Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 10, 2013

(photo: Jim Beattie)

(photo: Jim Beattie)

Let’s kick this week off with wishing Keith “The Machine” Grienke a very Happy Birthday!
We wouldn’t have this great site for Canadian MMA if it wasn’t for my boss and all the hard work and dedication he puts into Top MMA News!

  • Congratulations to Nabil “The Thrill” Khatib who received his BJJ black belt from Robert Drysdale, then added himself to the growing ranks of the unretired. Nabil will come out of retirement to fight on Challenge MMA 2 on August 17th.
  • Hope Fighting Championship will have Tristan Johnson fighting Tony Hervey at 145lbs as its Main Event.
  • Chris Kelades will finally return to MMA battle at the Hope Fighting event taking on Bo Harris in the Semi-Main Event at 135lbs!  Welcome back to the cage, Chris!
  • Pat Wilson is looking to fill out a few spots on a pair of summer Canada vs USA cards being held in the States. If you are Canadian and within driving distance of Maine, give him a call at 519-991-2409.
  • A big beef goes out to the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission for only having one referee at the pro KOTC card. This sport is physical! I can just see a referee getting clocked by a wayward right or getting hurt trying to stop a 260 pound fighter from continuing to damage his fallen opponent. What would happen then? Cancel the rest of the card? Get Ken Kupsch to ref? :)  C’mon, it’s not 1999 anymore!
  • I’m hearing veteran Winnipeg boxing promoter John Vernaus may be putting on a Boxing/MMA combo card later in 2013.
  • Havoc FC 3 will be held in Red Deer on September 6th with Ryan Machan in the Main Event bout!
  • John Alessio has been forced to pull out of his June 29th fight with Tim Radcliffe at Global Warrior Challenge due to staph infection.
  • The Godfather wants one more fight! Giuseppe DeNatale is considering fighting one more time, possibly again Maurice Smith in a Kickboxing or MMA fight.
  • Joe Pirrotta earned himself a shot at the BFL Bantamweight Title by defeating Craig Maclean at BFL 24 this past weekend.
  • Referee Adam Cheadle was in Red Deer, Alberta reffing Havoc FC 2. I’m guessing this Manitoban was warming up for his first UFC assignment next weekend!
  • Good news for two of the three Canadian boys competing on the K-1 show in Calgary on the weekend! Shane “Shoalin” Campbell not only fulfilled a lifelong dream of fighting in K-1, he won in spectacular and quick flying knee fashion! Shane Campbell required just over a minute to finish off Justin Greskiewicz, whom he’d split wins with in the past.  Robert Thomas dominated Ali Youssef, pounding on him and keeping Youssef down to be counted out by the ref.  Unfortunately the news wasn’t as good for Mukai Maromo. Maromo was knocked out by a Joey Pagluiso overhand right in the 2nd round of their bout. It has been a tough year for Mukai.
  • Jared Kilkenny (4-1-2) will take on Gabor Farkas (6-27-5)on June 22nd in a boxing match in Calgary.

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  1. Jeff Harrison says:

    Robert Thomas 4-0 Pro Muay Thai record in the last 3 months!

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  2. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Get well Johnny, hope it ain’t nothing like what Mark Hunt is going through.

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  3. Godfather coming back? What year is this rumor from?

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  4. showtying says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. showtying says:

    respect to robert for his win also..much respect to kru chris.

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  6. John Alessio says:

    Im gonna be ok, its healing up now finally, had it since last saturday, and had two trips to hospital, they had to cut me open to let it drain, it has been draining ever since, now stopped pussing and wound is closing. but havent been able to train for the last 9 days…sucks!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  7. Karate chop says:

    Markhaile, I don’t know if you are just paranoid or completely delusional but no fighter is afraid to fight you. Your skills are diminishing day by day. You have not improved at all, only gotten much worse. Reality is, you have become an opponent for a 2-0, 3-0 up and comer type fighter, a stepping stone to someone with skills and talent. But you can always resort to talking trash or whatever you actually say, on these forums to get a fight. It worked before, might as well try it again…it’s the only trick you have left, unfortunately. Maybe if you didn’t turn on so many people/friends, you would still be relevant

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  8. It would be awesome to see the Godfather come back!

    Just do it before a commission decides KB is illegal under S-209!

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  9. oilcity30 says:

    Shoetying dont you have unfinished buisness with the law. Nabil is outta your league sorry to tell ya but your a nobody now. RUFFHOUSE TO DA BIGHOUSE !!

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  10. alex says:

    showtime and nabil fight was pretty fun. if a show will put the rematch on id be happy to see it. i thought he was supposed to be in jail for playing drug smuggling or wmd’s or movie piracy or something though

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