Unified MMA 16 Recap – Davis, Maxwell and Biggs Get Huge Victories


unified MMADespite the fact that the passing of Bill S-209 forced the cancellation of one third of Unified MMA’s 16th event, the fighters that remained on the card delivered arguably the best fight card Unified has ever put on. The card was full of finishes with the only decision being a fight of the year candidate between Cody Ries and Teague Smith, although their bout was not without controversy as there appeared to be a timekeeping error which saw a six minute second round and a four minute third round. Only time will tell if the original result will hold up as Smith and his camp have a legitimate argument for a no contest should the error prove true.

  • Fight of the Night – Cody Ries vs. Teague Smith (honorable mention to Chase Maxwell vs. Jordan McKay)
  • Knockout of the Night – Chase Maxwell
  • Submission of the Night – Mike Davis

Mike Davis vs. Michael Banin
Banin lands a leg kick and looks to land another but Davis catches it and uses it to get the takedown. Banin gets the reversal but Davis gets back to his feet. Banin works for a guillotine against the cage but Davis scoops him up, calmly walks him all the way across the cage and dumps him right in front of his corner. Banin tries to scramble to his feet but Davis takes the back and locks in a rear naked choke. Banin tries to punch his way out of it but Davis tightens it up and puts Banin and his title aspirations to sleep.
Mike Davis submits Michael Banin by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:13

Chase Maxwell vs. Jordan McKay
Round 1: Both men trade and McKay lands a body kick before they tie up briefly. The separate and Maxwell lands a combo and McKay responds with a leg kick and they tie up again. Maxwell looks for a single but McKay lands a couple jumping knees that drop Maxwell to a knee. McKay connects with an illegal knee that goes unnoticed by referee Vern Gorman. As Maxwell pleads to Gorman, MacKay drops a big right and ends up in full guard. Maxwell locks him down and forces the stand up. Maxwell shoots in for another takedown and gets caught in a guillotine. Maxwell lands a few knees to the midsection but McKay is able to get the takedown however Maxwell is able to get right back to his feet. Maxwell connects with a combo and looks for a single but MacKay is able to avoid the takedown and head back to his corner with seconds left in the round. Top MMA News score the round 10-9 for Maxwell

Round 2: McKay lands a front kick and Maxwell secures the clinch and connects with some big knees. McKay breaks away and looks for a takedown but Maxwell pops back up. They tie up against the cage and Maxwell unleashes a flurry of punches. Maxwell begins to decimate McKay with massive elbows and referee Vern Gorman watches intently. McKay survives and manages to connect with a combo but Maxwell lands a big knee and more vicious elbows. Maxwell gets the clinch and lands another knee before McKay is able to land another combo and keeping him in the fight. Maxwell continues the onslaught and McKay somehow is still on his feet but is battered and bloody and mercifully Gorman steps in and calls a halt to the bout as McKay is no longer able to defend himself from the barrage of crushing elbows.
Chase Maxwell defeats Jordan McKay by TKO (Elbows) in Round 2, 2:56

Rocky Biggs vs. Aleksander Todosov
Round 1:  Todosov lands a leg kick and they tie up against the cage. Biggs picks him up and slams him hard, landing in side control. Todosov is able to get his guard and sets up an armbar but Biggs is able to avoid the submission. Biggs postures up and lands shots. A big right and another from Biggs before he passes to half guard and unleashes some hard lefts. Biggs connects with some elbows and and a huge right connects. Biggs postures up and lands more shots as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Biggs

Round 2: Biggs opens the second with a leg kick and they trade wild shots before tying up. Biggs connects hard knees to the inner thigh and secures the single and the slam to side control. Todosov gives up his back and Biggs sinks a hook but can’t get the other hook as he’s trapped against the cage. Biggs lands some big shots under the arm followed by some hammerfists. Biggs continues to pound away before again sinking a hook. Biggs is still unable to get his second hook in but sinks the choke anyway and forces the tap.
Rocky Biggs submits Aleksander Todosov by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 4:10

Teague Smith vs. Cody Ries
Round 1: They trade punches with both men connecting with some solid shots. Smith blocks a head kick and lands a shot before Ries sticks a jab and lands a body kick. Smith connects with a combo followed by a head kick and a jab of his own. Smith lands another combo and and Ries responds with some shots and a pair of body shots. The blood begins to flow from Smith’s nose and  Smith lands a combo followed by a leg kick and Ries chops at the leg with a hard kick. Smith with another nice flurry in the corner and both men exchange a flurry of hard punches. Snith with another combo and a head kick and follows up with a body shot and another 1-2. Ries responds with a flurry of his own and Smith connects with a leg kick and time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ries

