Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke to Coach The Ultimate Fighter: Canada vs Australia


ultimate-fighter THUMBUFC® reality show veterans Patrick Côté and Kyle Noke named coaches of Canada versus Australia series

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) confirmed today the next international installment of its famed reality show will feature two leading Commonwealth mixed martial arts countries, as Canada meets Australia in The Ultimate Fighter Nations™. Series veterans Patrick Côté (20-8) and Kyle Noke (20-6-1) were officially named coaches of the 22nd edition of the show, which will feature welterweight (170lbs) prospects.

UFC President Dana White’s exclusive announcement:

A nine-year veteran of the UFC, Côté appeared on the reality series in 2006 when he joined a cast of UFC alumni in The Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback. Originally from Rimouski, Quebec, the bilingual fighter was the first Canadian to reach the series final, and remains only one of two Canadian fighters’ to have done so. Côté then went on a five-fight win streak in the UFC, and earned a shot at Anderson Silva’s UFC middleweight title.

Noke, a native of Dubbo, New South Wales, joined the reality series ranks when he fought his way onto season 11, The Ultimate Fighter®: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz. He was Hall of Famer Liddell’s No.1 pick, and reached the quarterfinals. He has since gone 4-2 in the UFC, including an impressive Submission of the Night win over Chris Camozzi and a devastating KO last time out over Charlie Brenneman.

Tryouts for The Ultimate Fighter Nations™: Canada vs. Australia will begin in September. Both countries will host casting opportunities, the first in Sydney and the second in Toronto. Further details and registration forms will be available as of July 1st at

The Ultimate Fighter Nations™ is expected to debut in early 2014. It will air nationally in Canada on Sportsnet and TVA Sports and on FX in Australia. A complete broadcast schedule will be announced at a later date.

The Ultimate Fighter, which debuted in 2005, has launched the careers of more than 100 UFC fighters and has produced past champions such as Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping and Matt Serra. This will be Australia’s second participation in the series, having taken part in the second international edition battling the U.K. in The Ultimate Fighter The Smashes: U.K. vs. Australia. Welterweights were most recently featured on The Ultimate Fighter 16 and The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2, when Colton Smith and Leonardo Santos emerged as season winners.

45 Responses to “ Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke to Coach The Ultimate Fighter: Canada vs Australia ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    Ryan Ford
    Josh Powell
    Nathan Gunn
    Sheldon Wescott
    Chad Laprise
    Brandt Dewsberry
    Alex Ricci
    Nathan Gunn
    Alex Garcia
    Ryan Dickson

    Just some of the names we might see on this one.

    Who else people think?

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  2. Gunn twice?

    What about Jesse Ronson?

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    Good list Robin.
    I think you mean Joel Powell though
    Derek Medler 7-0
    Jarod Milko 7-2
    Jordan Knippleberg 8-2
    Adam Smith 4-0
    Vaughn Anderson 16-1

    Perhaps Michael Hill 5-1 again.

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  4. Darren Owen says:

    Advin Omic

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  5. GI Joe says:

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  6. Matt says:

    Patrick has nothing to do with the selection process he has no say in casting the show..

    Lots of great names up above I only hate and also wonder why would the UFC use 155’ers on this show knowing that as soon as if they happen to make it past the show they are just going to drop back to there normal fight weight of 155?

    I think it is ridiculous that a guy wont fight 170 or moves down to 155 cause he feels undersized at 170 but then as soon as this comes up then all of a sudden they are 170 fighters again.

    They should have a rule that your last fight had to have been at the weight class that you are trying out for.

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  7. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Canada has some awesome talent and those names, Robin and Darren mentioned, would slaughter the competition! I’ll say it, this one’s in the bag!

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  8. Konrad says:

    Ryan Machan and Advin omic

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  9. L-Boutin says:

    Cutting weight is super hard on the body to begin with. Now throw in cutting every couple weeks and it’s much worse. The reason you often see guys from the weight class below fighting up is because of the strain it takes to make weight over and over on the show.

