Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 24, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Crazy times in Calgary. Hope all our Cowtown readers are doing well and have stayed relatively dry. By the way, the AFC is offering a 10% discount on tickets to future AFC events in exchange for donations of non-perishables, water, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and other useful items. Drop off your items at the Hype Fight store or the Champions Creed gym. All items collected will be given to the Salvation Army to ease the burden to those affected.

  • They never met when both were competing as top fighters in Japan but will finally square off this year. Ivan Menjivar will take on Kid Yamamoto at UFC 165 in Toronto this year.
  • Congrats to Mitch Clarke on resigning with the UFC with a four fight deal.
  • Sounds like Fight Xchange 2 will happen and the Canadian fighters will be heading to Asia. While in Canada, the six fighters will be working out at Adrenaline Training Centre in London, Ontario.
  • Looks like MMA managers are just like MMA fighters, they can’t stay away from the fight game. “Big” Jake Hirsch is back managing fighters. Welcome back, Jake!

  • Todd Stoute is fighting Patrick Walsh next weekend at Substance Caged Combat on June 29.
  • Alex Ricci will face Providence, Rhode Island’s Luis Felix on the SCC card as well.
  • Fivestar will host an event Nov. 8 and another March 14, 2014 in Grande Prairie.
  • Add Kajan Johnson’s name to the list of fighters trying out for TUF.
  • Smealinho Rama’s boxing debut was called off due to the flooding in Calgary forcing a cancellation of the event.

43 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 24, 2013 ”

  1. Oilcity30 says:

    So kent has 2 huge fights booked at the same time. Sure…. think you should just be worried about the crow instead of him and Joe.

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    I see the fights are pretty far apart so I guess good on on ya Mike for gettin 2 huge fights booked. These are 2 massive steps up for ya Mke hope your ready for it. Good luck

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  3. Demitri (trev) says:

    If chemelli beats Lewis. I would love to see him vs Hollet!

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  4. Mike kent says:

    I never persued the doerkson fight I was approached by them so im pretty sure they knew about the loiseau fight and that there ok with it.

    Also I feel as if when this year is said and down I will have fought the toughest line up of mws of any other Canadian this year by far in Elias, Cody , loiseau and joe .

    I’m burying myself In gym for three months and fighting these two massive fights and opportunities and after this summer ill know exactly where I stand amongst these guys and If I’m not successful I have no problem going back down a few notches and fighting mid tear guys ,

    Not alot of people would get the chance to fight two Mma pioneers and Canadian legends in there lives then alone in one summer . I didn’t pursue these opportunities they came to me and I have every intention of making good on this opportunity, I look at this as a now or never and I’m working hard to win both

    Ill keep fighting , you guys keep typing

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  5. Dean Panas says:

    I want apologize for Mike jumping the gun. We don’t like to comment on fights until the promotion has finalized things and they make the official announcement. Mike saw the comments and his excitement got the best of him.

    I will add one thing; When I saw that MAD was looking for someone to fight Joe in September Mike’s name was the forefront in my mind. I was going to wait until after Mike’s upcoming fight to contact MAD hoping the fight was still available. When MAD did contact me we discussed the situation and I knew he couldn’t wait three more weeks to book his main event.

    Although Mike has signed his contract for September he is not thinking of Joe Doerksen until after July 12th. The business side if things are taken care of for two fights, but as far as Mike Kent is concerned he only has 1 fight infront of him.

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  6. K.Rasmuss says:

    When opportunity knocks , you answer the door ! Plus Mike wants to show off his Ink !

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  7. iMac says:

    I have a strange feeling if the joe and kent fight happens we won’t see the best joe and kent wins by joe not really showing up to fight .

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  8. MMA WORLD says:

    Dean Panas;
    The announcer
    The Manager

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  9. Jim bean says:

    But what does dean really know about mma ??? That’s the real question

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  10. Graham Weenk says:

    Congrats Mitch!

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  11. Jake H says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome back Gossip Queen. Yes, the MMA game is a hard one to step away from. Lots of memories, friendships and unfinished business.

    Dean had been calling and reminding me that I was missed and always had an open door for me to come back. For that I was truly grateful. Another big part of me coming back was Vlad Goldenstein and Smealinho Rama. They both encouraged me to come back, join their team and handle management. I’m absolutely honored.

