Smith/Ries Fight Result Changed to No Contest

Teague Smith vs Cody Ries at Unified MMA 16

Teague Smith vs Cody Ries (photo: Rob Trudeau)

The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission has changed the result of the Unified MMA 16 fight between Cody Ries and Teague Smith following a protest of a commission timing error from Teague Smith’s team.

The fight was held in Edmonton, Alberta on June 21, 2013.  In the back and forth fight, Cody Ries was named the winner by a unanimous decision following a fight of the night performance with Teague Smith.  All three judges scored it 29-28 for Ries.

Following the bout, Smith’s coach Luke Harris informed Top MMA News that the second round lasted close to five minutes and 45 seconds while the third round lasted only four minutes.   The recap shows that Smith was winning the third round when it ended early. The ECSC timekeeper for the event was Andy Social.

Today, the Edmonton Commission rectified the timing error by declaring the fight a No Contest due to Timing Malfunction when they released the official results.

Teague Smith‘s first reaction to the news of his loss being expunged due to the error was to think of his opponent,

“This sucks for Cody. However, if he were in my shoes I feel that he and his team would have protested also. We both lost a minute in the third. A lot can happen in a minute of fighting.”

Top MMA News contacted Unified MMA promoter Sunny Sareen who agreed switching the result to a no contest was the correct decision.

“The round times were incorrect by the ECSC and do not follow the ABC unified rules. I know it sucks for Cody, but it’s a fairly clear argument by Teague.”

Sareen also hopes to match up Smith and Ries on a fight on a future card to get a winner declared once and for all.  The fight was one of the best in Unified history, so fans will be the winner if Sareen can set up the rematch.

“Everyone wants to see round 4 of that fight anyways,” said Sareen.

Hayabusa coach Luke Harris was glad his fighter received a No Contest decision but stated, “It’s not fair to either fighter.”

38 Responses to “ Smith/Ries Fight Result Changed to No Contest ”

  1. Please note that Top MMA News left messages for Pat Reid, Cody Ries, Teague Smith, and Luke Harris for comments for this story. I decided to post without them and will update this post with their comments if/when they respond.

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  2. NOTE: Added a quote from Luke Harris.

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  3. Updated with a comment from Teague Smith.

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  4. Allen hope says:

    It’s a shame that such a great fight had to have all this bullshit surrounded it . It’s time for some changes with the Edmonton commission

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  5. Marv says:

    what a joke.. this right here is exactly why the UFC should never come to edmonton…disgraceful display of unprofessionalism. pardon my french but who cant count to fucking 5???

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  6. Cody r says:

    I think they tried to even it out because of the 6 minute 2 round but they should of made it a full 5 min, o and Luke it was only half guard not full mount, big difference bud

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  7. Levi says:

    I was at the fights I had smith winning 2 of the 3 rds but I would like to see them go at it again

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  8. hasslehoff says:

    No matter how the commission tried to resolve this protest, one of the fighters is going to get screwed over. In this case it was Cody Ries by having his win taken away from him. There have been bad decisions throughout this sport and there always will be when judges are making the decision. Edmonton’s commission has been questioned before about standards and ethics. Judging by the result, the people at the commission involved in the decision making and those filing the complaint, undoubtably have corrupted the outcome due to loyalties and friendships. Any fighter competing in Edmonton should beware that even if they rightfully win, it can be taken away if certain people appeal. Shameful.

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  9. MMA says:

    Luke Harris must have filed a complaint, nerd!!!

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  10. Mma universe says:

    U guys are clowns! Odvisouly Luke is gonna file a complaint! He’s smiths coach! If he didn’t file the complaint he mineswell shut hayabusa down because he wouldent b looking out for his guys! Solid coaching Luke! And watching out for ur guys!

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  11. Luke may be a fight nerd, but that’s a good thing!

    It’s his job to look out for his guys. Who wouldn’t appeal that?

    And seriously how does this happen? Maybe it’s time for them to have a 2nd backup timer going to ensure this doesn’t happen.

