Fight Xchange Episode 6 Recap – Weigh-Ins


Fight XChangeThree days to fight day and Kara Kirsh and Nate Stark are cutting weight. Stark says he has no issues with the weight cut. Claudia Gadelha joins them for a run on the beach.

Kirsh reflects on Michael Imperato leaving the show, “Good riddance because he was such a terrible person. He was so miserable to be around. All the drama when all you want to do is focus on your fight.”

Stark is asked about Imperato’s comments, “It’s not something to get angry about. You feel bad for those kind of people. They are kind of lame.”

Kirsh and Stark visit Pedro Rizzo, who volunteers with less privileged students. He oversees the kids doing music, arts, sports, and computers. He uses his name to bring sponsorship to the center. The school has an outdoor octagon. Glover Teixeira is at the facility to train with Rizzo. They talk with Glover about training with cold toes in Canada. MMA fighters are better role models for the youth than drug dealers says Rizzo, who comes off like a very good guy.

Gadelha, Felipe Olivieri, and Daniel Almeida are shown training outside. It is three weeks until fight time for them. The Nova Uniao team is shown cross training outside.

Stark and Kirsh head to Sugar Loaf mountain that overlooks Rio. Stark is drained from the weight cut. Kirsh’s weight is good. Stark is sick of eating the same food over and over again.

Weigh-in day and Kirsh is colour coordinating her nails with her outfit. The two are drained from the weight cut. Kirsh seems to be in better spirits. They head to the Nogueira gym for the weigh-ins.

Aline Nery, Kirsh’s opponent, is on the bike looking like she is still cutting weight.  Bad sign.

Jonas Bilharinho is a mystery to everyone, including the Brazilians on Fight Xchange. Stark thinks that his opponent is smaller than him.
Bilharinho weighs in at 65.8 kg 145 lb. Stark weighs in at 65.2 kg or 144 lb.
Then the head to head staredown between the two.

Nery weighs in at 52.5, which is almost 116lbs – 6 lbs over the 110 lb weight limit. Kirsh weighs in at 49.2 kg or almost 108 lbs.

Nery is almost 8 lbs heavier than Kirsh. Nery needs to lose 5 lbs over the next hour.

Kirsh says “I am not that impressed…I made weight. it’s not easy making 110 lbs. All week I’ve been told that she is going to make weight…if you have respect for your opponent and you know how it is going to be, do it!

Kirsh and Stark feel out the octagon for the first time while waiting for Nery to make weight.

After 30 minutes of riding the bike, Nery is still heavy and she races to the sauna. Kirsh calls her coach Mauricio Amado, who initially tells her not to fight Nery if she does not make weight.

Nery comes back and thinks she makes weight at 114. Kirsh wonders why she is celebrating because the fight is at 110. Mayhem ensues as Nery’s camp thinks she has made weight, while Kirsh believes the fight was at 110. Nery starts eating and her coaches state that it was always 115 lbs.

Kirsh is stressed out and does not know what to do. “How did this situation come up?” she asks.

Nery is on the phone and saying “She is turning yellow, she is chicken. She doesn’t want to fight me. I make the weight, now she doesn’t want to fight.”

Alex Pazan, Nery’s head coach, doesn’t know how this happened. Mauricio calls again. He says “You are more strong than the girl.”

The fight is in Kirsh’s hands and she relents. The two camps agree on a pro fight of three rounds and each round is three minutes in length. With that stress behind her, Kirsh is going to try and focus on the fight and stay relaxed.

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