    I especially missed:

    MAD’s intellectual takes
    BKB’s MMA insight
    Keith and Big Win’s fight breakdowns and podcasts
    Cody’s breaking news updates
    Jamie L’s BC fight breakdowns
    Joe Doerksen’s wise words
    and Mike Kent’s tattoos.

    On another note, Dean Panas is a great MMA Manager. He has negotiated a lot of great payday’s for fighters and is always looking out for their careers and well being. I’m fortunate to be working with him.

    Missed you guys, but I’m back.

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  12. Allen hope says:

    Welcome back jake :)

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  13. Welcome back Jake! We definately missed you!

    When we going to have that Skype meeting I was promised! :)

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  14. Bdc says:

    Fort McMurray council will be voting tonight too pass a Combative sports bylaw. Lets hope it goes in our favor and we can start having some legal/more shows up here with an approved comission to regulate it.

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  15. mike kent says:

    Dean has been great to work with and has been the reason I have been able to secure big fights in Alberta since moving here. Always negotiates well for me and really does care about the guys he represents.

    As many know managing me is more like babysitting because of my 300 retirements, injuries and rambling posts. Through all that dean supports me and gets me opportunities like I have coming up.

    he also compliments my super awesome prison ink and we relate to each other because were both full figured men.

    jake has shown me that its ok to be pushing 40 and still take more selfies then a 16 year old girls


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  16. Louden Swain says:

    Dean is the man. Anyone who’s worked with him knows that.

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  17. AMLEHTC says:

    I just don’t take someone who wears a pinky ring regularly serious

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  18. Idolmaker says:

    I heard he wears a dinky ring too

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  19. fan says:

    Elmer Waterhen fighting sept 27th………Unified??

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  20. Hey now says:

    Okay what has dean done for any fighter ?
    Dean puts his fighters in fights they are very likely to lose.
    Dean likes to say that he gets his fighters big fights , but it seems to be at the expense of his fighters , dean has no idea how to book fights that will build his fighters and help them grow with getting the wins on the way . And I won’t even touch base on jake. Fighters you want to go somewhere in the sport get a real proven manager like Kyle Stoltz or someone of that nature. I would also like to see BKB and Robin Black take on more clients as they seem to understand what it takes to manage a fighter and succeed

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  21. mike kent says:

    Bring fighters up ? I was 8-0 in the eastern Canadian circuit id say I took my good old time coming up. Should I be 15 and 0 and have accomplished nothing ? dean doesn’t throw anyone to the wolves. He presents opportunities that come up and the fighter decides.

    Am I a major underdog against the crow lol yeah anyone who is fighting him would be. Ive had easy fights and and tough one with cody whos very tough guy and that fight with elias which ended poorly but was all a step up in calibur.

    If I would have taken anything less then a tough fight I would have been ridiculed, and for stepping up and challenging myself against an all time great I get ridiculed it just goes to show peoples mind states on here.

    10 fighters turn down fights like this everyday. I wanted it and am going to make the most.

    Kyle has a smart laid out plan for his guys and is every respectable at what he does. I had a similar laid out plan and this year has been shit so I could either go back and fight three or four small fights or try to skip the line and get some momentum going , I chose the latter, me and dean thought these are great opportunities

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    Thanks for the positive comment, but I’m far too busy with my job to have any dedicated focus to MMA.

    I’m good, I would like to manage zero fighters. :)

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  23. Hey now says:

    Mike you were never tested at 8 – 0 , chemelli was a horrible matchup for you with size and power ! Which is fine than you struggled with Krahn and should of lost , ( Krahn undersized ) than u take even a bigger step with Elias ( not much sense ) . Than u retire. Than comeback and fight the crow and joe , who are leaps and bounds better than your previous three opponents. For someone who retired to spend more time with you family . Doesn’t make sense to take all that time away in a fight you will more than likely have a hard time getting out of the first in .

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  24. Jake H says:

    Thanks for the words Allen, Mike and MAD. Much respect!

    Not sure who “Hey now” is but I have a fairly good idea of someone who just doesn’t leave well enough alone. Regardless, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I let my work speak for itself. You’re right, BKB, Robin and Kyle are great managers but so are a lot of people in this industry. I believe Mike Russell is another person who is committed to treating fighters the way they deserve. I have never once bad mouthed other managers in the business because I believe that people’s work speak for themselves. If a fighter isn’t happy or if he feels like his career isn’t being managed properly, they have the freedom to leave anytime they want.