    In their defence, this is the first time we’ve ever heard of this before in Edmonton. Same thing happened in Jersey when Arlovski had his jaw broken after the 5 minute mark of the 1st round.

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  12. Bdc says:

    Justified id like too see it again tho.

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  13. Cbb21 says:

    It was a wicked fight but anyone who has watched mma knows that teague smith should have been awarded the fight by clearly winning rounds 2 and 3. A no contest is definitely the right call if the rounds were not even 5 minutes.

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Considering the controversy and how good the fight was there needs to be a rematch for sure! Even if there wasn’t a timekeeping error it was such a close fight I’d like to see them go at it again!

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  15. MMA Fans says:

    Was it a unanimous decision win?

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  16. grizz says:

    Now we get to see these two go at it again! And I’d say 98% of the crowd in attendance saw the fight go Smith’s way. Makes you wonder what the judves were looking at!

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  17. Or what was the timekeeper looking at?

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  18. The problem with exciting fights is that the timekeeper forgets to look down at his clock because he does not want to miss any action. Next time Ries and Smith should tone it down a bit.

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  19. Con Man says:

    Smith should just end it early (like we all know we can)

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  20. MBear says:

    I wonder if Hasslehoff has any idea of the very strict rules surrounding this sport. The rules put in place clearly separate MMA fighting from street fighting – which is exactly what this would be if they allowed leniency surrounding different times per round. I am confident the commission reviewed footage and made a just decision based on rules and not on friendship. I myself have viewed a video posted by Cody himself in which the final round was clearly under 4 minutes. Rules are rules – put there to ensure safety and fairness for all involved. This was a just decision and I commend both the commission and hayabusa coaches for ensuring that the parameters put in place to legitimize this sport were adhered to.

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  21. MMA Fans says:

    What a gong show this is.

    Great fight & to bad it’s shadowed with such drama.

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  22. What did the commission do with the timekeeper?

    Hopefully they aren’t able to timekeep anymore.

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  23. Mistakes can happen and people are human, but what I found the worst part of this, was the timekeeper realizing he had screwed up the 2nd round, and then tried to make up for it by having a shorter 3rd round.

    Timekeepers shouldn’t be trying to make up for anything and should just do what they are supposed to.

    And what were they thinking when they gave the 10 second warning on a 6 minute round? Or the 4 minute round?

    I’d suggest having 2 timekeepers to ensure this never happens again. (This could go for all commissions!)

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  24. Lime green says:

    Nice to see that the coach was looking out for his fighter

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  25. hasslehoff says:

    At no point did I question mma rules or make reference to street fighting, bear. I have a problem with the ethics and fairness of the Edmonton commission, as have many others previously. This has nothing to do with fighter safety in which an illegal foul was missed, there was a slight timekeepering error and a win was unjustifiably taken away. The win was taken away because of the ‘what if’ factor. Regardless, he lost the final round hence lost the fight. Do I think favouritism and a conflict of interest had something to do with the ruling, yes. A high touted fighter got an unexpected loss and because of the error, it was taken advantage of to have the result nullified. I am very familiar with the timekeeper in question, Andy social, way back in his UCC days and before his stupid name change.

    So by using your logic and the commissions decision, if any fighter loses a fight and shows any round was shorted by even 1 second, he can have it overturned. This is the precedent the Edmonton commission has just set. That is how a ruling on these matters works and many don’t seem to understand. Fighters are now at even more risk competing in Edmonton to have their fight results altered at the discretion of questionable commission and their ‘friends’ who clearly has too much input and involvement. I’m sure one side is very pleased withe the outcome. A breach of trust was committed. There is nothing commendable about that. Universal mma rules and the rules the Edmonton commission follow, abide by are very different. I’ve shown the distinction between the two and clearly understand the events which took place. Those who disagree, most likely benefited from the outcome

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  26. Street fighter says:

    But if the commission had its favourite fighter I would have said it was Cody because smith clearly won 2 of the 3 rounds also one round only being 4 min and the other being 6 is a huge differents haha lots can happen in a min in a mma fight clearly you have know idea what your talking about . If there is any fight that should be a nc it would be this one lol

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  27. Cody Rempel says:

    Teague Smith had top control for about a minute to end the four minute third round, another minute of that could have sealed the round for him or led to an opportunity to finish the fight as the round was very close!

