Tim Chemelli plans to derail comeback for Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis at AFC 19

Tim Chemelli Knocks Out Mike Kent at AFC 14

Tim Chemelli Knocks Out Mike Kent at AFC 14 (photo: Rob Trudeau)

For Immediate release:

Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis and his Lewis army look to make an impact July 5th at AFC 19: UNDISPUTED in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Lewis is mounting what many called an insurmountable comeback after a severe back injury forced Lewis into retirement. His resilience and determination to do what he loves and fight only the best has lead to him to the AFC cage.  Across the cage will stand the man looking to disappoint the throngs of Lewis fans, Tim Chemelli.

Many AFC fans will remember the utter grit and heart Chemelli has demonstrated in his 4 fights with the AFC. “Tim Chemelli is the epitome of class and the prototype of what every MMA fighter should be. Tim had a major injury coming into the Valimaki fight but chose to keep it hidden and fight for the fans. Now he’s stepping up on short notice to save this fight. This just demonstrates what a great ambassador Tim is for MMA and The AFC” stated Darren Owen AFC matchmaker.

When asked about his opponent , Dwayne Lewis had this to say “I’m super disappointed that the fans won’t see Me and Valimaki throw down but I can’t say I’m surprised. That being said the fans won’t be disappointed that big Tim Chemelli has stepped up. Tim as an opponent is as tough as nails and will come to throw bombs- I like that, much respect to Tim, it will be fireworks.”

Chemelli ‘s management  had this to say “Tim is extremely happy with how well the AFC has treated him and out of respect for the organization he accepted this fight. Tim also has a ton of respect of Dwayne Lewis. Tim knows the Lewis army would be disappointed if he didn’t have an opponent July 5th. Tim will show up mentally and physically ready and he will honor his commitment to Dwayne Lewis and the AFC. Tim Chemelli is an old school fighter.”

This fight card also features Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford battling TUF alum Michael “The Messenger” Hill for the vacant AFC Welterweight belt and Jesse “The Body Snatcher” Ronson challenging AFC Lightweight Champion Shane “Shaolin” Campbell.

27 Responses to “ Tim Chemelli plans to derail comeback for Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis at AFC 19 ”

  1. Victor should just retire already. This is getting ridiculous.

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  2. Hey now says:

    Why do promoters keep putting him on cards ? Harvey Moin and Darren why do you guys keep putting this guy on your cards when he pulls out 90 percent of the time ?

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  3. Action Jackson says:

    I heard Vic owed them a bunch of money after pulling out against Razak. He was fighting to pay off his debt which he couldn’t pay back. Atleast Chemelli stepped up. I’d rather this than Vic screwing them over last minute just like last time. Dwayne and Tim will be dope with both guys looking to KO the other.

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  4. Brutal, least he gave 2 weeks notice this time.

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  5. Allen hope says:

    Good job on Tim taking the fight . What the hell is wrong with victor ???

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  6. Aaron Robinson says:

    Tim is a true professional, Always comes on weight and ready to throw down. The same can not be said about Victor, not sure what his deal is but his heart is clearly not in it anymore and because of this other people suffer. Taking a fight on short notice against Dwayne Lewis is a highly commendable act on Tims part. Two bad ass fighters will enter the cage and one will emerge victorious, I for one am pumped!! WAR Chemelli!!!!

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  7. Chemelli is awesome. Solid guy.

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  8. Dean Panas says:

    I just wanted to add that the fight will be at a catchweight of 215lbs. Tim did not have enough notice to make a healthy cut to 205. Dwayne and Sandy Bowman were ok with this stipulation.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Huge props to Chemelli, Lewis has a ton of fans and Chemelli is a class act for saving this fight.

    And he’s a tough match up to boot.

    Really excited to call this fight. And this whole damn card!

    Big respect to Tim Chemelli.

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  10. Mike kent says:

    Who the hell picks these picture any way ??? Hahaha

    Tim’s a top notch guy and a powerhouse and its huge he stepped up and Dwayne’s a killer so this should be great one !

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  11. Idolmaker says:

    Just retire valamaki!!! You’re not worth the time!!!

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  12. Idolmaker says:

    Watch the fight with sakara, he looked terrified.

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  13. RickRoll says:

    Everyone knew months ago that Valimaki was going to pull out of this fight. It should come as no surprise. The guy is done. I doubt many people will even book him for fights after all his drama.

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  14. Hey now says:

    Why won’t the promoters comment on this ? They are so quick to comment on anything else ! Darren why do you keep booking him ?

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  15. Mike Russell says:

    Two sides to every story.

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  16. AMLEHTC says:

    Well I think that’s why we would like to hear from the promoters or Victor. Victor is super talented but his follow through seems to come up a bit short a lot of the time

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  17. Mike Russell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. Mike Russell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  19. Idolmaker says:

    Was the sticking point of the contract the fact that the promoters actually wanted him to show? Fuck victor he deserves the grief.

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  20. Darren Owen says:

    We don’t want to air dirty laundry. We have a lot of respect for Victors new management and it will be dealt with behind closed doors. On our end we just weren’t confident the fight would actually happen and had to make the call sooner than later. It’s safe to say Victor won’t appear on any future AFC events. I’m sure that those feelings are mutual. We do wish him the best of luck in life and his future fighting career.

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  21. Why was this fight being advertising if contracts weren’t signed from both sides?

    Sounds to me like Victor didn’t have a contract for this fight. So I’d definitely will cut him slack. Unfortunately his past doesn’t help our judgement, but without a valid contract it’s hard to be so tough on him.

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  22. Idolmaker says:

    Glad to hear Darren, onward and upward for the afc

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  23. RickRoll says:

    Contract disputes, blah blah blah. Lets be honest here and call it what it is. Valimaki did not want to get knocked out. He has nothing for Dbomb and he knew it. The guy just ended his own career.

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  24. I hear he’s been spending more time partying than training. Too bad.

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  25. oilcity30 says:

    He didnt look to healthy the last king of thecage. Very small and sunken cheek bones.

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  26. Doing the wrong kind of cutting ;)

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  27. allen hope says:

    i dont think i have trained with anybody that has as much natural talent as victor its a shame he does not take it serious he could have went a long ways. if somebody’s personnel life is not good it will carry over into everything else you do in your life at least that’s how i feel .

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