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  10. L-Boutin says:

    Im pretty surprised to see another TUF show at 170. If I’m not mistaken, weren’t the Last TUF, TUF:the smashes and TUF:Brazil all at WW ?

    Tons of Canadian talent at 170, pickings might be getting slimmer in Australia though.

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  11. smash says:

    Dickson, Ronson, and Garcia will be on 100%

    I would expect to see more 155ers get picked since that will eliminate a lot of the risk of fighters missing weight on the show.

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  12. mmalads says:

    What about Carl Bergen [ not sure how to spell last name]5-1…. lots of talent @170

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  13. BodySnatcher says:

    I can’t see Garcia being on this he’s waaayyyy too big to fight at 170 every 10 days or so lol he struggles to make 170 as is if memory serves. Dickson however will be a force on this show. i’d give it a go aswell

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Jesse

    What’s your walking around weight?

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  15. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ mmalads

    Mr Owens can probably confirm but I believe Karel Bergen is just finishing some schooling (University Degree).

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  16. Jay says:

    ryan ford all day kultar gill huveneers

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  17. Bards says:

    Lots of great talent in Canada at 170 and a lot of great 55ers that would move up for the show if need be.

    What’s Ford’s status with Bellator? Would he be able to be on the show or is he still tied to them?

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  18. Oilcity30 says:

    Would Ryan even benefit from being on show guy already has skills to be there?? He’s already better than half ufc welterweights. If there not signing him already would they even sign himfor the show?

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  19. Oilcity30 says:

    And Kyle noke and Cote as coaches not sure I’m sold there . they are starting to pump these shows out way to often

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  20. Lenny wheeler says:

    Definitely have to move up a weight class in this show. Cuttiing went three or four times in five weeks is no picnic. I say there will be a starstudded list of 155ers on this for sure.

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  21. Matt says:

    Ford would be there already if he could… the UFC will not put him on the show first off it will probably be taped in the states secondly why if he cannot fight in the states even if its taped in Canada?

    Dickson?? he is far from proven anything, lots of talent on the ground and be good on show but I don’t see him winning when it comes down to Canada on Canada in the end!

    Machon has to get wins together when they count and has a tough fight right soon see next …

    Gunn fighting Machon could very wel be the tell tail fight of who has a chance on the show but I see Gunn having a far larger following and personality for TV rating

    Hinchliffe never make weight every week and also has not been in cage for a long time and really not a top tier guy more entry level brawl.

    Snatcher ??? make up your mind are you fighting 170 or 155? you have a fight coming up very soon that could get you where you should be at your proper weight!!! never mind 170

    Omic talented and fights anyone and good record but no one knows who he is ???

    Westcott well he would take a spot from a worthy Canuck and then fake injury or go home when a tough fight was in front of him and has no chance against all of the names above even if he beats an Auzzie.

    Medler ,,, no one know who he is and is inactive,

    Ricci 155’er

    Dewsberry is he 170 or 155 ? and I don’t see him hanging with the upper level of the 170’ers above he needs to focus at 155

    Laprise,, again is he not 55? regardless he needs to get more active and big fights.

    Garcia as mentined above if he had to stay at 170 for weeks he would shrivel and pass out and underperform

    Hill been there done that and he will be out of commission for a month or so after ford gets his hands on him

    Powell, potential but he needed that ford fight to establish himself as top level as Hill is a brawl that he decisioned.

    Just opinions but that’s what I see I see best options based on skill, fights, image for Canada, fan base in Canada and US as well as TV personality

    Ford (unfortunate he cannot fight states)
    Garcia (if he can stay at 170 ready for weeks on end)
    Gunn(has following and personality, big fight coming up could be difference)
    Omic (needs more recognition)
    Dickson (just cause he has Hype behind him)
    Powell (he was supposed to face ford and beat Hill who has performed on the show)

    the rest is a toss up and unfortunately will be based on who the actors feel will make the show like a reality TV show which is crappy as it has potential and the fighters available to make it one heck of a good show full of top level fights

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  22. Oilcity30 says:

    Wouldn’t show be filmed in either Canada or Australia just like the TUF Brazil’s In Brazil and TUF smashes in Australia.

