ?

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