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  28. MBear says:

    Hasslehoff read the rules. You’re an idiot and probably a sore loser yourself. End of story.

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  29. MonkeySkillz says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  30. Dr. K says:

    The word from the grapevine were that they used the system of continuous time 0-450 clapper 5 min horn to end the round 550 whistle and then 6 minute start and so on ! reaching 17 at the end of three rounds

    2 time keepers is the norm at other shows across the country with several stop watches not just one! why not Edmonton ?

    i say keep it simple and not a new system

    all in all the right decision was made due to an error made not from the fighters the door is open for another great fight looking forward to the rematch !

    I say stick to what your good at and just ref as i see this guy Andy Social doing everything from weigh ins and timekeeper to fixing the ring when broken underneath

    Pat Reid and the Edmonton commission needs to employ more staff as the shortage of referees and inspectors and even timekeepers are obvious as of late according to the last few events where proper decisions are being compromised

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  31. Dr. K says:

    i was recently told fixing the problem is far better than creating another by hiring new less experienced staff

    so getting rid of Kyle Cardinal or Andy Social is not the answer as both guys are committed individuals doing a difficult job and both messed up as of late but am told they work all over the country on a regular basis for next to nothing and after numerous fights and shows we only notice the bad and not the good

    i have been critical towards both these individuals and although mistakes were made! for the most part they both continue to commit to the MMA world good on them both

    Sometimes the opinions directed to whom is at fault is harsh and unfounded without knowing all the facts but to find a solution where the odds are less to it happening again is priceless

    its better to learn from your mistakes and continue on to make MMA the Best sport in the modern world – Dana White

    Pat Reid on the other hand has not once defended either one of his members regarding conflicts of interests or other issues where he was the acting authority

    but to simply avoid blame and not suggest continuing education seminars or training to improve the staff he has been entrusted to is a total reflection of bad leadership where it is dearly needed for the position he was appointed

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  32. MMA Princess says:

    my hubby and I had to add that we saw both Kyle and Andy save that show a couple years ago where the cage fell apart and both refs made it happen by fixing it with there bare hands Kyle said he kept the main event alive by shifting mats and banging boards I know that they have worked in GP and Dawson Creek and the reputation is very professional. always there to make it happen.
    friendly and classy guys Pat Reid is lucky to have them regardless of a glitch once in a blue moon just wanted to offer them some support
    compared to the easy slam and kick for one bad thing to every 50 good !

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  33. Idiot says:

    For monkey skills – smith was not swinging at air smith was controlling that fight. Cody got a couple good jabs in. Teague was chasing Cody around the hole time cause Cody was running away like a little girl! It’s not on out how the other guy looks!.

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  34. Marty Jannetty says:

    @idiot…….. I scored the fight for Smith but Ries was certainly not “running away like a little girl”

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  35. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good to see Marty Jannetty is recovered from when Shawn Michaels threw him through the glass! Man was that ever devastating!

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  36. AMLEHTC says:

    I was more concerned about Brutus Beefcake’s Barber Shop

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  37. Bdc says:

    Monkey skillz pull your head out of your ass. It was a great fight that ECSC messed up. Both guys did their job. There was no running by either guy and it was very entertaining. Also it wasnt like it was an easy call for the judges, not that i agree with what the outcome was. Theres a grey area in judging when it comes to damage. You also have to think they are tight next to the cage getting sprayed with blood so id asume it factored in a bit more than it would have for me a few tables back.

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  38. MAX says:

    Maybe it’s as easy as Reid’s a complete incompetent idiot. The list of infractions and screw ups on this guy’s record is a mile long and working on 2 miles

    voice recording of commission tampering

    charging licensing fees for a year against the bylaw

    allowing illegal amateur mma events

    throwing officials under the bus and opening them to criminal liability

    allowing 2 fighters to compete under medical suspension in 2012 and another in 2013

    stacking the commission with 6 out of 7 members from the UofA, his old employer

    and on it goes

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