Round 2: The second begins with another exchange and a combo by Smith and yet another flurry of punches traded. Both men are landing hard shots and Smith with a combo followed by a head kick. Ries lands a kick to the body and Smith responds with a few leg kicks and a combo against the cage. Ries retreats and Smith chases him down and lands another combo. Smith connects with another high kick and combo followed by a leg kick and Smith ducks an overhand right. Ries lands a nice body kick and a leg kick. Smith responds with a left-right and another combo with a leg kick. Ries sticks a jab and combo by Smith lands. A body shot, a right and another combo connects for Smith as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Smith

Round 3: The two get right back to the action and exchange more big punches with Smith getting the better of Ries. Ries lands a big shot and gets caught by a huge flurry from Smith. Ries lands a pair of stiff jabs and Smith connects with a combo followed by a body shot. Ries takes flight with a flying knee but Smith ducks it and Ries soars right over top of him. Smith gets the single to side control before Ries is able to replace his half guard. Smith begins to chip away with small but steady shots. Ries looks for a last minute guillotine as the ten second warning sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Smith
Cody Ries defeats Teague Smith by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Brent Haley vs. Neil Doty
Round 1: Doty opens with a leg kick and Haley responds with a jab and Doty with a single but Haley pops back up. They tie up and Haley lands knees to the body and gets the hip toss takedown. Doty is able to scramble and take the back but Haley shakes him off and gets back to guard. Doty looks for a triangle but switches to an armbar. Haley is able to defend and Doty goes back to the triangle attempt. Haley frees himself and Doty controls his postrure with his rubber guard. Haley stands up out of the guard and invites Doty back to his feet. Haley lands a leg kick and a front kick followed by a combo and a knee in the clinch. Doty gets the takedown as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Doty

Round 2: Doty lands a leg kick and connects with a shot that wobbles Haley. Doty gets the takedown to north/south and lands shots to the body before transitioning to mount and finally takes the back. Doty is able to sink the rear naked choke and force the tap.
Neil Doty submits Brent Haley by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:33

Todd Molineaux vs. Justin Nanaquawetung
Nanaquawetung rushes in but gets scooped up and slammed. Nanaquawetung returns the favor with a slam of his own and looks to pass. Molineaux tries to stand but Nanaquawetung drags him back to the mat and passes to side control before transitioning to north/south to attempt a guillotine. Nanaquawetung stands and drops a right that misses the target and he stands back up. Nanaquawetung connects with a high kick followed by a big knee to the head before securing the takedown. Nanaquawetung again stands and drops a right this time finding the mark. Nanaquawetung rides the back from side control and lands a solid knee to the body. Nanaquawetung gets back to his feet and lands a solid combo before dragging him back down where he connects with some big shots. Molineaux is able to escape back to his feet but Nanaquawetung begins to chop him down with a series of vicious kicks to the body and head that drop Molineaux to all fours. Nanaquawetung lands one big shot and steps away as Molineaux turtles and referee John Braak steps in.
Justin Nanaquawetung defeats Todd Molineaux by TKO (Head Kick and Punches) in Round 1, 4:17

Tanner Boser vs. Dell Knebush
Boser opens with a leg kick and they both exchange a wild flurry. Boser is getting the better of the exchanges but Knebush secures the clinch and lands a couple solid knees. Boser gets seperation and catches him with a combo and lands a straight right that stuns Knebush and Boser looks to capitalize but Knebush ends up on top in a scramble. Knebush lands a few little shots from the guard before Boser is able to work back to his feet and lands some heavy shots. Knebush shoots in for a desperation takedown but Boser is able to take his back and sink the rear naked choke, forcing the quick tap.
Tanner Boser submits Dell Knebush by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:03

Dede Lin vs. Shadey Yellowbird
Round 1: Lin opens with a head kick that falls short and follows up with a leg kick before Yellowbird responds with a combo an ties up and muscles him to the ground into full guard. Lin lands a series of short elbows and Yellowbird throws up an armbar attempt that’s easily defended by Lin. Yellowbird gets the sweep and takes the back but gets reversed and Lin is in the guard. Lin postures up and lands shots followed by several big elbows. Yellowbird tries to sweep again but this time Lin is able to hold the position and lands more elbows before passing to full mount. Yellowbird gets the late sweep to full guard but eats a few shots from Lin on the bottom as time expires in the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Lin

Round 2: Yellowbird lands a shot and looks for a takedown but Lin defends and lands a leg kick followed by some huge knees that drop Yellowbird to his knees and Lin pounces, taking the back and inducing the quick tap.
Dede Lin submits Shadey Yellowbird by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 0:33

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