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  23. Oilcity30 says:

    So Matt what your saying is there will be a bunch of Canadian fighters no one has ever heard about cause you pretty much listed all the high level non ufc fighters. This should be exciting!!!! I was hoping hector Lombard woul have been couch thought he was rumoured for a welterweight move

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  24. @ClinchCraig says:

    Matt McGrath deserves mention.

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  25. snyper mcgrath says:

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  26. snyper mcgrath says:


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  27. Idolmaker says:

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch magruber! So he mispelled a name, whoopittydoo

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  28. EPerez says:


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  29. mmalads says:

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  30. BOOBOO says:


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  31. Thesubzero says:

    I’d like to see Matt Dwyer on the show, he’s coming off of a TKO victory over Olympian Colin Daynes.

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  32. EPerez says:

    Noke?! This could be the first finale where the coaches fight gets buried on the undercard.

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  33. BodySnatcher says:

    @Don’t Call Me Leon

    I walk around at 180lbs sometimes 182-3 after the weekends when not full time training. I am a 55’er
    but to get to 55 takes a full camp and good dieting.

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  34. Idolmaker says:

    Perez is upset! He wanted an all female cast as well as female coaches.

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  35. Yellow belt says:

    Fighters such as Alex Garcia, Jesse Ronson and Ryan Ford don’t need T.U.F to make it the the big show. As long as they keep fighting 1-2 more tough opponents/former UFC fighters for their next fights, and win, they will make it on their own

    Anyone have an idea of some of the Australian fighters whom may be competing on this season?

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  36. bluebelt says:

    Lots of great talent to choose from at 170

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  37. bluebelt says:

    Ryan ford doesn’t need the show he’s already there he just needs to erase his past. Omnic would have the best chance as far as marketability goes, great record and a good finisher, same goes for Powell he is very talented. Ronson is easily the most talented guy and ufc ready of all. Fighting at 170 is no issue for him. Gun although has a good record is like 35 or 36. That’s nogeuria brothers old and I doubt ufc is looking to showcase someone at the end of their career. Maybe Ricky Goodall or wescot would make the cut depending on recent wins. I know they are big on records in the ufc. Just my opinion.

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  38. mmalads says:

    MAD DOG MEDDLER WHERE ARE U? This kid is scary good, just needs to get active again, I would say is Canada’s best chance of winning TUF and doing well in the UFC.

    For all you who have not seen him check him out..

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  39. Matt says:

    Medler is nothing more than a strong aggressive wrestler if he fights any of the Canada’s top strikers or BJJ Sub guys and he cannot overcome them within 3 minutes or get a good striker down he is done!!! I hate seeing all this hype over guys who have done nothing besides local fights against guys who are as green as they are….

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  40. MMA EXPERT says:

    Strahinja Gavrilovic(4-0) fights at 185 pounds but if he lose wheight , he will be for sure on the canadian selection

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  41. @MMA Expert….is Strahinja Gavrilovic even Canadian?

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  42. MMA EXPERT says:

    He is born in bosnie herzégovine and came in canada in 1995 when he was younger ,he has his citizenship.
    @Keith Grienke

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  43. MMA EXPERT says:

    this is his last fight , he fought on the same card that alex garcia the 11 mai, just a combat before him on the main card @Keith Grienke

    Hightlight :

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  44. Jack says:

    You guys are kinda over looking it.
    If they take 16 welterweights and they have to fight
    To get into the house.
    Every welterweight in Canada should get a chance
    To prove himself.
    Gunn is only 34 so depending on his birthday he has a shot.
    There’s so much talent in Canada for welterweights, I’d like to see all these guys fight to get into the house.

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  45. Jay says:

    im guessing gary mangat will still try out

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