Fight Xchange Episode 7 Recap: The Canadians Fight


Fight XChangeIt is fight day. Kara compares it to the stages of grieving – upset, nervous, denail, confused, however, she is now excited. Nate says it is the biggest day of his life other than the birth of his children. Nate says he is excited, then nervous, and then wants to go home. Kirsh adds that they have no corner and no coach to help them.

Andre “Dida” Amado, the brother of Stark and Kirsh’s Evolucao Thai instructor Mauricio, flies in at the last minute to corner the Canadians. Felipe Olivieri and Daniel Almeida showed up as well to help. Kirsh calls Mauricio for some advice as well.

Kara Kirsh says she is trying to keep calm, but she starts talking about Nery’s huge reach advantage. They show Claudia Gadelha who says how much bigger and more experienced Nery is.

    Kara Kirsh vs Aline Nery

R1. Leg kicks exchange by the two fighters. The two exchange jabs. Kirsh narrates her fight while the action is on. She says that “Nery had no technique, but she was just brawling. She started grunting when she was throwing punches.” Kirsh eats a knee and a good body kick lands as well as Nery takes an early lead in the fight. Nery uses her reach and lands a few straights. Kirsh goes for a takedown but Nery feeds her some more knees. Nery finishes the round strong.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nery

Kirsh describes getting punched, “Every time she hit me it was like black stars, black stars. I was like “Oh Shit”. Stark says it was not looking good as Kirsh was taking too many knees. Palmeida says it was scary, she took a real shitkicking. Kirsh’s corner says to only box, while Nery’s encourages her to finish Kirsh.

Kirsh voice over says she was feeling “overwhelmed” heading into round 2.

R2. Stiff jab by Nery snaps Kirsh’s head back. More shots by Nery. Leg kick by Kirsh who then finds herself in Nery’s thai plum and getting hit with more knees. Nery is controlling her. Another stiff jab by Nery. Kirsh goes for a takedown but ends up on her back in guard. Nery wants her on her feet. Leg kicks exchanged. Kirsh can’t get inside and Nery is landing repeated shots.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Nery

Nery is told that all her jabs are hitting her in the face. Mix it up with crosses. You are going to knock her out. Do not stop hitting her. Kirsh is told to advance and get the takedown.

Kirsh voice over says she knew she was down two rounds and she had to win this fight.

R3. Nery landing again but Nery goes for a takedown and pulls guard. She lands an arm bar for the win!
Kara Kirsh submits Aline Nery by Arm Bar in Round 3

Kirsh talks about keeping the hold on until the ref stopped the fight. Kirsh calls Mauricio telling him she won. Stark says she represented the team well.

Nate Stark vs Jonas Bilharinho
R1. Stark lands but takes a hard leg kick. Bilharinho moves well. More kicks by Bilharinho and they clinch up. Stark has him wrapped up and lands a knee to the body then a couple to Bilharinho’s thigh. Stark lands a left and then they are broken up by the ref. Leg kick by Bilharinho and then a right by Stark. Left by Bilharinho. Strong right by Bilharinho and then some kicks. Stark goes for takedown and grabs a single. He can’t get Bilharinho down. Knee by Bilharinho. Another knee. Big trip by Bilharinho who quickly gets full mount. Stark turns his back and Bilharinho goes for the Rear Naked. Stark taps out.
Jonas Bilharinho submits Nate Stark by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

Olivieri tells Stark to keep his chin up. Stark apologizes to Dida. Bilharinho tells Stark that he has heavy hands and good movement and timing. Stark and Olivieri hang out.

“This one is only bad if you give up right now,” Kirsh tells Stark.

“This experience has definitely changed me. I have only been gone for two weeks, but I feel like I am more focused now than when I left,” says Stark about his Fight Xchange experience.

“If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen yourself,” says Kirsh.

Next episode: Almeida, Gadelha, and Olivieri head to Canada for their fights.

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