Canadian Featherweight MMA Rankings – June 2013


It has been a tough road for Canadian Featherweights.  For the first time in a while, this 145 lb list contains no UFC fighter as Antonio Carvalho was a surprise cut by Joe Silva and Mark Hominick has retired.

All is not bleak, however, as new blood has infused the Top 10 thanks to great performances by Lenny Wheeler and Gavin Tucker while others like Josh Machan and Jesse Gross have bounded up the rankings.

Top 10 Canadian Featherweights

1. Antonio Carvalho (15-6) – Previous Rank (1) – After winning a split decision against Rodrigo Damm to give himself two consecutive UFC victories, Antonio Carvalho lost to Darren Elkins at UFC 158.  Incredibly, Pato was cut from the UFC following the loss.  While this is a tough pill to swallow, Carvalho should be a good fit for a promotion like One FC.  Let’s see him pick up a couple of impressive wins there and show everyone what an incredibly bad decision it was to cut him.  Next fight: TBD

Graham Spencer wins MFC title (photo: MFC)

Graham Spencer wins MFC title (photo: MFC)

2. Graham Spencer (10-1, 1 NC) – Previous Rank (3) –  Graham Spencer increased his unbeaten streak to six fights without a loss by beating Mukai Maromo at MFC 36.  He not only won the rematch against the African Assassin, but Spencer also took home the MFC Lightweight title in the process!  Spencer says he will vacate the title and only fight next at 145 lbs.   Let’s see who the MFC gets for him next!  Next fight: TBD

3. Josh Machan (10-4) – Previous Rank (8) – Josh Machan manhandled the Haggis Basher in the main event of Havoc FC 2 (watch it HERE). Unbeaten at Featherweight with a record 10-1 since 2007 and with his only recent loss to the UFC’s Mitch Clarke, one has to expect Joe Silva to call this Red Deer fighter’s cell phone very soon. Next Fight: TBD

4. Jesse Gross (8-3) – Previous Rank (10) – Jesse Gross was to face Gavin Tucker at ECC 15 on December 8.  He never made that fight and ended up defeating Tristan Johnson at ECC 17 instead to vault up the Bantamweight rankings.  What is up next?  Back to Gavin Tucker as an opponent and this time it will be for Featherweight belt! Next Fight: vs Gavin Tucker at ECC 18 on September 28.

Jesse Gross at ECC d17

Jesse Gross takes Tristan Johnson for a ride (photo: Martin Blais)

5. Tristan Johnson (8-4) – Previous Rank (4) – A rematch with William Romero got Tristan Johnson back in the win column following a loss to Rick Glenn.  However, Johnson could not string two wins together and he lost to Jesse Gross at ECC 17 after Gross repeatedly took Tristan down for the decision win.  Let’s hope Tristan gets back to his usually winning ways with a win at Hope Fighting Championships in Yarmouth on July 6. Next fight: vs TBD at HFC 2 on July 6.

6. John Fraser (11-5) – Previous Rank (5) – The Haggis Basher ran into Josh Machan and was stopped for the first time since 2006 and dropped a spot on these rankings as a result.  John Fraser is one of the toughest SOBs around the country and will assuredly be back as good as ever in his next fight. Next Fight: TBD.

7. Gavin Tucker (7-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – Welcome to the Top 10, Gavin Tucker!  After wreaking havoc on the maritime’s Featherweights, Extreme Cage Combat flew in Ontario’s Lyndon Whitlock to test Tucker.  The result was a third round sub for the Titans MMA fighter who kept his record clean.  Tucker now takes another step up the 145 lb ladder when he faces the fourth ranked Jesse Gross in September.  Next fight: vs Jesse Gross at ECC 18 on September 28.

Gavin Tucker defeats Lyndon Whitlock

Gavin Tucker defeats Lyndon Whitlock (photo: Martin Blais)

8. Lenny Wheeler (6-2) – Previous Rank (NR) – Thanks to a 33 second Guillotine Choke over Adam Lorenz, Lenny Wheeler makes his debut on the Featherweight top 10.   The Wulfrun fighter continues to improve fight after fight and only has losses to Josh Machan at Lightweight and a much heavier Ricky Goodall at Welterweight.  With the continual progression of his fight game, the sky’s the limit for The Show Stealer!  Next fight: vs Ray Wood (3-0) at New England Fights on July 12.

9. Adam Lorenz (7-3) – Previous Rank (6) – After losing a quick one to Alvin Robinson, Adam Lorenz could not rebound against Lenny Wheeler and suffered a second consecutive submission loss.   Lorenz continues to slide down the rankings that he was once ranked as high as fourth on.  The Alliance MMA fighter needs to work on his BJJ defense or risk falling off the board completely as unbeaten young studs like Mike Malott, Alex Halkias, and Wolfgang Janssen are looking for their place in the sun.  Next fight: TBD

10. William Romero (9-4) – Previous Rank (7) –   Following three wins in a row, Will Romero dropped a split decision loss in a rematch with Tristan Johnson at Score Fighting Series 7.  Not much has been heard from Leon since that November 2012 loss.  Top MMA News hopes he gets back in the cage soon and leaves it with a W! Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10: Mark Hominick (was 2nd, retired), Bruno Capdeville (was 10th, inactive)

Close to the Top 10:
Matt Veal (10-9)
Lyndon Whitlock (7-4)
Alex Halkias (4-0)

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    Sure like to see the Canadian WMMA fighters rankings updated soon. Thanks Guys

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