    I feel like my work and reputation can speak for themselves. I was recently told I wasn’t a “major league” manager but I beg to differ. I’m good friends with a lot of “major league” managers in the business and have been around for longer than a lot of people who are considered pioneers in this sport. Do I consider myself a “pioneer”? No. To me, a pioneer is blazing a trail or starting something that no one else has done before. When I started managing, there were already people around that were doing it. Ken Pavia, Monte Cox, Lee Mein, the list goes on and on. I am not afraid to ask for advice and always take constructive criticism from those who have more experience. If Kyle Stoltz thinks I’m a good manager, then I’m happy with that endorsement. I’ve dealt with a lot of different promoters and fighters and have never had any wrongs that I feel I haven’t righted.

    Anyways, I’m rambling. If you don’t like our management team or style, easy, don’t sign with us. But the best form of business comes from referrals and we have a lot of satisfied clients.

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  25. Jake H says:

    Also let me add this caveat. I was told some great advice a long time ago that I’ve always carried with me:

    It’s easy to manage big name fighters who everyone wants to book and sponsor. The hard work comes in when you have to stand beside a fighter who is on a bad run or isn’t performing at their best potential. It’s hard work to get them fights, give the pep talks and keep pushing for a better tomorrow.

    So next time you look at a manager who “only” manages UFC fighters or what have you, it’s probably because they have a hard time putting in the work to keep their clients busy who aren’t on that circuit. Easy way of doing business: be loyal to those who have been loyal to you.

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  26. bluebelt says:

    Jake are you still repping the same clients as before your retirement? Welcome back either way. Mike Kent you have a great opportunity, as a huge Canadian mma fan I’m excited to see these fights go down.

    I don’t know nor have ever met dean however his reputation among insiders and promoters is not great but most people don’t like good managers as they tend to be aggressive and out spoken and don’t let promoters take advantage of a fighters eagerness to fighg, Since becoming the sole mngt for fighters after hirch retired the fighters signed with old school were much happier and actually getting fights and communicating with his clients. Gavi g met Bkb on several occasions it’s a shame he does not manage any fighters because he really knows everyone in mma and has some great contacts, of course mma should be fun not work and the fact that Bkb would rather keep it that way speaks volumes on how much he respects the sport and it’s fighters. Jordan.

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  27. Robin Black says:

    Big Jake is the real deal. Got mad respect for the Big Man. He’s smart and he’s good people.

    I ask him and Kyle for advice whenever I find myself unsure of something.

    There’s a million ways to help fighters, and it is always priority 1 to make THEM priority 1.

    I like working with Woody and Caporicci on things because we have very different styles and strengths.

    I personally like to work with as few fighters as possible these days, that’s what my learnin’ has taught me. I can’t help a ton of guys at once (only my personal opinion lots of guys do it a different way) because I get stretched too thin and no one gets enough attention. I’m kinda Jerry Maguire style like that.

    Woody on the other has the type of personality that can have 20 things going on at once and get them all sorted and done. Reliable. Hard worker. He pushes for his guys.

    Alex is smart, strategic and patient. He’s organized. He makes great informed decisions and you can count on him.

    Is it rocket science looking at a contract and asking for a bit more money or a UFC out clause or something? No it isn’t.

    Like just about everything else these days its a people business and you are judged by how you’re acted and worked over the last 4 or 5 years. Do people trust you? Are you a good person? Do you care? Will you do the right things for almost no reward or $? Have you always done you best for people? Do you always try to do a good job for its own sake?

    Honestly its not that complicated of a business. A smart guy can learn management basics by working closely with 0-0 and 1-0 fighters and being cautious and always asking for help and guidance from people you trust.

    After that its basically about integrity and work ethic and the willingness to work very hard to help people for very very little $ (especially at first) for the love of it.

    But if you love the sport and the people in it it really is fun.

    (Looking forward to tequila shots with Big Jake soon)

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  28. Jake H says:

    Thank you Robin! That means the world to me. You know I’ve always had a ton of respect for you and the job you do with fighters and the sport. You’re a great ambassador to Canadian MMA and someone I’m truly proud to call a friend.

