Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 17, 2013


MFC 34 Ring GirlDouble congratulatory kick off to this week’s column!

Firstly, congratulations to our friend Marc-Andre Drolet who proposed to his girlfriend Kathy in front of 15,000 people in the middle of the octagon during UFC 161 in Winnipeg on Saturday. She said Yes!

Also congrats to Corey Lautischer who became a proud first time dad with the birth of his daughter, Zoey June, this weekend!

  • Charmaine Tweet is ready to make her Invicta debut earlier than scheduled if need be! Charmaine is set to be ready to go as an injury replacement for the upcoming show if someone gets hurt at 145 prior to the Invicta card on July 13. If no one gets hurt, Charmaine will debut in Invicta in the fall as per plan.
  • Steve Simms (4-1) lost his undefeated record on Friday losing to Sidney Outlaw (2-0) by RNC at 3:37 of the 3rd round at Ring of Combat 45.
  • Looks like Jarod Milko may face The Atomic Zombie on the Xcessive Force Fighting card in July.  If it happens, it will be a rematch of an amateur bout the two had in 2009.  At that time, Jeff Larkin walked away with the decision win.

  • Joe Doerksen’s fight at CFC 8 could very well be his final time in the cage. Say it ain’t so Joe!
  • Wulfrun training partners Lenny Wheeler and Matt DesRoches will both be fighting in Bangor, Maine on the July 12th. They will be competing on New England Fights “Nations Collide: Canadian Invasion”. Lenny Wheeler (6-2) is taking on Ray Wood (3-0) in the main event of the show for the promotions Featherweight Title, and Desroaches (4-0) will fight Jon Lemke (3-0) at 160lbs.
  • Let’s hope TJ Grant’s Lightweight title shot doesn’t get delayed. Anthony Pettis, who was forced to pull out of his Featherweight title fight with Jose Aldo due to knee injury has been petitioning the UFC to bump Grant off the card and have him fight for the LW belt in front of his hometown fans in Milwaukee as he says he will have recovered from his injury by then. 
  • People are saying that the Ontario Athletic Commission turned down the Alex Ricci (6-1) vs Derek Gauthier (7-5) matchup that was rumoured to be on the Substance card in late June.  Is this any different than the Steven Wilcox (5-0) vs Raffaele Laezza (4-2-1) boxing matchup that was at the Hershey Centre earlier this month?  I don’t see a difference, do you see a difference?
  • Congrats to Jerin Valel and Adam Cheadle, who popped his UFC officiating cherry, on working UFC 161.  Also to the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission who, by all accounts, did a great job this past weekend.   Fighters aren’t the only ones who dream of making the UFC – refs, judges, time keepers, room attendants, doctors, executive directors, and even media all dream of working the big show.
  • UFC 161 set a new MTS Centre gate record pulling in $3.2 million, the previous record for the Winnipeg arena was $1.6 million held be the Rolling Stones.
  • The new NBA Maritime boxing champion is Richard Arsenault who won the strap this past weekend beating Travis Connors!  Arsenault is another Canadian Welterweight considering trying out for TUF.
  • It looks like Elite Championship Fighting will be returning to the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Arena in The Pas in late August.  Gatlin Church will not be involved with the event and the newly engaged Marc-Andre Drolet will matchmake ECF 3.

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72 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 17, 2013 ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Yeesh, I kind of agree with Big Dawg’s last statement…. F me I need a shower now.

    Ryan is a ‘couple trick’ pony but the thing is he’s doing those tricks better and better each time out. He’s not terribly difficult to game plan against but the problem is that most guys throw out their game plan after getting punched in the face a few times and Ryan is very good at finding those opportunities.

    However I will say that Ryan could step in with Hendricks and make a fight of it. Would he get wrestle fucked into bolivia? Yup but he’d hang in there.


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  2. Robin Black says:

    You get a high skill set by focusing that drive toward learning technique with great coaches and training partners at a top gym, which Ryan has done.

    The guts and mental fortitude he was born with.

    So snap, crackle pop and presto, BAD ASS.

    it’s just science man.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Also, trying to compare Ryan and myself kind of illustrates my point.

    Although I feel my drive and work ethic is on a par with anyone, Ryan and I are fundamentally very different.

    Anyone with determination can spend 3 years training twice a day at a high level and improve their skills.

    But I am a regular Joe with a lot of determination and Ryan Ford is a physical savage and an extreme genetically athletic Alpha.

    You take a guy like Ryan and you train him in every area, at a top gym with top training partners, and you will really have something.

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  4. PUCK says:

    After watching the TV thing on him Ryan has for sure went out of his way going to Tristar to train and try to be the best he can. Good on him, but it really makes me wonder how long he will stay in the sport if he’s limited to how far he can go? But we all make our own beds to sleep in so I’m sure he knows better than anyone why he’s not getting picked up. Sometimes skills just are not enough I guess?

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  5. Jerobe says:

    Ryan Ford can hang in the UFC. Hell, if Mitch Clarke can hang in the UFC so can Ryan. Mitch Clarke just got his first UFC win against a TUF reject in John Maquire, now everybody is on his nuts like he’s the next Benson Henderson. Ryan Ford has beaten Karo, Sapo, Spratt, Speer etc. So yes, Ryan will start at the bottom on Facebook premlims and beat the shit out of TUF rejects in the WW class then move up to the undercards. Ford is badass.He deserves to be in the UFC.