    Bluebelt, thank you for the welcome back and I would say you’re pretty bang on with your insight. I had basically checked out of managing a few months before I retired. I had managed careers for Nathan Gunn, Matt Veal, Dave Letourneau just to name a few and weren’t giving them the attention they truly deserved. I work in Law Enforcement down here in Texas and being a single Dad with a very stressful job was difficult to balance. I had some fighters that I had signed as well that weren’t living up to their promises and were pulling out of fights making me look like an asshole. So a lot of things combined took a toll on me.

    As for the clients I represented before, I left it up to them. I completely understand if they don’t want to come back to me but I would be more than happy to do work for them again. I have a renewed energy coming back to work. Dean and I have always had a great ying/yang relationship so to speak. Dean is great with the local fighters because he is there at the fights and is in constant contact, whereas I focused more on landing the bigger fight deals and sponsorship opportunities when they were presented. I will be spending a lot more time in Alberta for business and look forward to seeing our clients on a more regular basis as well. But there is no doubt, Dean is great with fighter relations.

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  29. Tyler Davis says:

    I thought Dean was a good guy to have on the management team from a fighters perspective. Also Jake has some of the most entertaining Facebook posts I’ve ever read so I would recommend oldschool to guys looking to get fights.

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  30. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks for the props, Jake. Just trying to earn my rep like guys like you and Monte Cox have. If I can do that and help take a few guys to the big show, I’ll be happy.

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  31. Mike Russell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  32. Kyle Stoltz says:

    To me the only time it’s a big accomplishment getting a fighter into the UFC is if you had them from the start like we did with Drysdale or Chandler for Bellator. But so many managers that get guys in go for fighters that are knocking on the door of the UFC so not much of a building process involved.

    About managing fighters in the big shows ie. Bellator or UFC vs. local shows when it comes to difficulty to me the challenges are much different. For UFC guys most of the challenge is with meeting expectations. Most UFC fighters have numbers they expect to hit and for some that is very tough. Then some want other things so things like monthly deals or a lot of seminars and appearances and what not. Then the difficult part for fighters outside of the big show is landing fights. For most it’s not too hard as most good fighters are tied to a promotion but for some they get in that middle stage as not quite UFC ready but better then there local promotion can offer. Then it can be really challenging. But with managing everyone has there own style to me you measure success by reputation and caliber of fighter they have. But there are some very good managers out there that very few people know and for one reason or another never made it. Some of it, is just luck.

    One thing for people to understand the upper echelon of managing is getting harder and harder to get into. So I see most of the big management companies growing and growing and very few new management companies breaking into that upper echelon, it’s just too tough. Ties are too deep with those big management companies with in the industry. Good example the fan expo like 5 management companies booked like 90% of the guys doing signings. If you look at the top 10 ranked fighters in each weight class in the UFC over 80% of those fighters are managed by 10 management companies. When someone tells me a new management company is coming into the space I kind of lol cause its all but impossible to break into the big time in MMA right now as a management company.

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  33. Gunner says:

    Jake Hirsch always good poop, glad to see him back in the fun!!!! even though I never got a phone call :(

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  34. bluebelt says:

    Gunnar are you currently managed by Jake and or Dean? If not email me I’ll forward you a name or two that would be more then happy to sign you to their roster.

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  35. Gunner says:

    I have been doing my own leg work since Jake decided to hang up his panties as Jake was the only person I made and had any commitment to .. I had Robin and MAD doing a little bit of inquiring around on a few leads for me when Jake confirmed he was completely pulling out(much appreciated) but it was just on a friendly level.

    I have not heard from Jake since his return so as of now I am still self committed

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  36. Nothing like a friendly “pulling out”

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  37. Robin Black says:

    I’m gonna help The Gunner get into the TUF house or my name isn’t “that little guy is a homo”.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

  38. Jake H says:

    I’ll call you today Gunner. I didn’t want to assume you were back in my bed just yet. lol. Glad to see Robin and MAD are helping out…if you’re going to let anyone in that sexy guard of yours, I’d rather it be those two.

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  39. Josh says:

    No offense to Mike but this is not the fight I want to see if it’s Joe D’s last. Mind you if that’s the best they can get to man up and face him then he should retire.

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  40. Robin and I could prob both fit in Gunners guard at the same time.

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  41. Robin Black says:

    Sounds awesome, uh, I mean, romo and no way man forget it.

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  42. Adam Lorenz says:

    Gunner by double triangle…you’d all win.

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