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  6. oilcity30 says:

    Puck you have any idea what Ford gets to fight in edmonton? Its a fuckin hell of alot more than he wiuld make in ufc fighting on the undercard. I bet he is the highest paidd nma fighter in canada outside the bigger ufc fighters

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  7. oilcity30 says:

    So what i ment is ford as alot longer left in his career whether its local or iternational!!

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  8. PUCK says:

    So whats a hell of a lot more? I purely have no idea what Ford makes? I guess he’s good to go then? No UFC needed? lol

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  9. Big Dawg says:

    Oilcity30 makeing a lot of money on the local shows is not comparable to makeing a lot of money on the main card of the ufc with world wide veiwership were you can showcase your skill set in front of millions of people. tell me how much bonus money did ryan get from mfc or afc for many of his highlight reel k,o or fotn finishes, the answer is zilch. we know what the ufc rewards you for such. But acording to your argument Ryan doesnt need the big show, which is fine it creats more oportunities for the sheldon westcotts, and other talented ww not already signed to take advantage of.

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  10. Demitri (trev) says:

    Outside the UFC bonuses. Ryan probably makes more or equal than all prelim fighters. They usually make 6-6, 8-8,10-10 range. I would bet Ryan makes around 10-10 without sponsors.

    Unfortunately there is no big bonuses on the small shows.

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  11. Jeff Harrison says:

    Muay Thai living legend John Wayne Parr is trying out for TUF in Australia! Sick!

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  12. PUCK says:

    10 and 10 eh mmmm well that makes him one of the highest paied local guys I have ever heard of? So the salary for AFC for this card must be nutts with all the big names in it. So, even if AFC gets lots of fans say 600-800 thats about 60-80 g on tickets (average 100 bucks which is way high) and he gets a 3rd of that or so ….AFC will lose their ass on this show unless they get 1000 people there no? With the venue, other fighters,commision costs? That don’t sound right to me but hey if thats the case good for Ryan!

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  13. Oilcity30 says:

    You make it sound like I said ford wouldn’t wanna fight in the UfC all I ment was he has lots opportunity to make money and be successful outside the UFC. Puck you must not have ever been to an AFC event 600-800 people that’s not even remotley accurate. I bet there’s btw 2500-3000 people there. Shaw is a sweet venue and this card is stacked place will be packed can’t wait. Oh and don’t forget fighters commissions for ticket sales $10 a ticket cpl $100 for tables that’s another good chunk for big ticket locals isn’t it. Maybe I am wrong there I’m not a fighter so just what I’ve heard.

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  14. RickRoll says:

    Ford would get killed in the UFC. He is a C level fighter.

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  15. AMLEHTC says:

    I disagree, I think there’s some interesting fights mostly due to Fords aggression and athletic ability

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  16. MMA says:

    Ford is a big fish in a little pond.

    If he ever gets to the ocean we will see if he can hang with the sharks;

    Until then it’s just a pipe dream fantasy talking about it.

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  17. PUCK says:


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  18. PUCK says:

    What really shocked me is going around Victoria no one really even knew there was an mma event happening there? I didn’t see any adds anywhere or any type of build up for the main fight? I was told “The Bear” could hold 3000 poeple, the fans didn’t even get to the second tear in the venue? I purely think AFC has the best roster going in Canada right now I just wonder how they are making it is all? Also, I have been sponsoring fighters for years and they really didn’t seem to have anything to push any sponser they may have? No posters,no anouncements..Nothing? I wanted to speek with Moinz about it as I was wondering. Thoughts?

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  19. AMLEHTC says:

    Is AFC kinda broken into regions still? if so, I’d put this on Mr. Owen. I was at a couple Armageddon shows and it was exactly how you described the last show. Really disappointing because there’s so much talent there (Perron, ZUMA, etc). hopefully they get their shit together

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  20. Darren Owen says:

    Bear Mtn’s capacity is 4,208. Last event was on a Sunday on May long weekend and we pulled 1,296 (Digitally scanned tickets upon entry) Lower than average attendance but with the long weekend I expected that. So yes the arena was less than 1 third full which makes it look a little empty. There were 24 tables sold =240, another 218 floor seating, 100 in VIP boxes, 86 in VIP lounge and 652 general arena seating. Totally 1,296.
    Any other questions?
    As far as advertising, aprox 1,500 posters, 7,000 flyers, radio ads, TV coverage, all news papers ran stories, huge facebook push. If you have other ideas to promote I’m all ears.
    There’s no question Edmonton and Calgary get more fans out, way bigger MMA market and population. Maybe we should just cancel the Victoria events considering we get less attendance, I’m sure the fighters that get opportunities to fight on those events would be cool with that.

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  21. PUCK says:

    Hey thats kick ass! way better then what we thought thats for sure. Don’t take it to heart there big fella as a paied to watch that show and came from a long ways to do so. I enjoied the show but sorry we spent all weekend in Vic (Family there) and didn’t see or hear a thing about it till weigh-ins? Who do you give these posters/flyers to the fighters/gyms? Or do you go hang them up your self? as we were at malls, resturants, bars and so on but didn’t see or hear a thing….Sorry? I agree though tons of talant down there. And its good to see AFC is all about the fighters and not how many poeple are there. Can’t wait for the next one.

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  22. PUCK says:

    Oh and I hope you don’t pay much for “Local” radio adds as everyone has satilite now…just saying?

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